All You Need To Know About Naya Rivera Tragic Death

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera, popularly known for her character in “Glee” passed away while saving her 4-year old son. She was extremely famous for her well-known characters in a lot of Hollywood movies. The 33-year former actress, Naya Rivera was out on a boat outing with her son at California’s Lake Piru. 

A small view about Naya Rivera and son Josey vacation:

On 8th July 2020, Naya Rivera, with her son Josey, went for boating. As she always had a busy schedule, it was difficult for her to spend some quality time with her son. That is why; she had planned a vacation to the Piru Lake. She and her son were spending their time on vacation when they thought to swim in the lake. To know what exactly happened that day, continue reading. 

Story from an eyewitness:

Naya Rivera

According to an eyewitness, Rivera was with her son at around 1 p.m. on 8th July. Rivera was carrying a large bag, a hat, and she was wearing white shorts. He also told that Naya Rivera rented a boat where she was getting into it with her son. The witness said that there was nothing suspicious as both Rivera and Josey seem to enjoy their vacation at their fullest. Like any other day, there were many other pontoon boats and also a water skier. She looked like an ordinary mother who was enjoying her time with her son. 

Three hours later:

After three hours of renting the boat, another boater discovered that Josey was on the boat sleeping while Naya Rivera wasn’t there. He was wearing a lifejacket while Rivera was nowhere in and around the boat. The witness told that he had seen her life jacket, wallet, and food; everything kept beside her son on the boat. 

What happened after that?

At 4:30 p.m., which was the scheduled time to return the boat, which Rivera didn’t do, the officials started their search operation. They found the boat and gave a call to 911. They found Josey on the boat; he was sleeping and was safe. A search operation was conducted. It was quite complicated to carry out the search operation as quite a lot of trees are under the water, making the search operation difficult. 

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It caused entanglements and was unsafe for the divers as it led to complicated scenarios. In case the body is entangled below the water, they might never find it as the body will never come up. The boat was floating on the water, which means it was unanchored. It indicated that they need to search the nearby area first and then move ahead. All such things made the process quite complicated for the team. 

What son Josey has to say about the full situation?

Naya Rivera

According to the information provided by Josey, during their journey at some point, they were swimming in the lake. Then he remembered that he is being helped by his mother to get into the boat while she disappeared under the water. Though Piru is a man-made lake, it is famous for its unpredictable wild currents. Several people have lost their life due to uncertain situations.  

After that:

Sgt, Kevin Donoghue, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson in a press conference on 9th July, Thursday, said there is no proper information about Rivera that can help in the search operation after they spoke with Josey. They are trying their best to find her and hope they she is fine. It would be wrong to say anything so soon, as they are still looking after her. He stated that Naya Rivera knows boating and had also come to the lake before, but whether her son accompanied her or not, it is not confirmed. They do not have information regarding how long she has been missing, or for how much time she was with her son. Also, it is not uncommon, or the first time that such a case has pop up. There are accidental drowning cases in the past where people have lost their lives.  

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No information about Rivera:

Unfortunately, there was nothing they could retract from the targets they have investigated. So know they have to continue with the process and they are focusing on the east and north side of the lake. If she went down, then these are the places where they can find her. Otherwise, it would not be easy to track her body as the lake is two-mile-long with 130 feet deep. Since there was no information, a search operation for Naya Rivera was started with the help of divers, helicopters, and drones. It was a horrible experience both for the family and also for the rescuers. 

Retraction of Rivera’s body:

Naya Rivera

After 5 days of missing, a body was discovered at the north-eastern side of the lake at 9:10 a.m. Based on physical identity, the officials were confident that the body was none other than Rivera’s. As the place had a lot of trees and heavy brushes of at least 15 to 20 feet height, it was difficult for them to find her. The body was taken to “Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office” for inspection and autopsy. 

What former service manager has to say?

Lake Piru’s former service manager, Douglas West, told that in his 23 years of service, he has experienced almost a dozen accidental drowning cases, and most of them were swimmers. Residents have also asked the officials to put up signs notifying dangerous whirlpools so that tourists have an idea before they dive into the water. 

What the autopsy report has to reveal?

The autopsy report of the late actress Naya Rivera shows there were no diseases or traumatic injuries, no traces of alcohol or drug found in her body. After the autopsy and a full X-ray report arrived, the officials have declared that the death was because of accidental drowning

Hearing that, a lot of her well-wishers posted on her social media portals to mourn her tragic death, wishing strength and courage to her family and son. Her death is indeed a loss for her family as well as the film fraternity. 

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