4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Dog Bed

Dog Bed

Sleep is one of the crucial factors that impact your dog’s health and well-being. Compared to humans, dogs spend more time sleeping with most doing between 12 to 14 hours each day. When they don’t find comfort in their bed, their sleep can easily get compromised, which takes a toll on their health as the dog is unable to recharge and grow.

When you are shopping for your next dog bed, here are some common mistakes that people make, that you should avoid. 

Choose the Right Size for Your Dog 

When the bed is too small, your dog gets uncomfortable and is unable to sleep. Imagine having a bed where your head or legs are hanging out of your bed. While you may squeeze yourself to fit, you will lose control and find parts of your body hanging. Knowing the right size for your dog bed is thus, important and should not be hard. Find a measuring tool like a tape measure and get the dog’s height and length. Carry these measurements to your dog bed store and they should advise you in case you’re unable to estimate. 

Not Considering Your Dog’s Chewing Habit 

You should understand that some dogs are tough chewers. If you have such a dog, having a weak material on your dog bed will have it destroyed soon. You need to find a chew-proof or indestructible dog bed to be safe. Although you may find such options in the store, check out customer reviews on online platforms such as YouTube, Amazon, or Instagram to help you choose the right one. 

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Choosing the Wrong Shape of the Bed 

When choosing your dog bed, consider that all dogs are different. You need to observe how your dog sleeps; some like to curl up a ball while others want all their legs to stretch. If you have a small dog, the shape may not be a problem but when it is big, observing your dog’s sleep will help you determine whether a round shape or a rectangular bed will be ideal. Some dogs also enjoy extra cushion; thus, having a pillow-like bump on the bed will make them happy. 

Putting Price over Other Factors

It is recommended that price not be the main factor when buying a dog bed. You should first find out whether the bed will meet the comfort needs of your dog before considering the price. While you should not always equality expensive to quality, cheap do beds are more likely to compromise on the quality and may need to buy another after a short time. Buying another one after a short time will end up costing you more compared to a quality bed that will last longer. 


Having a comfortable bed will not only help your dog sleep well but also make it healthy. You should consider quality, shape, texture, and size before your next buy. Use this advice to avoid regretting after you made your purchase.

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