Adobe Spark vs Canva: Which Is Right for You?

adobe spark vs canva

Do you hate bad design?

You might get a headache when you see Comic Sans, or flinch at the appearance of green text on a black background. You might love a good layout or get a thrill from doing anything that involves a creative edge.

If you think you’ve missed your calling as a graphic designer, it’s definitely not too late to get involved. Did you know that there are a variety of online design program options that allow you to flex your design muscles with minimal experience?

We’re taking you through the pros and cons of two of the most popular options out there, to decide which one is right for you: Adobe Spark vs Canva.

Adobe Spark Vs Canva: A Tale of Two Programs

Before we dive into the pros and cons of each, you might be wondering what exactly these programs are. Both Canva and Adobe Spark are online design platforms for creating beautiful and professional-looking graphics.

Each has thousands of pre-designed templates for every type of graphic under the sun, from Instagram Stories and Facebook posts to resumes and infographics (although you might want to second guess that last one).

Both also offer some top-quality graphics, illustrations, and fonts that are super easy to customize based on your individual needs.

All you have to do is select a template and replace the pre-existing design elements and text with your own personalized content.

So which one reigns supreme? Here are a few things to consider.


Both Canva and Adobe Spark have an easy-to-use, clean user interface. This is particularly great if you’re a beginner and don’t quite know how to navigate the rules of design.

What’s great is that both offer a selection of tutorials on how to get the best use out of the platform. They also offer broader courses on everything from branding to social media.


The best thing about both Canva and Adobe Spark is the quality of their free-to-use options. If you don’t want to pay you still get access to great templates, graphics, and features. (

However, the paid plans from both platforms are definitely worth the investment. Both offer a variety of plans depending on whether you’re an individual looking to advance your creative skills, or a business looking to make your brand identity more professional and consistent.

When it comes to cost both Adobe Spark and Canva are pretty much neck and neck. Their premium versions start at $9.99 a month.


We’ve already mentioned the fantastic range of free templates and graphics at your disposal. But these platforms also have an excellent offering of design and video features on offer.

While Canva has some solid video editing and animation capabilities if you want to create, edit and merge videos Adobe Spark should be your top choice. This is because Adobe has made an industry name for itself as a leader in creative software, covering everything from design to video editing software.

So What’s the Best Program for You?

Ultimately both programs are excellent. But if you’ve ever been in the creative industry you’ll know that Adobe products are the most trusted name in creative software.

Adobe understands that good branding is about telling a story. And there’s no doubt that this comes across in all of their software, including Adobe Spark.

The great Adobe Spark vs Canva debate comes down to personal preference, so let us know your experiences of both down in the comments!

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