All That Was Unexpected About Grammy Awards 2020

Grammy Awards 2020

Comparing the Grammy Awards 2020 to any other award ceremony is something irrelevant. After all, this year’s gala day arrived with bells and whistles and simply made the world go gaga over its ceremonies. While it’s often dampened by utter disappointments, no other ceremony can beat its craze that fans have over so many years. Yes, nothing unlike other years, the award ceremony left no stones unturned with a few slip-ups of iZen stars sweeping the boards and starts delivering some exquisite performances. Besides all that, what’s more, iconic was the fashion with pole dances giving life to the ceremony!

But then, if you missed it out (nothing many others), here’s a solution! This is the post where you are going to get a fair idea about all that was unexpected about the Grammy Awards 2020.

Eilish won the big

Generation Z’s one prominent superstar, Billie Eilish, has won the award for a most talked-of person! Sources claim that she has started to be ‘an imposter’ and even ‘a fan’. She has also wounded up performing the song – When’s the party over. She took a total of five prizes. That being said, Best song and record of this year for the ‘bad guy’, new artist, Pop Vocal edition of the year, and more. She also stressed to be gone to Grande!

Lana getting snubbed

One big shock of Grammy Awards 2020’s night fell upon the artist who had spent the eight yesteryears creating her prominent music career with some contemporaries that could ever replicate. It came to NormanRockwell, the album which might have been considered as the strongest! Whatever might be the cause, Lana definitely deserved this particular album’s win for the year, owing to the work she did. However, what’s unfortunate is that the singer went back empty-handed.

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Returning as a Host: The 15-time winner Keys

Grammy Awards 2020

Alicia Keys singer of ‘girl on fire’ came this year as a host, yet again. It’s the 2nd consecutive year for her to return as a host in the Grammy Awards 2020. She happens to be a fifteen-time winner who appeared as a host in 14 years of age, following the 2005’s host Queen Latifah. She takes anchoring very seriously and being a host at the award ceremony is so ‘powerful’ to her. (buy ambient soundscapes) In the previous year, Key had sung a medley which she had titled as Songs, I wish, I wrote’. Among all melodies, there were the songs of Roberta Flack too.

Tribute to Nipsey Hussle

There was a tribute ceremony given to Nipsey Hussle. As a matter of fact, Hussle got honored with the performances of Roddy Ricch, Meek Mill, Kirk Franklin, John Legend, and even YG (the rapper). The personality who passed away in March had been nominated for the three awards for rapper performance, rap song, and even for best one who sang great rap song.

See who’s back after the boycott

Grammy Awards 2020

Ariana Grande, in the previous year, had thanked the Grammy awards ceremony. She even thought that she was nominated for particular sections. She won that ultimately, and the award was for the pop album. While she had some disagreements with the producers over her song, she decided not to attend the next award ceremony. Grammy Awards 2020 brings this artist not only for her slated performance but also for the award which she deserved – the best duo pop or group performance!

Everyone appears as comic book villains – What was the dressing code?

One of the best moments of Grammy Awards 2020 is when everyone appears as comic book villains. Okay, the style guide of this year’s ceremony was apparently comic book villains, but didn’t it suggest to making it ‘chic’? Yes, it did! And much to the knowledge of fans, they seriously worked on it amazingly. Eilish was the one with baggy green and blingy Gucci. Porter in the blue suit looked amazing with the hat featuring a curtain (with opening & closing feature).

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Next, there was Ariana Grande who was in the smoky grey Valli gown! Lizzowas in the custom Versace look. Apart from that, there was Lil Nas X’s Versace look. Tyler appeared as the bellboy, and that’s particularly not very comic-y, regardless of being appreciable.

Demi Lovato making the live return

For Lovato, things were rough a few years ago. In July 2018, this Disney star got hospitalized following the overdose. She chose the ceremony of the previous nights as the prime comeback situation. Debuting in ‘Anyone’, the 27 years old artist had a track which she wrote some days before getting admitted to the hospital. It was understandable that for her things were getting difficult, so do her songs. So, she had to give a break and start off fresh, yet again. The fandom rose to feet upon her completion of it. It was definitely a great comeback, to speak simply.

Rosalía taking home a prize (a thing of pride)

Another talked-about artist, Rosalíawas nominated for a total of two categories, and she was up for two prizes. While one was for the best newcomer, the other was the best one for Latin rock. Right upon her performance on the new single, i.e., Juro Que, and Malamente, she took the latter prize back home. This Catalan singer had powerfully provided the alternate view of the future of pop and what it should look like, in the year which focused on Anglicised’s side strongly. (modafinil online bitcoin)

Winning the prize for rap album for the IGOR (Tyler’s first one in Grammy), this personality met the journalists at the end of the ceremony. Tyler expressed the disappointments about the fact that his music was filtered through the system of the award ceremony.

These are some bad and good things about this year’s Grammy Awards 2020. You must check the list of winners to know more about it.

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