369 Manifestation Method: All That You Need To Know

369 Manifestation Method

We all want to manifest some desires of ours. The Law of attraction works the best if you know the manifestation methods. One of the most popular methods to get attention is the 369 manifestation method, and it is effective and extremely easy. 

When you start learning about the Law of attraction, the 369 manifestation method is one thing you will surely learn. The process refers to keeping a 369 manifestation journal to achieve something you want. 

In this article, we will be discussing more on what the 369 manifestation method is and how it works. 

What is the 369 manifestation method? 

The 369 manifestation method blew up through TikTok. This is one of those processes where you keep a 369 manifestation journal. In this journal, you write down what you want three times in the morning, six times in the day and none during the evening. Therefore, you are supposed to mention it eighteen times a day in an entire day. 

369 Manifestation Method
Source: The Law of Attraction

Many people believe that the 369 manifestation method can help them achieve the deepest of their heart’s desires. Well, it surely does help. The hashtag of 369 methods got more than 165 million views on apps. Following this method can help you get a large amount of money, manifest relationships and more. 

Nikola Tesla introduced this concept to the world. In the 20th century, he stated that three, six and nine are really strong numbers. Moreover, many experts believe that these are universal numbers that can help you achieve anything you want. The 369 manifestation love method can help you achieve the love and get the attention you deserve. 

Many hypnotists believe that when you focus and work towards something that you want, you will achieve it. Nonetheless, you should be consistent about what you want, and your focus acts like a magnet to your desires. It helps to improve the quality of life

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Are three, nine and six essential? 

When it comes to the manifestation method, the numbers hold significance. Similarly, the 369 method involves using numerology and Law of attraction for exclusive benefits. Every number has its significance and these include:

  • Three- This is a number that stands for our connection with the universe. In many cases, it can also be a sign of self-expression. 
  • Six- This number reflects inner harmony and strength. 
  • Nine- This number stands for our inner birth, and when we undergo changes and become a newer version of ourselves. 

How does the 369 manifestation method work? 

It is all about what you want. However, manifestation will never work if you’re not putting the right foot forward. The ways to practice this method include:

Decide what you are manifesting

How would the method work if you don’t know your manifestation? The 369 manifestation method usually works the best of 33 days. Therefore, you need to start keeping a journal for the same. 

Pen and paper are mighty when it comes to the 369 manifestation method. You need to start thinking about what you want. It can be effective if you think about it for as little as 17 seconds. There’s a rule about 369 manifestations and 17 seconds, which we will discuss later. 

369 Manifestation Method
Source: Pinterest

Your manifestation will depend on what you want, and what you want to attract in your life will help determine what the manifestation is. Some people want love, while some want money, a job, and so one. If you want your manifestation to be successful, you need to be grateful and transparent. 

The main aim of manifestation is to multiply the energy and emotion to achieve fast. You can write down whatever you achieved in the journal. It is necessary to use positive words to keep the energy flowing. If you want to attract positive energy, you need to stick to it for the first thirty-three days. 

Write your journal three times in the morning

Once you know what your manifestation will be, make sure to journal about it three times in the morning. The key to success is being focused on what you want. In the initial days, you need to start writing every piece of information properly. 

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Once you know the deepest desires of your heart, write them down and release them to the universe. Being focused will work wonders. Whenever you start your day, never hold back the manifestation, and your manifestation should never lack desperation. 

Write your journal six times in the day

After having your lunch, you should write your journal again, and this time you should manifest the same desires six times. Make sure that you immerse yourself in it to visualize what you want. 

369 Manifestation Method
Source: Steph Social

Make sure to keep a positive mindset while preparing this journal. It will help you attract positive energy and keep away stress. 

Write your desires nine times at night

This is the time when you need to manifest the most. The same scripts that you had used in the morning and afternoon can be used at night. Nonetheless, you must practice energy alignment to get the benefits. 

The 17-second rule

The 369 manifestation method works the best with the 17-second rule as it helps you achieve your goal faster. You are connecting with the universe using your subconscious mind, and the idea of infinite intelligence is being sent to the universe. 

You need to manifest the same with proper care and emotion. This will help you meet the affirmations and goals. Believe it or not, this will play an essential role in creating the difference. It is very natural to be excited or skeptical, but it can work wonders for you. 

Whenever you start the manifestation method, you need to go slow. You should choose something that brings you calmness and peace. 

Final Thoughts

When you practice the 369 manifestation method, you need to be consistent in your efforts. It is quite natural for anyone to forget to keep journals. Therefore, the best thing to do is to set the alarm. It is incredibly crucial to be positive when you do the 369 manifestation method, and not practicing it can lead to negative energy, which may hamper the process of achieving goals.

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