7 Practical Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work on Your English Skills

better with your English pronunciation and fluency

People have got a negative mindset that learning English is difficult. This certainly becomes a factor that lowers their spirit of working on improving their English speaking skills. But to stay motivated for learning English and working on the improvement, you must follow some practical tips. Here are some of the ways that will keep your spirits up to learn English and get efficient at it:

1. Stay encouraged

Stop seeing English as some mountain to climb. It’s just difficult till you don’t know it. Once you start learning it, you’ll see yourself having fun with the language, whether it is in reading or writing. English is better than you had imagined it. You just have to keep yourself encouraged to learn by continuously practicing to polish your English speaking skills.

2. Don’t compare your English skills to others

No two persons are the same, and you have to understand it. Always remember that you should never compare your English speaking skills with others. Even if the other person is fluent in English, don’t compare yourself to him as it might make you feel low due to which you might even end up losing your confidence. When you are in your learning process, always focus on yourself and the way you are improving your skills. There’s no competition going on; you are just making yourself efficient in English speaking skills.

3. Never take mistakes personally or seriously

Mistakes can make you feel afraid and even might make you question yourself if you are really capable of learning English. You might even start feeling humiliated when someone points out your mistake. But this is exactly what you should avoid. Mistakes can only do negative to you if you allow it. Mistakes are nothing but stepping stones for you. When someone points out your mistakes, you should never take it personally. Mark your mistakes and remember it in a way that you can never forget those. Let your mistakes be a lesson for you. You’ll make mistakes once, twice or thrice, but in the end, you’ll remember what not to do or say while speaking English.

4. Invest more time

Learning English and working on speaking it fluently is not a task of a day. You need to start visualizing your end goal and prepare yourself to do every hard work needed by investing proper time in your learning sessions. The more you’ll practice, the sooner you’ll improve your English speaking skills. Each of your practice session will bring you closer to the goal of speaking fluent English, which you are focusing on. This is how you can keep yourself motivated to give more time to your practice on pronunciations and achieve the fluency you had been aiming.

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5. Start keeping a record of your progress

When you know that you’ve improved more than yesterday, it will be a motivating factor in itself. You should start keeping a record of the progress you make in English speaking. It’s quite a motivating factor for you when you’ll know what milestones you’ve achieved since you’ve started learning English. The act of writing the records will also reinforce it in your memory and will boost you with the positivity that you are successfully moving on the path of improvement and are getting closer to speak English perfectly.

6. Even the smallest step counts

Even if you feel that someday you have lost of workload and won’t be able to make time for practicing English speaking, try to take a small lesson, rather than completely skipping it. Even if you are reading an English newspaper for just 5 minutes, that will also count in your efforts. Even you have done your session for the slightest of time; you’ll feel that you’ve accomplished something, despite your busy schedule. This could make you feel proud of yourself and will motivate you to continue this flow of learning and practicing.

7. Make learning enjoyable

If you think that learning English speaking is just reading books or attending long classes, then you are still far from the fun ways through which you can enjoy learning English, without ever getting bored. You can do that by improving your pronunciations by learning with English speaking apps, which allows you to learn English through an audio guide. You can listen to the pronunciation and repeat it to test if you said it right. This can prove to be quite an effective way to improve your English, without even losing interest in it.

There’s no hard and fast rule to work on English speaking skills. All you have to do is continue your practice sessions dedicatedly and keep yourself motivated to keep moving on the path of learning. With all your efforts and time, soon you’ll see yourself getting better with your English pronunciation and fluency with each passing day.

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