Benefits of Walking With Weighted Vest To Avail A Full-Fledged Wellness!

benefits of walking with weighted vest

Walking has been looked upon highly as an exercise that engages every part of your body. Walking is something that you do every day and is a daily part of your life. However, when you engage your entire mind and body in the act of walking, it becomes something more than just putting one leg in front of the other. Walking can help keep your body and mind happy and make sure of your overall wellness. So, click on to know more benefits of walking with weighted vest in our article below! And guess what? You’ll know more and more about it that’ll definitely intruge you into availing this!

Benefits of Walking with Weighted Vest 

There are many perks of wearing a weighted vest. You might think that it is unusual to walk with a weighted vest, but it has been suggested by many doctors and fitness coaches alike. The benefits range from physiological to mental and it will completely change your life. Below we have given a few benefits of walking with a weighted vest. 

benefits of walking with weighted vest

1. Weight Loss

It might come off as a strange fact, but walking with a weighted vest can help you lose weight significantly. If you are taking your regular walk, but along with your body mass, you are carrying extra weight around, your body will burn off more calories to carry that extra weight around. Studies have shown that this type of weight loss is more sustainable than any weight loss diet. Pair this with regular cardio and occasional weight lifting at the gym and your weight will be maintained and the muscle-to-cat ratio in your body will also stay stable. 

2. Better Balance

If you are someone who regularly goes on a walk/run, you must have realized the importance of balance and core strength. Balance is the major factor in walking. To improve your balance, you can train your body with added weight. Your body is already used to carrying around your normal body weight. However, to train your body and improve your balance, fitness advisors say that a weighted vest can be used for that purpose. Your body will improve its balance carrying that extra weight around. 

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3. Increased Core Strength 

We all know that walking engages our core muscles and builds core strength. However, if you want to take the experience up a notch, walking with a weighted vest can transform your simple stroll into something that engages your heart, lungs, and core muscles. It turns into a workout for your crucial organs and muscles and improves your overall well-being. The extra weight that you’re carrying around also engages all the muscles in your body to work harder and give more energy to your body. 

4. Endurance Training 

Endurance training can be used to engage the muscles in your body that are not usually engaged when you are taking a regular walk. Using a weighted vest for endurance training is a good holistic workout. However, when it comes to endurance training, the amount of weight that you are carrying around matters a lot. If you have a history of back pain and muscle pulls it is better to start with low-intensity weights and gradually work your way up the weight scale. 

benefits of walking with weighted vest

5. Better Posture

Adding extra weight to yourself can help fix your posture. Sometimes we can get too comfortable in our body and hence, we slack off and our posture suffers. Sitting or walking in a bad posture can be comfortable for a short while but in the long run, it can be terrible and lead to long-term illnesses.  Doctors have recommended using weights for spine training and improving posture. But you must consult a professional before embarking on a weight training journey by yourself. 

6. Enhanced Speed

You might be surprised by this, but using a weighted vest for walking will gradually improve your speed. You might think that it’s not possible as extra weight or baggage only slows down the speed, but you’ll be surprised by the results. At first, you’ll find it difficult to walk with the weighted vest and realize that it takes more time to walk or do things. 

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7. Building Muscle

We have already discussed how using weighted vests to walk can engage your unused muscle groups. However, you can also use them to train your core muscles and build strength and endurance. 

8. Improved Mental Health

Walking has been known to improve mental health. Research has shown that it helps in regulating stress and anxiety, and even helps during depressive episodes. Walking, however, with a weighted vest kind of enhances the regular walking experience and pushes you towards reaching your maximum goal. It gives you a challenge. It also uplifts your mood and releases serotonin and dopamine to make you energetic and happy. 

Conclusive Insights 

We have come to the end of this blog. I hope this blog was insightful and informational. If you look at the benefits of walking with a weighted vest, you’ll find that it can improve your body and lifestyle in multiple ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s Section) 

1. Should you wear a weighted vest while walking? 

You should definitely wear a weighted vest while walking. Whatever your body goals are, a weighted vest does more than just keep your body in check. It is great for the overall improvement of your body. 

2. Can you build muscle walking with a weighted vest?

Weighted vests are definitely used for training and building muscles. If you pair this with good cardio and weightlifting, your muscles will definitely show up. 

3. Do you burn more calories walking with a weighted vest? 

Yes, you burn more calories while walking with a weighted vest. Your body is expending more energy in carrying that extra weight around, hence, you burn more calories and build muscle mass. 

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