15 Unique Pizza Flavours in Hornsby and Around the World

Pizza is undoubtedly the universal comfort food for people across the globe. It’s convenient, it’s casual, and it is suitable to eat on almost every occasion. A good example of how much people love pizza is the abundance of Pizza Hornsby. Hornsby is home to several bakeries and pizza parlours in Australia.

Located in New South Wales, this Upper North Shore suburb was originally a landmass granted to Samuel Henry Horne. Horne was a convict who became a constable. The land was a reward given to him in exchange for assisting the hunt for MacNamara and Dalton, both of whom were bushrangers. As of 2019, Hornsby now has an estimated population of over 152,000 residents.

A remarkable detail about the pizza served in Hornsby is the number of unique flavours that you can try. The flavours that this small suburb has to offer are on par with the unique ones that can be found across the globe.

Some of the must-try pizza flavours in Hornsby include:

  • Pork and Potato

Pork and potato scream comfort food. It’s the kind of homey and savoury taste that you crave on a cold, rainy night and you want to feel cozy and warm. When seasoned with rosemary, the aroma of this pizza will make you want to go home and unwind.

  • Egg and Bacon

For the morning people and breakfast-lovers out there, egg and bacon toppings on your pizza would be an ideal and casual first-day meal. It’s rich in protein, and it is also the kind of food combination you would typically want on a bright and sunny morning.

  • Hickory Barbecue
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Hickory barbecue has a hint of sweetness and the strong, smokey flavour of your favourite grilled barbecue. It’s the kind of pizza that you automatically pair with beer and remind you of weekend gatherings with your family and friends.

  • Grilled Eggplant and Artichoke

Vegetables on pizza are no longer new. However, there are so many variations that make vegans leap for joy. Artichokes and grilled eggplants are not that popular in terms of vegetarian pizza variations, but it is quite popular among Australian pizza lovers.

  • Sweet Potato and Pumpkin

This flavour may be appealing for people with more adventurous tastebuds. Similar to the hickory barbecue flavour, it tastes sweet yet packs quite a powerful punch of roasted and spicy after taste.

Here are some interesting pizza variations from across the globe:

  • Sweet Ricotta and Cantaloupe

The combination is considered as a dessert type of pizza. If you love sweets, this is a must-try. The ricotta cuts down the sweetness and balances the taste with a rich creaminess.

  • Salted Egg

Salted egg flavoured snacks and dishes were made popular by Southeast Asian countries. It’s an earthy and lush taste that fills every crevice of your palate. Try this pizza if you love eggs!

  • Caramel Apple

Another type of dessert pizza, caramel apple is both healthy and very tasty. Some chefs serving Pizza Hornsby use green apple to balance the sweetness of the caramel.

  • Japanese Mayo

Japanese mayonnaise is a tangy variant of the typical mayonnaise sold on grocery stores. The tangy aftertaste is what makes it the perfect balancing element for very savoury and salty flavours such as seafood and pork.

  • Peanuts and Bananas
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Yes, you read that right. In Sweden, they have a kind of pizza that moulds together bananas, pizza, chicken, curry powder, and pineapple. It is an interesting combination, but a memorable one, nonetheless.

Which of these unique pizza flavours have you tried? Which one would you like to add on your food bucket list?

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