10 Essentials for the Throwing the Ultimate Party on a Boat

party on a boat

Who doesn’t love a party, especially a party on a boat? Club parties grow stale within a few visits. This is because you only see the same scenes, dance, waitresses, and procedures.

However, a boat party is one of the most exciting perks of having a watercraft of your own.

To ensure that you have the best party on a boat, here are some essentials that you need.

1. Guest List

A party can’t be a party if you’re the only one there. The first thing you should do before throwing a party on a boat is making a guest list. Mix and match as many guests as possible to create a unique and fun environment for everyone aboard.

Invite your friends, family, old classmates, and coworkers. With a list, you can choose the boat’s size, the amount of food and drinks, and the seating.

2. The Right Type of Boat

There are five types of boats you can use for a boat party:

  • Pontoon
  • Center console
  • Dual console
  • Deck boat
  • Deck with cabin

A pontoon boat has aluminum tubes supporting the flat board platform. With the shallow drafts, the boat will feel extremely steady. The center console boat has the helm at the center of the boat.

The center console boat is great for walking around while fishing. Dual console boats have two consoles and two windshields. It allows you to access the different features of the boat in one panel.

Deck boats are great for activities like swimming and water sports. It has plenty of space for the full seating of guests. In contrast, the deck on a cabin boat is great for small seating with available storage.

3. Select a Party Theme

Start by working around a theme to make the party more enjoyable. It’s also the best way to make a great impression. Go for something based on the occasion, such as a boat birthday party.

A nautical theme would be fitting for a party on a boat. The guests can dress with the theme encouraging them to be in their best outfits. Make sure to have one theme so your party won’t look disorganized or chaotic.

4. Boost the Music with Speakers

The music you play sets the tone for the whole party, so you have to get it right. Make sure to have a loudspeaker with at least 6,000 watts like these boat tower speakers.

Get your guests partying till they get tired to make it a memorable boat party.

5. Have a Variety of Food and Drinks

Try not to restrict your foods and drinks to one cuisine. Place some chips, salads, fruits, sauces, and more. Add in a lot of different foods like Mexican, Italian, and Asian food into one table.

You can hire chefs to create tasty and healthy menus. Make sure to also stock up on beverages for your bar. Bring in some martinis, bourbon, and wine.

You can also bring in some cooking materials so you can cook on the boat. Use a grill, blender, and coolers, and have a cooking party. It’s a great way to show your guests that you have freshly cooked food.

6. Add Some Entertainment

You don’t want to leave your guests bored and have them wanting to leave early. If you have a big budget, you can hire some people to help with entertainment. You can try hiring some dancers, DJs, and singers.

Try not to be so strict with your activities and go for a more flexible schedule. Incorporate plenty of games and activities where everyone can participate. This makes them more interactive and less likely to leave early.

Take advantage of going to the ocean and offer activities like tubing, fishing, and snorkeling. Make sure to consider the weather and time when thinking of activities and entertainment.

7. Get Safety Supplies

While partying, some guests might get sick with dizziness and seasickness. To ensure you and your guest’s safety, always have medications and first aid kits by your side. This includes life jackets, floatation devices, and whistles.

Before inviting guests over, check your deck and take necessary precautions. Add some lights around the boat to avoid people falling overboard. Have your guests wear shoes suitable for the boat to prevent slipping.

8. Go Crazy with Decor

Take note of the details you put around your boat. Start by designing your boat party with decorations that relate to your theme. Add some unique touches and personalization with tableware, glassware, uniform, and flowers.

Try embossing and engraving everything with a logo and design scheme. Surround the tables and area with scented candles with aesthetic lights. The more attractive the designs are, the more memorable it’ll be for the guests.

Put some flowers and ribbons on the tables. Try to stick to a color code like red and black or rainbow. Don’t forget that your seating arrangements can add to the design of the dinette.

9. Hire a Good Host

If you plan to host your party, you have to be at your best with energy and positive vibes. The host is the life of the party. (Valium) They will be responsible for greetings, planning, and adjusting.

Be open and affectionate to everyone joining your boat party. You have to attend to their needs every once in a while. If you don’t have the time to go to all the tables, try hiring someone to aid you as a host.

10. Put Some Lights

Most parties on a boat start when the sun goes down. Go creative with the lights and add some tiki torches. Add in some extra color by bringing in assorted fairy lights or glowsticks.

You can also add some battery-powered lanterns and lightbulbs. Put the lights on the tables, top of the boat, seats, and other places. Light up the boat, so it lessens the risk of guests getting hurt because an area looks dark.

Throw the Ultimate Party on a Boat

Planning for a party on a boat can take a lot of time and planning. Make sure to consider these essentials for your boat party. Host a memorable and exciting party for both you and your guests.

Of course, hosting the best party doesn’t end with these steps. For more tips to entertain your guests and run a smooth event, we invite you to continue reading our guides right here, today!

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