5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service While Remote

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If you are managing customer service employees who are working remotely, you want to give them all the tools they’ll need to best serve your customers. As companies are doing more and more customer service remotely, the standards are expected to be greater than ever before. It is important to give your customer service team all the tools necessary to provide quick, reliable support for your customers. Read on for 5 ways to improve the customer service your company provides while your employees are remote.

Boost Phone Call Connectivity

There is nothing worse than having a problem with a company or service and being unable to reach them. What is even worse is having a long hold time to only lose connection with the customer service agent you have been waiting to reach. One way to reduce lost connections is to provide your employee’s service with a LTE router. Whether they are in the office or at home, this can help them stay connected to your customers. This is extremely beneficial for an office that does not have great cell phone service or one where you have lots of employees working on phones all day long. Companies such as Antaira or Parsec sell LTE routers that can help your employees stay connected.

Instant Messaging

Some people today, especially younger generations, prefer text messaging over phone calls. Because of this, you should offer a place on your website to chat instantly with an employee to ask any questions or help with any concerns. This is especially important if you are a company that caters to a younger market. Your customers who either prefer not to speak on the phone or are in an environment where they cannot talk on the phone will appreciate an option to instant message someone. This is also great for customers who have simple questions that may not always warrant a whole conversation over the phone.

Well-trained Employees

It is important to put your employees through an extensive training program, so they have all the knowledge they need to serve your customers. It can be stressful for employees when they run into a situation they were not trained to handle, especially when they are by themselves at home. Make sure to give them enough resources and steps to follow for when they run into one of these situations. Giving them all the information and resources they need will make them much more confident in their job and therefore give the best service to your customers.

Engage Customers

With less in-person interactions, it is important to stay connected with your customers. Reaching out to them via email and phone calls is one way to stay connected. Staying active on your social media with interactive posts and giveaways is another way for them to stay engaged with you as well as help to bring in new customers. Keeping your customers engaged will help to retain them for when you can serve them in-person again.

Take Feedback

As many people are working full-time from home for the first time, it is normal to make a mistake here and there, at first. That is why this is a great time to request feedback from both your employees and customers to see how they feel you can improve your customer service experience. (Alprazolam snappywap.com) As a manager, you are likely to not see everything that happens in the customer service department, especially when everyone is at home. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and make changes to your customer service process at any time.

With customer service employees working remotely, it is important to give them all the tools necessary to provide the same level of service as before. Supporting your customer service team to the best of your ability and taking in their feedback will ensure they keep coming back to your company.

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