4 Types of Data Backup Solutions for Your Business

Data Backup Solutions

Data backup for businesses is a hugely important part of security and safety in general. If you want your business to be safe, you simply have to be backing up your company’s data. However, when someone just talks about “backing up data,” this can be an overwhelming and confusing topic. Here are four different data backup solutions that you might be able to use for your company.

  1. Existing Cloud Backup

If you already use another cloud company to back up your company’s existing data, you can roll that backup into another backup to fulfill 3-2-1 compliance. Although it may feel redundant, redundancy is really an important part of backing up data, and making sure that you have two separate backups with two separate companies is actually a great way to avoid any sort of problems in the future – it’s an effective way to keep your information safe.

  1. Server Backup

If your company has its own servers, you may need to back up the information on those servers. Most frequently, if you’re going to back up your servers, you’ll need to connect those servers to some kind of intermediate service that can help you organize and back up that information. If you have your own servers, you likely have an IT professional, which might be your best option to ensure that the servers have a complete backup that works for your company.

  1. NAS Backup

An NAS device, or a Network Attached Storage device, is a device that stores data and is connected to your company’s internet router. Anyone who is also connected to the router can then access that data on the device without having to download it. This is a great way to store a lot of data without having to have it on endpoint devices, but you need to make sure that device is also backed up. An NAS backup makes sure that if anything goes wrong with the physical device, you can access the files anyway.

  1. Computer Backup
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Lastly, individual computers often carry a lot of important information that can be difficult or even impossible to regain if you lose it. Endpoint devices like computers tend to be fairly flimsy, in reality, and there are many ways that you can end up breaking one of these devices. Instead of having to go to a data recovery expert to get that data back, it’ll be much easier if you can just log onto your cloud storage system and retrieve the information to upload to a new device.


Data backup should be one of the first things that you put money into as a business; without data backup systems, your company is at serious risk for losing a lot of work if anything goes wrong. If you didn’t know much about data backup before now, you know a variety of different backup options now. These four are some of the most prominent data backup solutions that your business may benefit from.

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