12 Bizarre Shoes That Will Shock You

bizarre shoes

You must have heard that you can judge a person based on their shoes. That is true because the type of shoes that a person is wearing lets you know about their choice, their mood, their personality, and many more things. For example, a person wearing a pair of formal shoes is not in the mood for relaxing; they are more focused on their job. But with changing trends, the types of shoes have also changed. It has become tough now to tell if a person, themselves like the kind of shoes they are wearing because they are so weird. And with that, it becomes even tougher to judge them based on their bizarre shoes.

The fact that people wear these weird shoes makes the whole scenario even more strange. Here is a long list of such bizarre shoes. By looking at these bizarre shoes, you will wonder why they were made in the first place.

Teethed Shoes

 bizarre shoes

You might have heard that shoes bite, but have you ever heard that shoes have teeth to bite? These bizarre shoes are the ideal shoes for when you want your footprints to be remembered by everyone. The few golden teeth in between give them the perfect mafia look. If you are going to show off your dark side to someone, these can be your best companions.

Wires Or Shoes?

 bizarre shoes

Wait! Weren’t shoes supposed to be saving your feet? Well, these bizarre shoes will not. We are pretty sure even you are confused why on earth would someone make something like this. But now that they have, there is no going back. The best part about them is that you don’t need to go out to buy them because you can make these at home for yourselves. However, we don’t exactly know where and how you can wear these.

Hamburger Shoes

 bizarre shoes

Love food? Now you get to wear it too. We have no idea how you will save your carpets from the dripping sauce, but these are an ideal choice for all the food lovers out there. If you are wondering what to pair with them, then we have an option for you, these bizarre shoes will go best with pickles or ketchup.

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Dead Rat Slippers

 bizarre shoes

Halloween approaching? What can be better than dead rats for your footwear options? Or, these bizarre shoes will be a perfect gift for the friend who claims nothing can scare them. Or, you can just wear them around your house to scare everyone. One thing you should take care of is to keep them away from your pets, especially cats because they won’t leave these in wearable condition.

Fish Shoes

 bizarre shoes

There is something fishy about these shoes. Oh, wait! It’s the shoe itself. If you love fishes or seafood, this can be the best option to wear for the next party. But like the last rat ones, you have to keep these away from your pets, or they might enjoy a feast without your permission.

Grass Slippers

 bizarre shoes

Well, don’t be shocked; these are therapeutic. Experts say that walking on the grass is excellent for health. And with these slippers, you can walk on the grass anytime and anywhere. Also, when someone tells you that ‘the grass is greener on the other side,’ you can show them how it is similar on both the slippers.

Ice Shoes

 bizarre shoes

We are not sure how comfortable these would be, but they are an excellent choice for when you just got your pedicure done. You can wear these bizarre shoes for important meetings or presentations. So when people tell you got cold feet, then you can show them your shoes and say it’s because of them only.

 Flipper Shoes

 bizarre shoes

If you are a fashion diva and you never leave your fashion behind, no matter what you are doing, then these bizarre shoes are perfect for you. You can enjoy the adventure sport of deep-sea diving while looking stunning like always. They might also be an ideal choice for a beach/beach-themed party.

Spiky Heels

 bizarre shoes

These bizarre shoes are the best choice for when you want to keep everyone away. Or even in general days if some annoy you, just show them these shoes, and they will understand the rest. It is an excellent tool for self-defense, but don’t cross your legs while wearing them, or you will end up getting stuck with bandages for a long time.

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No-Heeled Heels

 bizarre shoes

High-heels themselves are tough to balance, so you can imagine how tough it would be to balance when there is no heel. So if you are trying to find some balance in life, then these can be the best way of learning about balancing. Another benefit they provide is that people cannot kick your heels, but remember not to trip in these bizarre shoes, or people will kick you instead.

Face Shoes

 bizarre shoes

As we said earlier, shoes are the best way to know about someone’s personality. With these shoes, that task becomes more convenient as they have a character of their own. Also, if you feel like you are tired of giving a specific reaction, again and again, then these bizarre shoes will help you in expressing your feelings without any hassle.

Both-Way Shoes

 bizarre shoes

If you have to go on a secret task where you do not want people to know about your movement’s direction, then these bizarre shoes will help you. They will never know where did you go because the shoes will be leaving the same footprint for both the directions.


So these were some of the most interesting bizarre shoes that we found on the internet. They all look so cool and trendy that you would want to try them, at least for once. But remember to pair them accurately, or you will end up creating a fashion bizarre. Oh, wait! You will be doing that anyway. So just enjoy wearing them anywhere, with anything, and leave people confused with your fashion. Also, you can buy two similar ones and wear them with your sibling or your best friend and stand out from the crowd of usual shoes.

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