Ariana Grande Net Worth 2019 and What Got Her This Far

Ariana Grande net worth

Ariana Grande is one of those celebrities because of whom we must think God is A Woman. Blonde, slim and beautiful, with a voice that reminds you of an angel. Grande has become one of the biggest celebrities in the music industry. Here we’re going to look at Ariana Grande net worth, and take a sneak peek into her life.

Who is Ariana Grande?

We all know Ariana Grande as having made the song “Thank You, Next”. But did you also know that she was a child star? She got her big break from playing Cat Valentine in a Nickelodeon series called Victorious. She has several awards in her kitty, which include Grammys, Billboard Music Awards as well as American Music Awards as well. There are so many things that you do not know about Ariana Grande, so let’s find out.

Ariana Grande net worth

Ariana Grande net worth currently is around $ 50 million, since she is the most influential musician in the industry. Now you know what the gist of the matter is, it’s time to look little deeper how she became a star:

Ariana Grande – Early Life

Ariana Grande’s mother is Joan Grande, and her father is Edward Butera. She was born in Boca Raton in Florida, and her parents separated when she was 8 years old. As you would have probably guessed, she is of Italian descent. Her mother was the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications. Her parents separated when she was 9 or 10 years old.

As you will know, Ariana became interested in acting and singing when she was 13 years old, and this could be seen from the way that she was able to concentrate on her musical career.

Ariana Grande has been extremely interested in everything related to the theatre and music from when she was a child. So, if you had guessed that she was born to be a performer, you would be 100% right. Grande has now become a teen idol and a sensation.

Ariana Grande - Early Life

Ariana Grande – career

Ariana Grande has had a long career, which comprises of appearance in musicals, Broadway, television as well as films. Not to mention that her singing career has taken off and she 5 albums, with a number of hit singles. Let us look at some of her career moves that made her famous.

1.  13 on Broadway

When Ariana Grande was 13 years old, she was cast as Charlotte in 13, a musical on Broadway. She won a National Youth Theatre Association award for this performance. 13 is a great age to start on your dreams of becoming a star right? Ariana seemed to have great success in this department at least.

2.  Victorious

In 2009, Ariana got her big break, when she was cast as Cat Valentine with her 13 co-star, Elizabeth Gillies. She had to have red hair for the character, which she died every week.

3.  Cuba Libre

In 2010, she was able to play the role of Miriam in the musical Cuba Libre, for which she also got many accolades.

4.  Sam & Cat

In 2013, Nickelodeon decided to mash iCarly and Victorious and create a spin-off, which ran till 2014. Grande resumed her role as Cat Valentine, even though she had considerable musical success.

5.  Put Your Hearts Up

This was Grande’s first single, which she had been honing in on for a long time. As Cat Valentine was becoming popular, Grande uploaded videos on YouTube with covers of various songs. The CEO of Republic Records heard her and offered her a recording deal. This was the main reason she had a single released in that year.

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6.  Yours Truly

This was Ariana Grande’s first studio album and was released in 2013. The album became extremely popular and hit the Billboard top 200 charts immediately. She had collaborated with a number of rappers, such as Big Sean and Mac Miller for the album. She was also sued by Minder Music for copying some lines from their song from 1972. All of these controversies helped increase the sales of the albums. It was also in 2013 that Billboard magazine named her the number 4 on “Music’s Hottest Minors 2013”. During this time, she also won the New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards.

Ariana Grande’s first studio album

7.  My Everything

In 2014, Grande was able to release her second album, My Everything topped the Billboard 200 charts. Many of the singles from that album were in the top 10 charts in various countries. This included the United States of America, the United Kingdom as well as Australia. She also broke a significant number of records as well for most of her singles. As with her other songs, she collaborated with other artists for many of her songs. “Break Free”, one of the popular singles from her album, featured Zedd.

8.  Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman was released in 2016, which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 list. The singles from the album that she had released from 2015 had already debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 lists, which gave the album a significant amount of publicity as well.

9.  Sweetener

This was Grande’s 4th album and was released in 2018. The lead song debuted number 3 at the Billboard Hot 100 list. This made Grande the only artist to have debuted the first single from each of her first four albums in the top ten of the Hot 100.

10.  Thank You, Next

This will be the latest album that she releases, with 3 singles already on the Billboard Hot 100 list. The songs have quickly become extremely popular, and have broken several records as well.

Ariana Grande- Personal Life

Grande is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, performing at the New York pride event. She was born a Roman Catholic but abandoned it after opposition to the stance of the church on homosexuality. She has followed Kabbalah’s teachings since then. Ariana suffers from anxiety, PTSD and Hypoglycaemia.

