3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a BB Gun

BB Gun

Did you know that between 1990 and 2000, there have been 39 non-powder gun-related deaths, as reported by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?

While BB guns are considered much safer than powder guns, they are not toys. Thus, they should be treated with respect. After all, joining competitions and events with your kids can be great for family-bonding and they’re just fun to do.

So it would truly be a shame to deal with an accident due to the lack of knowledge about a BB gun rifle’s safety measures. If you’re completely unaware that there were any to start with, no worries. You’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading for our top three factors you need to consider before buying a BB gun for your kid’s birthday party.

The BB Gun 101: What Are the Different Types of Non-Powder Guns?

As with traditional powder guns, non-powder guns in a variety of shapes, sizes, even ammo. Here are the most common types that you’ll want to know.

  • BB Guns: Those are called ‘BB,’ because they fire small ball bearings. Basically, they’re small round metal balls.
  • Paintball Guns: They fire paintballs, which are small gooey balls that are filled with paint, and they’re meant to rupture upon contact.
  • Pellet Guns: These will fire small pellets, which tend to be made out of lead. They can also vary in shape.
  • Airsoft Guns: They’re guns that fire small plastic pellets.
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Of course, the non-powder gun types can span three pages in length, but the ones mentioned above are the most commonly available ones on the market.

Now that we’ve covered the types of BB guns, let’s move on to the three key factors that will either make or break your purchase decision.

1. There’s an Age Limit for the Use of BB Guns

Technically, yes. Youth BB guns if they’re carried by children who are under 18, then they’ll have to be accompanied by an adult.

In addition, if you’ve been eyeing paintball fields, you should know that your kids must be at least 10 years old to be allowed on the field, or they should have their parent’s consent.

On the other hand, if your kid is the one looking forward to purchasing a BB gun. They need to know that they must be at least 18 to be able to buy a BB gun rifle or other airsoft guns.

2. There Are Specific Places Where You Can Use a BB Gun

It’s critical to understand that you can’t take out BB guns (or other types of non-powder guns) in public.

They can only be used in specialized arenas like paintball fields, and competition events, where their use is supervised in a controlled environment.

3. You Need Safety Equipment

When it comes to safety equipment, you’ll want to have protective gear that shields the eyes and face.

Moreover, there are other specialized equipments that you can get when playing paintball, as well as other body-based protection gear. For instance, there are companies that offer chest protectors, elbow pads, and neck protectors.

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Ready to Add Some Fun to Your Traditional Family Hangouts?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try something new, especially if your family hangouts and events are getting kind of stale.

However, when it comes to non-powder guns, they’re still guns and should be treated with care. We hope our little guide was informative, so you can make your well-informed BB Gun purchasing decision.

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