Best Books to Read During Quarantine

Best Books to Read During Quarantine

So, here we go: quarantine, self-isolation, and plenty of time to ourselves. The question is how to spend it wisely without becoming a complete couch-potato or Snapchat addict. Well, reading some good literature is one of the examples of how not to get completely crazy and remain sharp, and we’re going to leave you with the novel list that might resonate or take you away from the COVID-2019 situation. Let’s go.

‘Love in the Times of Cholera’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

If not for the plot, then for the title that gets wordplayed everywhere a lot recently. This is one of Marquez’s masterpieces and a true treasure of world literature. The plot revolves around once-lovers (Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza), who were forced to get separated due to the “class differences” their families had. Each of them went with their own lives, but the feelings they once had sparkled again years and years after. As all those family and love affairs happen on the background of a cholera outbreak in the country and granting the fact that the couple was exchanging telegrams and letters for a while without seeing each other, it reminds a bit the situation we have now. The real question is who’ll be that Urbino who’ll work his ass to stop our cholera. 

‘The Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding

A great read from the British writer W. Golding that many readers adore for its implicit way of showing the state of affairs the society has when left to organize itself for its own salvation. This allegorical novel tells a story of a group of boys who survived the plane crash and happened to live on the uninhabited island until they attract the attention of ships or planes passing by. This is where the problem started as they try to create the social hierarchy and decide who’ll rule their society where all the previously accepted norms were. This is the reason why Lord of the Flies argumentative essay is a favorite task the literature professors like giving the students as there is no unanimous viewpoint that can be absolutely right or absolutely wrong. And while you’re in the quarantine, you might want to read all those essay examples that will help you to make your mind and express your ideas concerning the problematic. 

The Lord of the Flies

‘Jazz’ by Toni Morrisson

This is the time to learn more about the African-American culture and learn in right. The Nobel Prize winner, cultural activist, and simply one of the most remarkable writers will guide you in what it was like to be in Harlem during the 20s of the previous century and hearing echoes from the 19th century American South. As the title suggests, it revolves around the music genre called jazz and the writing style channels it to the fullest with the “call-and-response”, “soloing”, and samples mixing. ‘Jazz’ is the second part of the trilogy on African-American history (‘Beloved’ and ‘Paradise’ being the first and third, respectively) and it revolves around all the issues of what being a Black man/woman meant through the centuries in the USA. ( Here you have the race issues, family matters, social biases, Harlem Renaissance, and cultural influence for the Black communities and artists on what would become an American culture, and much more.

‘Acid for the Children’ by Flea

Memoirs are fun to read if they are well-written and tells about the remarkable life the author did, and believe us, Flea did have his moments that will expand your boundaries of what you think possible, funny, embarrassing, or creative. This first part of his memoir tells about what happened in his life before Red Hot Chili Peppers became Red Hot Chili Peppers. His moving from Australia, meeting Anthony Kiedis, getting high and caught by the police for shoplifting, but most importantly – how he got into the music. You might have known him as a badass bassist, but after you read it you’ll know he was and still is into playing trumpet as well as poetry and writing. Oh, by the way, he’ll name a lof of samples you better find on Spotify as that will be some mind-blowing music and gives a list of the albums, books, movies and TV shows that have influenced him a lot. See if you’ve read/watched some of those, and if not – well, you’ve got plenty of free time. 

Acid for the Children

‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe

If you think your life’s falling to pieces, you know nothing about how wrong it could go, especially if you’re a former wrestler champion, trying to outlive the infamous shadow of your father, maintain the good image and remain respected in the village among people who know your story and the past. Whether you’re going to write an essay on Things Fall Apart or just need some epic read to make your eyes widen one page at a time, this is the book to consider. This is where the cultural gender roles will make you sick, especially taking into consideration what a man can be capable of just to not be seemed very soft or feminine. This is where you’ll find how Christianity was viewed by the tribals who were worshiping different gods, how the arrival of the Western culture has changed the lives of those who used to the native, local one. And, of course, there is a human condition amidst all that, and it can absolutely drive more essay examples than you might think. 

Staying home in the times of quarantine shouldn’t be boring, and with all the books and texts you have now, it is a sin not to spend some hours on a great story between the self-care and social media routine. Many libraries are offering free access during this time, which is a great opportunity to save up and smart up. After all, you will need to start writing an essay soon, so why not get ready properly?

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