Bedroom Decor Ideas When You Share Your Room


You might find yourself in the position of having to share a bedroom with a partner, dorm mate, or even set up a shared bedroom for your children, at some point in your life. If you’re used to living alone and the thought of divvying up space makes you mildly anxious, fret no longer. 

Finding the right balance between making a shared bedroom a place of joint rest and comfort while still retaining your sense of individuality is far from impossible. Being deliberate in your room decor choices, picking the best mattress sizes for your space, and factoring in the opinion of the person you’ll be sharing this space with are all valuable steps towards a bedroom you can really get excited by. 

Here are our top tips when it comes to bedroom decor ideas for a room for two: 

Finding the best mattress sizes for your space

Comfort in the bedroom really begins with sleep. Investing in the best mattress or mattresses you can for both you and your roommate’s sleep can go a substantially long way in making the experience of sharing your bedroom a positive one. 

The best mattress sizes for your room will obviously depend on the actual space you have available, as well as the specific situation of your shared space.

If, for instance, you are sharing your space with a partner, a Queen size mattress will work well for a smaller size room. If you’re sharing a room with someone you won’t be sharing a bed with, Twin size mattresses will work equally well.  Limited space? Consider a bunk bed, so that you aren’t keeping things cramped.

Shared bedrooms for children

If you’re to figure out the best way to brainstorm bedroom decor ideas for your children’s room, then know that the trick is in symmetry. Making sure your children are set up to practice healthy habits when it comes to cohabitating can be really constructive as they grow older. 

Assign them individual spaces within their room. You can use bedroom furniture to help with this: individual nightstands, shelves, and study tables will help them both feel a sense of responsibility for their area within the room. 

Depending on the decor themes you may have in mind, you can also take different approaches for the wider aspects of decorating your children’s rooms. You may wish to color code separate spaces, or even separate sections off with dividers or curtains. 

Shared dorm rooms

Another situation you may find yourself splitting a bedroom because of is university. Sharing a dorm room can be really tricky, often because you’re working with the bare minimum when it comes to space, but you still require being able to maintain a sense of privacy. 

While it can be difficult, dorm rooms actually present a really fun creative challenge for those looking to make their space comfortable while still remaining true to their personalities. The best mattresses for dorm rooms tend to be Twin or Twin XL size, and they’re usually arranged on opposite sides of a room.

If you value privacy, working a foldable divider in your room can help with keeping your spaces separate when you’d like. While keeping your own personal spaces within your room is important for feeling some ownership over your bedroom, it is equally important finding some shared elements of bedroom decor to tie the space together.

This could be anything from a photo grid where you’re both able to hang up personal memories and notices or messages for each other, to a bedroom rug that can keep your room looking cozy and comfortable. 

Shared bedroom decor for couples

When it comes to sharing a home with your partner for the very first time, sharing a space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to having joint ideas about bedroom decor. While your partner may have a more minimalist approach to styling your space, you may have some more contemporary or modern ideas surrounding how you wish to go about things.

Finding an overlap in the styles of decor that resonate with you, and then pursuing pieces that work for both of you, will allow you to create a shared space that is really focused on comfort. Whether that finding the best mattress for the two of you to rest on, or more decorative elements of your bedroom such as thinking about things like rugs, lighting, and color schemes, brainstorm your ideas together and come up with a few keywords you’d want to hone in on when selecting your bedroom furniture. 

You do not need to give up your own individuality or comfort when sharing a bedroom with someone. It’s important to know that your bedroom decor can actually be a source of creative collaboration and turn your space into something that feels personal and cozy. With a little bit of thought and time, you can truly transform your bedroom into space where both you and your roommate can find peace and comfort.

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