She has been in a relationship with Graham Philips till 2011. She dated the rapper Mac Miller till 2018. It was reported that she did not want to babysit him while he played with the idea of sobriety. Also, in 2018, she began to date Pete Davidson, who proposed to her after a month. However, in October 2018 they broke up as well.

Ariana Grande- Awards and Accolades

Ariana Grande has, as you can imagine, many awards. All of her albums have been certified Platinum by RIAA. She is also the most listened female artist on Spotify and on Apple Music. Ariana has won 3 American Music Awards while being nominated for 8 awards. She has been nominated for 24 Billboard Music Awards and has won 3 times. Ariana has been nominated for a Grammy 6 times and has won once. She has also won many MTV Music Awards. This includes MTV Italian Music Awards, MTV European Music Awards, etc. Thus, it can be seen that a significant portion of Ariana Grande net worth is dependent on the music that she makes, which is also depending on the popularity that she has. The awards and accolades only add to her fame and popularity. These make her sell more songs, which increases the amount of money she makes.

Ariana Grande- Sources of Income

Ariana Grande net worth and main source of income are of course, the money that she makes from her albums. Her main career is that of a singer-songwriter, and thus, her tours and album sales make her the most amount of money. However, she also has a car and various properties that she owns. She is active in charity and is a great philanthropist.

1. Album Sales

Ariana Grande has released 5 albums and has done many collaborations with various artists, as well as released an EP. Dangerous Woman, her final album made almost $ 4.7 million in a week. It made $ 50,000 in-merchandise, and $ 630,000 a night. Thus, the album tour itself brought in $ 71 million to her earnings. The first album that she ever made, which is Yours Truly, brought in around $ 40 million in 8 months. Her Honeymoon tour brought in $ 40 million. Her album sales alone have made her an extremely wealthy woman.

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Ariana Grande wealthy women

2. Tours

Ariana net worth is also heavily based on the money that she has gotten from her tours. The Dangerous Woman Tour has grossed more than $ 71 million. The Honeymoon tour has made her $ 40 million as well. Thus, even her tours have made her extremely successful as well. Ariana Grande’s tours have made her around $ 114 million.

3. Fragrance Brand

Ariana Grande’s fragrance brand makes approximately $ 150 million. This adds to the net worth quite significantly as well. In 2017, she collaborated with LUXE brands in order to make a significant amount of money. She has 5 perfumes in her brand. All of her perfumes are named after famous songs or albums of her own.

4. House

Ariana Grande net worth includes the houses that she owns. She had one house in Boca Raton in Florida. The house was 1700 square feet. She sold the house to move to Los Angeles. According to reports, she brought an apartment in New York. The apartment is estimated to be worth $ 16 million. It is a 6,226 sq ft and highlights 5 rooms and 5 washrooms.

The property is arranged on a precarious slope and has shocking perspectives on the Hollywood Hills. There is an open-air pool and connecting hot tub, which gives views of downtown LA. There’s an outside seating territory where Ariana and her guests can appreciate warm summer nights.

5. Cars

Ariana has been seen driving a white Range Rover, a silver Mercedes SL Class Convertible, and a black Cadillac Escalade. That’s a lot of cars for one person, but if it suits her, let her go for it we say. She can totally afford all of the cars. The range rover is estimated to be worth $ 83,495-186,495.

Thus, the net worth of Ariana Grande is comprised of all of these factors. Now you know how much a young starlet earns in Hollywood. She doesn’t however, spend all of this money on herself. Ariana uses her money in a lot of charities.

Ariana Grande- Charity

When Ariana Grande was only 10 years old, she co-founded an organization called Kids Who Care. In 2009, as an individual from the altruistic association Broadway in South Africa, Ariana, alongside her sibling Frankie, performed and showed dance and music to kids in Gugulethu, South Africa.

Ariana, along with Kat Graham and Bridgit Mendler was a part of Seventeen Magazine in a 2013 open battle to end internet tormenting called “Erase Digital Drama”. In the wake of watching the film Blackfish that year, she asked fans to quit supporting SeaWorld. In September 2014, Grande took an interest at the magnanimous Stand Up to Cancer TV program, playing out her tune “My Everything” in memory of her granddad, who had passed on of disease that July.

Grande has embraced a few salvage hounds as pets and advanced pet reception at a portion of her shows. In 2016, she propelled with MAC Cosmetics a line of lip conceals called “Ariana Grande’s MAC Viva Glam”, the benefits of which advantage individuals influenced by HIV and AIDS. Grande gave the returns from the main show in Atlanta on her Sweetener World Tour to Planned Parenthood in a reaction to various premature birth laws being passed in a few states, including Georgia.

Thus, we can see that Ariana Grande uses Ariana Grande net worth for good, and is a part of multiple charitable events and affairs. She is one of the rising stars of the American music industry and is making waves that have been felt all over the world. Her vocal range is great and so is she.

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