What does BRB Mean: BRB Full Form

what does brb mean

While using messengers on our phone, we use various texting words that only we texters and receivers can understand. For example, IKR means “I know, right.” and BRB is a similar kind of phrase. BRB is the abbreviated word of “Be right back” and using these types of words tends to save your time. There are some busy texters out there who will never complete a sentence and always use those abbreviated words. If you are new to this texting world, you might sometimes need to get used to their texting styles. “Be right back” is a polite way of saying that the person is busy and will text back when they are free. Since they are busy, they will go for short cuts to explain things to you. And when you don’t know the meaning of these SMS words, you will wonder what the other person is trying to explain.

Explanation of BRB

BRB is an internet slang, and BRB’s meaning is “Be right back,” which means the sender is busy right now and will be away from the keyboard for a while. That “while” can refer to a few minutes or even hours based on the person’s intention. The word is mostly seen in internet communication such as on Internet Relay Chat or instant messaging applications. People don’t use these types of terms in an email conversation as the person is sending real-time messages to the other persons. People mostly use the term as a form of politeness in case the other person gets surprised by the gap between their conversation. So, if you are nervous about why the other person is not replying straightaway while they usually do, you can find the meaning of those short words.

Many instant messaging platforms allow users to set their profile to “away” so that the people who are messaging get to know that they can’t reply straight away. Suppose, you are in the middle of a serious conversation, and you need to go and use the washroom, you can pause the conversation for a minute. Or suppose, you are chatting with a friend and your boyfriend messages, you can pause the conversation temporarily and text back to your boyfriend. Quickly say BRB to that friend and he will understand. It saves a lot of time for sure and does not require you to type the full message in a short time. However, these types of abbreviations only work in text messaging and not in any formal conversation.

People Can Use It

If you need it, you can use these types of abbreviations as long as they know what does brb stands for. When you are chatting with a friend, family member, or colleague, you can use these short terms. These short words being used by many people, including celebrities, but that is it. It is inappropriate to use it in an official or formal conversation. (www.pinnaclemontessori.com) Many people on social media and text messages use this term; however, none uses it on email or other formal conversation.

With that being said, you can use the term as long as you know what does brb mean in texting. There are similar other terms that people usually use while texting, let’s find them out too.

Similar Internet Slangs

There are so many similar internet slangs to brb that people use. Like “TTYL” which refers to Talk To You Later. If you encounter similar slangs like this, search their meanings if you don’t know already and expand your knowledge. So, when you say BRB or TTYL, you mean you are ending the chat now or all together (based on your intention). Hence, both of these terms are used in ending a conversation.

Examples of Conversation

Check out how we have portrayed a chat among two persons and the use of the two short terms:

Sam: How are you feeling today? Wanna catch up for dinner tonight?

Riya: Hey, sure! I would love to. What’s your timing?

Sam: We will be waiting at 7 pm sharp.

Riya: Cool. See you then.

Sam: Yeah, TTYL.

See? This is how it goes. And if you are wondering how people use BRB, let’s see another example of a conversation.

Lee: Tomorrow fresher party. You coming, right?

Jess: No, I think I will be absent tomorrow.

Lee: Oh, why, though?

Jess: Ugh, my mom requires to see the doctor, and I’m going with her. BRB.

Lee: Okay.

There can be other meanings of BRB; let’s find out. Not only BRB but abbreviations like TBT are also there to make your conversation more interesting.

What Does BRB Stands For: Other Meanings Of BRB

Check out other potential meanings of BRB:

  • Benefits Review Board
  • Big Red Button
  • Bath Room Break
  • Believe Really Believe
  • Be Ready B***h
  • Buckling Restrained Brace
  • Butts Remember Bouncing
  • Buns Running Backwards
  • Busy Rescuing Batman
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet

Only you will understand whether the person you are talking to, is referring BRB as one of these potential meanings or they are simply saying “be back later.” To understand it better, you can refer to the whole sentence or simply put an okay after the text. Let’s see where the other person is taking the conversation.

Other Ways to Say BRB

If you don’t like to use short terms much, you can find other ways to say BRB. If you know what does brb mean, then you can use one of the following sentences instead of BRB.

  • I will be back quickly
  • Be back quickly
  • Will be here in a second
  • I will be here as soon as possible (ASAP)
  • Will be back in a moment
  • Will be right here
  • I will be back in an instant
  • I will be here in a minute
  • I will get back to you after a while
  • Will come right back

Here are some examples of how people use these sentences:

  • Mom’s calling. I’ll be right back.
  • I heard the manager is going to be back soon.
  • Keep watching the match. I’ll be back in a minute.
  • Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back in a flash.
  • Someone is calling, I’ll return immediately.
  • Something came up, will be back soon.

Since you know what these words mean, you can use them in the right places. There are many other common texting abbreviations that we use while talking to friends. Some of them are slang words that not only applicable in texting but in real life as well. For example, when you use LOL most of the time in texting, you will find yourself uttering LOL in real-life conversations too. Don’t believe me? Well, try it. LoL means “Laughing Out Loud”, and while texting, many people will say it when you crack a joke.

But in real life, people will probably laugh at your joke. But I have met friends who speak “LOL” instead of actually laughing. BTW is also another abbreviation that means “By the Way.” When you are talking about something with the other person, you can switch the conversation to another topic simply by saying a “By the Way.” Not only while texting, but you can also do that in face to face conversations too.

Tell us in the comment box below if you know other brb meaning and what does brb stand for. Moreover, if you have any questions, don’t forget to ask.

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