Big daddy casino- getting into the world of entertainment

Big daddy casino

Everyone loves to enjoy casino games once in their lifetime, even though they are not avid or professional gamblers. Moreover, the experience of a casino is different. It takes people to a new world. Therefore, if you want to experience a world-class casino like in Las Vegas, you do not have to fly to the US anymore. Well, the offshore casino is built in Goa with the name, big daddy casino.

The infrastructure of big daddy casino

The casino is 72 meters long and 24-meter in its width on the Panamanian Vessel and is owned by Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited. Moreover, there are around 110 tables in 50,000 square feet and are across three decks. Also, the interior of the casino is lavish, and you can find luxury in every inch of it. The casino is unbeatable to what you see in Las Vegas. Ultimately, the ambiance of the casino will never let you step out.

It is ideal for both the amateur and professional gamblers to try out their luck and win the jackpot. Plus, the hospitality services are offered 24/7. Besides, you can have a breathtaking view of the city from the River Mandovi, and many boats would ferry around this casino.

The great ship has around 900 different gaming positions and automated machines. Moreover, there is a sundeck which is spread across 1700 square meters. The gaming area is enormous. Also, there are restaurants serving different cuisines, live bars, live bands, and many entertainment options. 

How to go to Big Daddy casino?

If you want to go to Big daddy casino in Goa, you have to get into the ferry that takes you to the Panjim airport. Besides, there is a unique area where you can enjoy gambling privately. However, you have to book these suits in advance.

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Redefine rules

The casino has brought a sea of changes in the gaming industry. Now, there are new rules that are set and are as per the casino standards. Moreover, the place is not just for gaming, but also entertainment that is given by the dancers and performances from different locations across the globe. The celebrations would touch the sky every day with special appearances made by celebrities.


The Big Daddy casino is in Captain of Ports Jetty, Panjim, India.


The Big Daddy Casino will run for 24 hours and will remain open every day.

Similar to Las Vegas Casino

You can now witness the glamor and glitz of casinos as in Las Vegas in Goa. Plus, the Big Daddy has become a one-stop destination in Goa for entertainment. People traveling to Goa to enjoy the sandy beaches, water sports, or shopping should now make a note to visit Big Daddy casino. Therefore, it is the best destination to be seen even by foreign tourists.

The casino garners the gamblers’ attention from across the globe with its most popular big daddy casino online games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and many more unique casino games. Above all, it is the entertainment spot, and at the same time, you can earn a whopping amount of money, if lady luck favors.

You can have the best gaming experience. Today, it stands as the best and hottest gaming and entertainment destination in India. Therefore, it is the right place for people who want to win big. 

Different levels in the casino

It is the care-of address for entertainment for domestic and global tourists. Moreover, the offshore casino attracts frequent and first-time travelers to Goa.

There are five levels you can find in this offshore casino.

Level 1

Premium gaming

If you want to enjoy a wide range of casino games, then you have landed at level 1 directly. It is the place for many classic games. When you see the floor, it has many machines where people would be betting on different games. Moreover, it is exciting and gives limitless fun. You can try the hand on big daddy casinos online games such as spinning a wheel, blackjack, or roulette. Ultimately, if not, you can try out electronic gaming machines.

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Gift shop

The visit to the casino is not complete without looking at the gifts in the gift shop.

Level 2

Games that are played with high stakes and card rooms

People love to play poker and Teen Patti on the tables with high stakes. Moreover, there is a dedicated room for these games where you can enjoy the thrill of playing the jackpot and big leagues. You can go and sit on any table to try your hand.


There is an ecstatic vibe that you get when you sit in the lounge. Moreover, the interior and themed ambiance is a treat to the . Besides, the craftsmanship pays attention to every minute detail in the casino while crafting it.

Level 3

VIP Gaming
Entry is given only through invites.

Level 3 is for the class people where there are superior rooms to enjoy casino games. Moreover, there is also a particular area that makes special guests happy.

Luxurious gaming floor 

The elite guests who visit the casino can enjoy different casino games to their hearts out on the spacious gaming floor. Moreover, the interior is rich, and the ambiance is lavish. It is a real pleasure to enjoy the games in Level 3.

Premium rooms

Some rooms have stylish design with diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts of the cards. It is the private space for the people who may like to enjoy casino gaming in private.

Level 4

Dinner and Bar

Aish-O-Rum is the lavish restaurant cum bar that is famous for its style, luxury, and world-class service. You can enjoy different types of cuisines in this dining space and also drink with friends. You can find local to unique cuisines that make your journey a memorable one.

Level 5

Open Air deck

You can enjoy the natural view of the city from here. The river beauty and landscape of Panaji is a visual treat for guests.


Big Daddy Casino is the name that has become vociferous amongst the gamblers. It is the most significant offshore gaming destination in Asia. The unique part of this casino is that it is in amidst water and a floating casino. It is the biggest one on the Mandovi River. 

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