All You Need to Know Before to Apply for a Military Job

Military Job

US forces are manned on a voluntary basis. It is a professional army where military personnel receives decent salaries and various social benefits. 

The voluntary manning principle of the armed forces was applied firstly at the time when America was a colony of the British Empire. But of course, the history of the United States had periods when the country’s administration was forced to open the mandatory draft for military service. Not wanting to introduce the conscription, the US authorities used various kinds of bait to lure the country’s inhabitants into military service.  

With time, everything has changed. And now, modern America has high competition in the military job market and as a result, it led to the formation of military resume writing services. According to statistics, the entry-level soldiery meets with the competition of 8-10 people in one place. It suggests that the labor market demand is way greater than the supply. 

Before competing for aposition and go through a tough selection process, a potential military must to match by all the requirements. We have compiled a list of the most primary. Read on. 

Institutional Requirements

Education is a set of basic knowledge that is important in any industry. A diploma of high school is the minimum demand for admission to military service. Some positions may also be open to youth with a GED (General Education Development) certificate. However, the lack of a diploma will not allow to realize the career ambitions of many applicants. That is why the most correct decision is to submit a resume for military vacancies immediately after graduation (but not earlier).

Citizenship Requirements

Not everyone can join the U.S. Army. This opportunity is open only to U.S. citizens or Legal Permanent Residents (people with an INS I-151/I-551 Green Card). You can visit the U.S. Immigration and Nationalization (INS) website to find out more information about it. 

Properly documented noncitizens may also enlist. However, not all vacancies will be open to such people, and of course, career possibilities will be limited. 

Citizens from countries: Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Marshall Islands, Palau, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia and American Samoa can be enlisted in the US Armed Forces.

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Required Documents 

Of course, you need to collect a package of documents before submitting your application. A correctly compiled package of documents can significantly increase your chances of a vacancy competition. What papers are considered the most necessary? 

Identification. You need to have an identity card. It can be your passport, driver’s license, as well as a green card. After enlistment, you will also need to provide a certified copy of your birth certificate and social security card. 

Legal Documents. In certain situations, you will need to provide legal records. If you are single, then you are lucky (joke), because you do not need to collect an additional package of documents. If you are married and/or have kids, then you need to collect additional papers: 

  • copy of your marriage license
  • your spouse’s social security number
  • your kids’ birth certificates
  • social security numbers for your children 
  • and maybe something else

These documents will enable you to include your spouse and children in family insurance and secure extra social bonuses for the whole family. If you were divorced, you must provide the divorce decree. 

Medical Records. You will need to provide your medical records to reveal your medical history. Each soldier must have good health and not have dangerous chronic diseases. 

Education Diplomas. Diplomas of all received education and certificates. If you are applying for a higher rank, you will need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree certified copy. 

Military Resume and Cover Letter. Resume is probably the very first document that you should prepare before applying. A cv is a vital part of the candidates’ selection process. You may be perfectly suited to the position, and have an impeccable physical shape, but create a bad resume. In this option, you are likely to receive a denial.

Military resume writing services can help you with that. Usually, such companies have the employees who already have experience in the army sphere. Resume writers know all the nuances and understand how your paper should look. Do not underestimate the importance of these documents. And if you are not a writer, entrust this matter to experts.

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Physical and Health Requirements

Physical demands significantly vary over each Service branch. General requirements are to have excellent physical fitness and be able to undergo medical examinations. People with severe chronic diseases cannot be admitted to military service. However, many applicants can receive recommendations, and a delay to improve their health, gain or lose weight. After a successful medical examination, the future soldier must pass the Army Fitness Test. It consists of:

  • Deadlift. Three-repetition max deadlift managing a hex bar. 
  • Standing Power Throw. Throw a 10-pound ball at the maximum distance you can. 
  • Hand-Raised Push-ups. Make a certain number of push-ups for a specific time, or with extra weight.
  • 250-Meter Sprint, Drag, and Carry. It is 5 various tests within 1 event. The combination of this test may differ from the Service brunch you want to join. 
  • Leg Tuck. How many times can you pull hanging knees to elbows? 
  • ​Two-Mile Run. Run 2 miles to pass the cardiovascular endurance test. 

Make a note that this is just an example of a test. In fact, it may look completely different. The rules change from year to year, and of course, it will depend on your Service brunch.


You see that the military sphere has fairly clear requirements for its candidates. There is nothing supernatural and complicated in meeting these standards. You need to have a basic level of education, good physical shape, and excellent health condition. And of course, you must be a US citizen if you want to build a successful career in the armed forces. Do not forget to prepare a package of necessary documents and write a high-quality resume. Remember, a resume and a cover letter are the basis of any workplace application. 

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