5 Types of Planters for Your Garden

When you are setting up a garden in your front yard or back yard, you need many planters. So, whether you plan to repurpose the old planters or buy some new one, you must know the types of materials used to make these planters, as there are a lot of benefits to using each one of them.

You can choose metal planters, plastic planters, or you can even find stores that sell wholesale ceramic planters in your area. But, remember that the planters that look really good may not be that suitable for your home; you have to choose them according to their placement and setting.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to choose a particular type of planter for every plant you grow. You can mix and match the planters with different materials and colours as you wish.

So, the five types of planters for your garden are:

  • Metal Planters

These containers look fabulous. They shine more than any other material, and the strength and capacity of these planters are really good. You can get these planters from online stores or nearby shops which sell repurposed planters.

  • Plastic Planters

Plastic planter pots are diverse. You will find shiny, strong plastic pots as well as dull and flexible ones. These pots are lightweight and come in different sizes and shapes.

  • Fibreglass Planters

These planters are moulded from fibreglass. It is mixed with resins to form different shapes, and it is as light as the plastic ones. At first glance, one may mistake the fibreglass planters for a concrete or terracotta planter, and this is because of the versatility of fibreglass.

  • Ceramic or Terracotta Planters

The ceramic planters are made of different clay-based materials. The name terracotta (baked earth) refers to an unglazed and porous ceramic made from clay, and these reddish-brown clay pots are popular all around the world. It is easy to buy these planters, as you can get them from nearby shops or Google wholesale ceramic planters to buy them at a discounted price from an online store.

  • Concrete Planters

The planters made from concrete are the most beautiful ones. You can place them indoors or outdoors, and they can withstand all kinds of environmental and climatic conditions. These planters are usually strong, heavy and are used for setting up big plants. Also, these planters are sometimes so heavy that you need two people to lift and place them. It is better to keep a fixed place for these planters, and they are apt for growing bigger and valuable plants.

So, before putting the planters in different places, you need to understand the environment where these pots belong. Some are good for indoor decoration, and you can keep some outdoors. If you interchange their places, it does not only just look odd, but it also damages the planters.

Planters made of ceramic and fibreglass can be kept outside in rain and sunlight. The damage they incur over the years in these conditions is negligible. On the other hand, the metal planters may succumb to rust if kept outside in the rain. (www.classicsofttrim.com) And the plastic planters will quickly melt in the summer heat, so it is better to keep them indoors if you want them to be safe.

There are two more types of planters available in the market; wooden and fabric planters. As the names suggest, they are made up of wood and fabrics, and they are useful for keeping plants inside and mainly used for their aesthetic quality.

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