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This year, a young Malaysian digital agency solution provider, Kode Digital Experts (https://kodedigital.expert) has been awarded for the Most Innovative Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency – South East Asia 2020 by Corporate Vision Magazine! This is the second year CV Magazine has introduced their Media Innovator Awards. (www.cantravelwilltravel.com)

Earlier this year, Kode Digital Experts was also awarded as one of the Best Website Design in Penang by Trusted Malaysia. Among the list of awardees, Kode Digital Experts is the youngest firm.

They are a one-stop solution provider and offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to UI/UX design, website development, onsite and offsite SEO services, graphic design, online advertising, influencer marketing and branding. Their services are offered in a few countries including Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Australia.

The team is experienced in building different types of websites such as corporate websites, online training tools, Intranet, eCommerce, marketplace etc. Also, Facebook and Google Ads targeting is not a challenge to them. With minimal budget, they are able to optimise the ad audience to reach many audiences and maximise the number of clicks.

About Corporate Vision Magazine

Corporate Vision Magazine is a CPD certified digital magazine founded in 2010. Every year, they run their award programmes to recognise outstanding businesses worldwide within their industry. The awards are decided by the senior research team of CV Magazine based on merit, not popularity, which means companies are not allowed to cheat by buying popularity.

The criterias of the judgement are:

  •     Client dedication
  •     Innovation
  •     Business growth
  •     Longevity
  •     Online reputation
  •     Customer feedback
  •     Business performance
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They have given the award to small businesses to large corporations from different parts of the world. Last year, in 2019, businesses that have won the award include:

  1.   Dynamiq Management Ltd – England
  2.   Straydog Branding – Canada
  3.   Sorrentino Media – USA
  4.   Black Fig Jam Graphic & Web Design – South Africa
  5.   Eco Bridge Company – South Korea

Kode Digital Experts’ Work and how they contributed in digital transformation in Malaysian digital agency

  1.   De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan

a.   De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan is a famous celebrity restaurant in Malaysia. Kode Digital Experts have assisted them with their website design and email newsletters. The UI of the website is designed based on the interior of their restaurant. Sharp colours have been used to create a vibrant feeling. Promotions are highlighted in pop-ups on the home page so the visitors would not miss them.

  1.   Lake Point Residence

a.   Lake Point Residence is a residential property developed by Eastern Corridor. The website of the project is designed and developed by Kode Digital Experts based on their new corporate branding. The website design has a lot of curvy elements to represent Feng Shui.

b.  Kode Digital Experts have also assisted Lake Point Residence in their social media management and have utilised the ad budget to acquire quality leads from Facebook and Google.

Malaysian digital agency

  1.   The Kazan by The Volcano.

a.  The Volcano, the world’s first maker of pocket cheese toast, originated from Chiang Mai, Thailand has recently expanded internationally to Penang, Malaysia. The Malaysian branch is called The Kazan. The Kazan has appointed Kode Digital Experts as their marketing solution provider to build their website,  run marketing campaigns as well as building their brand identity. Kode Digital Experts have included an adequate amount of animation in the website design and created videos for their social media consistently to enhance the family-friendliness of the brand.

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Malaysian digital agency

Pocket Prez – mobile presentation tool that makes presentation easier

In addition to client projects, Kode Digital Experts also have their own set of products. The most well known one is Pocket Prez. It is a mobile presentation tool which comes with a unique QR code which enables visitors to easily access presentation slides. It can be used as a sales kit or an interactive tool for marketing campaigns. You do not need a corporate website to use this tool. With a minimal monthly subscription fee, they will custom develop and host the presentation kit for you.

Malaysian digital agency

If you wish to know more about them, you can visit their website at https://kodedigital.expert or find them on Instagram @kodedigital.expert


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