Better Workflow Management And Reduced Turnaround Time Through HDR Media

Better Workflow Management And Reduced Turnaround Time Through HDR Media

This is the age of advanced consumerism, where the choices made by an individual are governed by many new factors. To gain competitive advantage, organizations need to think out of the box solutions, when it comes to capturing and understanding of consumer preferences. They should be able to pin point the revealed preference of the market, and in the process align their product accordingly. The need of the hour is smart content transmitted through many forms according to the market segment. Also there is great need for high level broadcast-grade service, which enables enhanced consumer experience, with added flexibility of viewing. Businesses around the world aim to deliver highest quality video content to its consumer, which makes it easier for them to demonstrate their product service in detail.

Consumer Experience And Flexibility – Indispensible For HDR Media

To add to customer delight and create a lasting relationship, there has been breakthrough in the domain of HRD (high dynamic range video) media, selective storage, and constant video quality production. HRD video is a video which has dynamic range greater than SRD (standard dynamic range video). Dynamic range or DR is the ratio between the highest and the smallest value, which a quantity can assume. Audio or video which are electronically produced, are processed into a narrower dynamic range, known as dynamic range compression, so that it can be stored and reproduced with highest quality. Then again it is beneficial to specially configure the cloud platform, to carry out dedicated broadcast services. Installation and setting up of broadcast configured cloud platform, with its increased storage and network capabilities, will ensure high bandwidth intensive media, where it is intended for usage.

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There are some key characteristics of HDR video, which are deeper blacks and brighter white along with 10 bit color depth. HDR video also has wide color gamut for better viewing experience. Therefore, it is very important to produce HRD video for media, so that the consumer experience is taken to the next level. Since any business ecosystem is centered on people, nurturing their buying emotions are very important for any organizations. There has been a total shift in the consumption pattern, which is largely governed by the expectations created by the curated media content. Alongside this, their choices are also governed by experiences on screen of their device, where they want the best audio/video quality. This is where HRD media comes into play, with its crystal clear resolution and Dolby sound effect to create a lasting impression of the product.

However, organization should keep in mind the additional preferences of the consumers, when it comes to payment methods and advertisements associated with the product. There are several ways in which the content producers can woo their customers. It then boils down to predefined workflows, in the real world with special requirements on the time and device shift capabilities, quality of the media and its latency. Now these workflows are known to be playground for many content producers. Based on their business capabilities, an organization can be found to dwell in one or more of these workflows to create world-class content. Reaching consumer expectations in terms of content, requires more than one latest solutions, which are efficient to deploy and upgradable with time. (cymbalta) Then again organizations are in the lookout for applications which plays high quality video from raw files, to any device or screens, as per consumer demand. Better workflow management and automation process will add to customer satisfaction, along with superior transcoding and delivery.

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Better Workflow Management And Reduced Turnaround Time Through HDR Media

The Need For A Good Technology Partner

Amidst all this, organizations need to create association with a technology partner, who would be able to understand its need deeply. The need of the hour is a partner who would conduct a detail system requirement study, in terms of HDR media content and sustainability of the project. They should be able to come up with solutions which are readily implementable and scalable. No matter what the solution is, it should be kept in mind that the content should move towards consumer, so that they can make their informed choices. In today’s dynamic market few content providers are targeting consumers directly with their offerings, which includes efficient processing and crystal clear picture quality delivered to all types of screens and resolutions.

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