Can Dogs Have Apricots: Is It Safe For Them To Consume?

Can Dogs Have Apricots

If you are a dog owner it will be known that pet dogs love eating fruits and yogurt as a sweet treat or dessert. And you should allow them to have it because they are natural, nutritious, and good for their health. But, many of us do not know that some fruits are not safe for our pet dogs and it is always applicable to check the names of fruit before feeding your furry ball. If your question is, can dogs eat apricots? Then this blog is just the right one for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the most awaited question, which is can dogs eat apricots? We are also going to discuss the various types of apricots that are safe for your furry pet. To learn more regarding ‘Can dogs eat apricots’, scroll down.

Can Dogs Eat Apricots?

The simplest answer to the question: Can dogs eat apricots? Is Yes!

Your pet dog can eat an apricot but in moderation. Also remember that when he is gulping down the apricots, he is not eating the stem or the stoned seed inside the fruit. The fresh and fleshy portion of the apricot is perfectly safe for your furry friends. Not only do the apricots act as their sweet treat, but also a powerhouse of vital vitamins and minerals. You can feed dogs apricots in different ways.

You can either mince them up into little pieces and serve them on top of yogurt as “Doggo ice cream.” Or, you can make a pulp out of it and serve it cold as “Doggo Slurpee.” When you are feeding a dog apricot, remember to remove the stoned seed or pit inside and then chop the apricots into bite-size pieces. Another thing you should keep in mind while feeding a dog apricot is, you must let them eat in moderation. This is because, one whole, fresh apricot contains:

  •   Calories: 17g
  •   Protein: less than 1g
  •   Fat: 0 grams
  •   Carbohydrates: 4g
  •   Fiber: 1g
  •   Sugar: 3g
  •   Cholesterol: 0 milligrams
  •   Sodium: 0 milligrams

So, apricots contain fiber and a lot of sugar, which when consumed in much quantity can increase the weight of your pet dog. Overeating apricots can also set up your dogs’ stomachs and they can get diarrhea. You should keep in mind to not feed them the stones inside the fruit otherwise that can cause some serious problems.

Can Dogs Have Apricots

Can dogs eat apricots that are desiccated or dried up?

Yes, dogs can eat dried and desiccated apricots since the hardened seed is already removed from them. Dried or desiccated apricots act as an instant snack as you can just give them straight from the packet itself. (Still, keep in mind to check for the stoned seed.)

Desiccated or dried apricots should be fed to your pup in small quantities because the nutrients are present in the dried fruits in very little and concentrated quantities as they are dried. These dried-up apricots are smaller in quantity, and hence your furry friend would unknowingly eat many of them, hence consume a lot of sugar, which is not good for their health.

Also, in most cases, these instant desiccated apricots have added sugar and flavonoids in them, so whenever you buy them from the market keep in mind to check the label to make sure that the desiccated apricots do not contain any additional sugars since added sugar or any other additives is not good for your dog.

Also, you should never feed your little fluffy buddy mixed dried fruits (which contain apricots), because dogs are allergic to certain fruits and seeds such as:

  •   Currants
  •   Raisins
  •   Sultanas, etc.
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These ingredients in the mix are highly toxic for your dog and they can cause serious allergic reactions. Also keep in mind, not to mix these dried or desiccated apricots with nuts such as macadamia nuts, because dogs are allergic to them as well.


Can Dogs Eat Apricots put in jams and jellies?

Apricot jams and jellies usually do not contain any other harmful ingredients that are toxic to your dog, but they have a high amount of concentrated sugar which is not healthy for your dog. Eating too much sugar can cause a ‘sugar rush’ in your pet dog and he may become hyperactive. If they regularly consume these jams and jellies, they may get overweight or develop diseases such as diabetes. You should keep in mind to avoid sugar-free jams because they contain a compound known as xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs, even in small amounts.


Can dogs eat apricots with yogurt?

Dogs can eat yogurt as well as apricots individually. But when it comes to packaged apricot yogurt, you must be a little more cautious. Check the label before buying the apricot yogurt to make sure that it does not contain any toxic compounds or any other artificial flavonoids. If the packaged apricot yogurt contains zero artificial flavonoids and toxic elements, and it is flavored with real fruit pulp or juice, then it is safe for your dog to consume. It is better if you offer fresh apricots or dried apricots to a dog than packaged apricot yogurt as a snack. You can also make a special DIY doggo yogurt for your little pet.  

Ingredients used:

  •   Freshly diced apricots
  •   Homemade yogurt


It is a simple one. Cut the apricots into tiny pieces and add them to a bowl of yogurt. Mix it well. Your DIY doggo yogurt is ready for your dog! I am sure that your dog is going to love this recipe and ask for more.

