Bad Boys For Life Trailer is What Fans Want: Here’s What to Expect

Yes, the boys are finally back in town, after a long development process! So, this sequel which needed a trailer to prove its existence finally got proved to be real with the first trailer that dropped a couple of months ago. Sadly, fans who were counting days for the first trailer to launch didn’t find anything impressing out of what was offered! You might already know which sequel we are talking about by now! And if you have come here to know about the recently-released second Bad Boys For Life Trailer, read on!

It seems that one trailer wasn’t enough even though it ended fans’ whys and hows about the series! The upcoming action comedy has long been in the rumor mill with plausible news and anticipations. Ever since the first Bad Boys For Life Trailer got aired, it made fans come closer to the fact that it is going to hit the theaters.

What fans can expect?

There’s absolutely no denying the expectations that fans have with this new installment, after what they have seen in Bad Boys and Bad Boys II, released in 1995 and 2003 respectively. In accordance with the first trailer, the second Bad Boys For Life Trailer sheds light on the return of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey. The second trailer also reveals that it would apparently be Marcus’ and Mike’s final case together!

Reuniting bad boys cops yet again, Burnett is a police inspector now. With that Lowery is in his midlife crisis. They are going to reunite when some Albanian mercenary promises to offer them a bonus. Much to the knowledge of fans, the Albanian mercenary happens to be the brother of someone they killed. The trailer is apparently imitating the explosive style of Michael Bay, however, sans his technical prowess or pizazz.

The first Bad Boys For Life Trailer that dropped in September shed lights on Lawrence and Smith back in their roles which they originated some twenty-five years ago! By what it looks like, Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi have downgraded action barometers from Bad Boys II’s Bayhem levels. But, at the same time, the aesthetics of the initial entries of Bay has been carried over amazingly.

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This makes sense because the preview sheds light on older Marcus and older Mike who aren’t quite as reckless as they had been! Sony dropped this trailer a couple of days ago!

The Bad Boys For Life Trailer dives also dives deeper into the story of Bad Boys for Life. It reveals life to be endangered by the vengeful mob boss (the brother of whom they once defeated) and that Marcus will have to put his retirement on hold. It focuses on the selling point of the franchise, thereby leading interplay and bombastic spectacle! There’s room for jokes about Mike and Marcus getting older, which fans can point out with one of the young recruits who address Mike as ‘Grandpa’. From what the trailer points out, it looks exactly how a Bad Boys movie should be. And while fans expect lot more than that, this isn’t a bad thing though!

While the rumor mill is still waiting for another Bad Boys For Life Trailer, it seems that Bad Boys for Life is the ending point of this franchise. And if it is so, it wouldn’t be a bad approach! Sony, hence, gives more opportunities for fans to visit theaters rather than being at home only to wait for it to arrive!

However, with Sony, it cannot be entirely presumed that this is the last sequel of the franchise. After all, Sony might change their minds and come up with the alleged ‘Bad Boys 4’ (?). But for the time being, they are smart to calling this sequel a standalone one!

Famous for Bay’s over-top actions and star chemistry, the initial two movies have been far from the critical darlings. However, these movies earlier grossed over $400 million in total! Bad Boys II, nevertheless, was just a moderate success on the financial front, with $130 million! This is exactly why the upcoming sequel took more than seventeen years to get off to the ground.

Bad Boys For Life Cast: What to expect?

From what Bad Boys For Life Trailer indicates, we already know that Smith and Lawrence are going to be there in Bad Boys for Life. However, if you are excited to know about the additional casts and crews, then here are the details.

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Jacob Scipio is expected to play the role of the movie’s villain, better known as Armando Armas. He is described as the ‘cold-blooded killer’ with a taunting nature. You can also expect the London-born actor, Scipio to share the silver screen. If you’re a fan of Bob the Builder, you already heard his voice in several episodes! Recently, he also appeared in Hunter Killer! He also takes his acting in sci-fi films with The Stranger.

Additionally, you can expect Paola Nuñez who will play the role of Rite (the tough funny psychologist for criminals). She is Mike’s former girlfriend.

More to add, Joe Pantoliano, will be reprising the role as Captain Howard, as far as the sources ate concerned. Pantoliano has previously played the character of an irate overseer of Mike and Martin in Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. The veteran actor has even fielded an array of prominent movie roles including Memento, The Matrix, The Goonies, Daredevil, and even in The Sopranos. He recurred on Netflix’s Sense8 recently and appeared in Feast of the Seven Fishes!

Bad Boys For Life Trailer has been quiet enough to pore in the details of what fans can expect from the movie! As per speculations and so far, it can be stated that the dynamic between the cop partners will just remain in the original effect. Trigger-happy man, Mike and family man Marcus will be coming up next year in possibly the final sequel of Bad Boys. More news and anticipations are going to surface in the rumor mill. But we already know that the upcoming movie is going to see the lights of the day in 2020. Till then, you can keep an eye on the Internet for more news and rumors!

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