1917: An Addition To World War Movies

Movies have significant relevance in our society. From encouraging us with a good plot to showcasing some real events, movies have always influenced people in many ways. There’s no doubt in asserting that movies have more considerable exposure than any other media. Combining both visual and audio in order to create compelling and engaging content that is appealing to the audience, movies have emerged as the strongest medium of entertainment.

Movies are considered as the ideal medium to channel moral values and ethics, as the content shown in the movies is said to have a long-lasting effect on the audience. While watching a movie that depicts larger than life scenarios, audiences can connect to related with it over any other entertainment media. Viewers also have great involvement in movies. They tend to get attached to the screenplay, plot, characters, which eventually influence their lifestyle. Hence, it becomes a social responsibility for moviemakers to showcase movies that don’t hurt their sentiments and doesn’t encourage them negatively.

There’s no doubt in asserting that movies have a great influence on our lives. Apart from being a medium of entertainment, movies teach us many things that we can apply in our daily lives. There are plenty of movies that are based on real incidents, such as movies on war, patriotism, crime, etc. These movies have higher chances of influencing people by creating a real event that they haven’t seen.

Impact of War Movie Genre 

War movies have always been fighting against the contradictions; whether they should replicate every single event or filter out the most relevant incident. The three-hour duration of a movie makes it less possible for moviemakers to depict the entire scenario and at the same time, do not stretch it too long. There are different ways of portraying war movies; either they present a glossed version of reality or keep it raw to add life to it. Films on war generally include soldiers who are fighting against the evil forces and doing justice to citizens. People love to watch these movies as they are able to watch soldiers sacrificing their lives for the safety and security of citizens. It tends to create sentimental values in the audience towards the movie. The emotional attachment of audiences often results in box office success of the war movies.

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1917: Recent Addition to World War Movies

Word War has always been a hot topic for moviemakers who are intending to make iconic war movies based on iconic events in history. Over the years, plenty of world war movies have been made, out of which some have been able to create a staunch place in the audience’s heart. A recent addition to the line of World War movies is Sam Mendes’ 1917.

Directed and co-written by Sam Mendes with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, 1917 is an upcoming British-American war film that is scheduled to be released in 2019. The producers of the movie are Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris. According to sources, Universal Pictures will release the movie domestically on December 25, 2020, and the worldwide release is scheduled on January 10, 2020.

The trailer of the film was released yesterday on YouTube. Audiences have wholeheartedly accepted the movie and loved the way it has been executed. Since the launch of the trailer, the video has received a whopping 4.5 million views placing it among the trending videos on YouTube.

1917: The Plot

Unlike, any other World War movie, 1917 focus on a portion of the first World War. When the first World War was at its peak, two young British soldiers, Blake and Schofield were assigned an impossible mission. Their task was to enter the enemy’s territory and deliver a message that will supposedly eliminate a deadly attack on thousands of soldiers.

Both Blake and Schofield accepted the order as Blake’s brothers were among the soldiers who were about to get affected by the deadly attack. Hence, they had to try their best to stop the attack in order to save Blake’s brother. The soldier duo race against time to cross the enemy border, deliver the message as soon as possible, and save a British battalion of 1600 men, including Blake’s own brother.

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1917 is more like a war thriller than a typical World War movie. The story revolves around these two soldiers and their conquest to cross the enemy’s border.

Sam Mendes Connection To 1917

According to sources, the movie was co-written by Sam Mendes, who has heard a part of this story from his paternal grandfather, Alfred Mendes. The writer-director has confessed that this World War movie is so close to his heart, and he had put all the efforts to make this movie succeed. Sam further added that they had kept the movie as raw as possible. Every department of the movie, from writing to cinematography, everyone had made sure that the audiences get to see the authentic incidents. Not writing or executing, shooting the film was the real challenge for 1917’s team. There had been plenty of struggles that came their way while shooting, added Sam Medes.

War movies have always intrigued the audience to many extents. Whether it was sprouting the feeling of patriotism or showcasing the sacrifice made by the soldiers, people tend to get easily influenced by war movies. World War movies, in particular, have a great impact on the audience. Holding an iconic place in history, World War is a sensitive topic.

Collecting bit and parts from his grandfather’s stories about the first World War, Sam Mendes created a war movie, i.e., 1917. Since its trailer release, fans are waiting to get thrilled by this latest addition to the line of World War movies.

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