Can Dogs Have Apricots

Are apricots unhealthy for dogs?

In short, apricots are not unhealthy for dogs and they can feed apricots in moderate amounts. You must remember that moderation is the key. If your dog eats too much apricot in a single day, it may cause him vomiting, or in the worst scenario, diarrhea. This is because one serving of apricot contains at least one gram of fiber and three grams of sugar. If your dog consumes apricots regularly, it may cause him to get overweight and may cause him diabetes as well. But do not worry much, if once by accident they eat too much apricots, it is nothing to be worried of as such. The main problem is the pit or stone inside the apricot, which dogs should avoid at any cost.

You may not know, but these pits or stones contain a compound known as cyanide, which is lethal for your dog. When the dog tries to chew the pit, it breaks up and a poison is released which gets absorbed in the dog’s body. If the dog is of Chihuahua breed, then a single pit or stone is enough to put his or her life at risk, since they are so small. For larger dogs, chewing into one seed of the apricot would make them go unwell for a few days. So, for the best, it is better to avoid the stone or the pit of the apricots to avoid risks and prevent illness.

The hardened pits or stones can also act as a choking hazard when gulped inside the mouth, which may then cause intestinal blockage. Overall, apricot pits or stones must be avoided at any cost for your dogs, because they provide nothing nutritious, they just bring in trouble!


Are Apricots Really Poisonous to Dogs?

Evidently speaking, apricot fresh is not at all poisonous to dogs they are nutritious. Hence, it is completely safe to feed the flesh of apricots to dogs. When it comes to the stony seed, we must be careful. As you already know, the seed of apricots contains a toxic element known as cyanide, and it when consumed by dogs can cause them death.

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Apricots belong to the “Prunus” family of plants which contains other fruits such as plums, nectarines, cherries, and peaches. All these fruits are edible and safe for a dog, but these plants are very poisonous for them. If you have an apricot tree and a pet dog, be cautious and do not let your little friend get near that tree. This is because dogs are innocent creatures and unknowingly, they may chew into stems, stones, or leaves along with the fruit.

If this happens, the dogs can get poisoned or suffer from intestinal blockage. If the apricot has fallen from the tree for a long time, then it might get fermented, and it when consumed by the dog can make him intoxicated. Moreover, if by any chance your dog consumed a whole apricot (including the seed), try to contact your vet as soon as possible. Also, try to monitor him for signs of sickness.


Are Apricots Good for Dogs?

Apricots are tiny fruits or berries, and one apricot will not provide the bulk of calories. The skin of the apricot contains a lot of fibers which will help your pet dog’s digestion in top condition. Apricots are practically healthy and nutritious because they contains:

  • Vitamin A- one of the most vital vitamins, will help to keep your dog’s eyes healthy.
  • Vitamin E- this vitamin is important since it helps to perform various cell functions and metabolism of fats.
  • Vitamin C- it supports the immune system of your little buddy, your pet dog.

Apricots also contain other antioxidants such as beta-carotene. Beta carotene prevents oxidative damage to your pet dog’s cells, which leads to slowing down of aging process. Beta carotene can also be turned into vitamin A inside the puppy’s body and provide him good benefits.

Can Dogs Have Apricots

How many apricots can a dog eat?

Well, there is no rule about how many apricots a dog can eat since the amount that they can safely eat will vary depending on their size. A bigger breed can eat a whole apricot in a day. All you must do is, remove the pit and then cut the apricot into small pieces for your pet to consume. If you have a little dog, keep in mind that he or she does not have more than half an apricot per day. Again, remember to remove the pit of the apricot before serving it to your pet.

Well for pets, there is a 10% rule that you can follow. All you must do is, serve him or her no more than 10% of the recommended daily calories. That means, 90% of their calorie intake should be from the daily balanced meals.


Conclusive Insights

So, the answer to the most discussed question: Can dogs eat apricots YES! Apricots are safe to be consumed by dogs, but remember to remove the pit or stone before feeding it to them. Even dried apricots are good enough to be served to them just check the labels to avoid any extra sugar or artificial flavonoids.

Apricots can make a yummy and nutritious treat for your little puppy. Apricots provide a boost of vitamins and antioxidants as well. Other natural and nutritious fruits that dogs can eat without any hesitation include apples, cantaloupes, cranberries, mangoes, peaches, pears, and raspberries as well. Just make sure to remove the seeds and cut the fruit into small pieces so that your little friend does not get choked. I hope you found the blog applicable to the search that you made.

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