AzzyLand Talks About Dumb Life Hacks That Might Be True

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When you don’t want people to know that you are drinking orange juice then shouldn’t you be drinking one? Well then, why hide it? AzzyLand is trying to put some sense here. Well, she is pretty surprised that you are hiding orange juice in the form of a burrito which is pretty cool. It’s more like drinking out from a burrito, well it makes sense though. Next, she talks about some plywood, which is used for making a secret compartment. Then there is a fork that is being attached to the plywood and hence, it will serve itself as a handle. Then she continues telling what you can do with that compartment. Things like hiding stuff, performing secret projects, and hiding your feeling? Really? Is that even possible? Well, maybe. Then AzzyLand says to his viewers that if they wish to hide their feelings, they can do that. She goes on talking about life hacks what else it can “hide” for you, which includes your cash too. She also points out that if anyone grabs that fork will get all those millions and other things hidden underneath that secret compartment.

This is probably just one of the dumb life hacks that you came across right now. Wait until she takes you on a ride through the whole list of them. She will tell how these dumb hacks might work. Given below is the information you need to know about the dumb hacks.

In the next dumb hacks, she explains how the man in the video is showing his excitement at the game he is watching, and then there is this woman reading a book. She didn’t like the man jumping around for which she snatched the remote and switched off the TV. Later on, she dictates as the man took a book, placed a phone on top of it and starts tracing the exterior part of the phone. She, later on, said that it’s one of the worst life hacks she ever came across, yes, it is understandable why she said that. The man was seen cutting the book apart, which he might have taken time to read and placed the phone within.

  • Another unique hack

However, the Youtuber says that even though the phone is hidden well inside that space, but the woman beside the man can see it. For AzzyLand, it is one of the most anti-social life hacks she has ever seen. Now, moving onto the next hack where it shows that the woman in the video does not have a pump to blow off the mattress.

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That is so time-consuming and even AzzyLand agrees to it. All you need to do is get a pump and get the job done. AzzyLand says that if you are asking Mother Nature to give you the power and help you pump the mattress; it might take like three days and 2 hours. Even her predictions sound so good and accurate.

  • Hiking hacks

Next, we are up to some other dumb life hacks, oh, it’s about hiking. AzzyLand explains that it was quietly relatable that when you go on a hiking trip, you cross the woods, the river and then accidentally your foot finds the water instead of the surface. Yeah, it is bad news for you and your shoe, if you ever experience it and AzzyLand is sure she won’t face it. Well, she says who knows she might come across for which we have the dumb life hacks to save the day. So, your shoe is wet, what will you do? Drain the excess water, boil some rocks in a pot and once the rocks get boiled put them in the shoe and it will dry off. Firstly, where did that huge stainless-steel pot appear from? Did Genie bring it? Or that hiker in the video is a magician, AzzyLand is pretty confused. Also, there is fire, yes fire and where did that pop out from? Wow amazing, it is dumb life hacks we are talking about.

  • Don’t get robbed
    life hacks

Moving on to the next hack which will help you not to get robbed. Simple, all you need to do is put all your valuables into a diaper and no one will ever think of robbing you. Wow! This is a very amazing dumb life hacks of all time, AzzyLand says she would never think of touching the diaper until she identifies the spot on the diaper to be of chocolate. Next hack is ramen, you color the surface with a marker and press on a white paper and you will be provided with a whole set of language. AzzyLand said she cannot be fooled that easily, and it is not possible to do and how one can get a whole set of alphabets through a ramen print? Impossible.

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The next set of dumb life hacks shows that banana is filled with Nutella through a syringe and AzzyLand is super excited just by seeing it. However, she believes it will be 100% delicious, and she is drooling over it. The next life hack shows that you can turn a boxer into a top. AzzyLand explains that just because it is possible that doesn’t mean you need to do it. Further, into the video, the boxer is transformed into a top and no one will know it is a boxer.

  • Unique enjoyment

These hacks are quite interesting to watch and they instill excitement amongst the viewers. Although it might seem dumb apparently, but they are exciting as well as innovative. Since the flavor in each of these videos is unique, viewers will surely have a different experience while viewing them.

Final verdict

AzzyLand ends the video by telling all her viewers to like, subscribe and give the video big thumps up. Also, if you are very much interested to see the life hack video, you can give it a try by checking out her YouTube channel. For any other hack that comes to your mind, please let us know about it in the comment section.

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