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Water is one among the world’s most valuable commodities. Presently more than 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water and the experts have predicted that by 2025 around two-third of the world population may experience severe water scarcity. Water scarcity can be defined as the lack of sufficient water resources to meet the demands within a region.

Water scarcity is driven by two converging situations:

  1. Growing freshwater use
  2. Depletion of usable freshwater resources.

As a community, it is essential to accept the fact that access to clean water is a basic human right and an opportunity. Thankfully, development is underway for many new technologies to address the world’s complex issues. The Water Technology sector provides top-quality water. It reduces the amount of stress on the living environment as much as possible.

The market for Water Technology is large and it offers many opportunities for local and integrated solutions for the supply of water and technology for the use and reuse of freshwater.

*Discussed below are few water technologies that could save the planet:

  1. Nanotechnology in filtration: According to WHO more than 1 million people die each year from diarrhoeal diseases due to lack of safe drinking. So researchers have discovered a solution to this issue using nanotechnology.
  2. Membrane Chemistry: membranes are barriers that allow water to pass through but stop unwanted substances from passing through them and are integral to modern water treatment processing. It filters out salts, impurities, viruses, and other particles from water.
  3. Saline water desalination: we humans cannot drink saline water but this water can be made into freshwater for which there are many uses and this process is known as desalination. This technology is being used by more and more around the world to provide people with needed freshwater.
  4. Intelligent Irrigation: The farming industry consumes 70% of the world’s freshwater.This project helps the farmers to irrigate the farmland efficiently with an automated irrigation system based on soil moisture.
  5. Wastewater processing: Engineering still has its place but many people living in urban and advanced economies still do not have their sewage suitably treated and is often discharged into rivers or used as irrigation waters. New water technologies promise to transfer wastewater into a resource for energy generation and a source of drinking water.
  6. Mobile recycling facilities: The global hydraulic fracking industry’s boom has resulted in an unexpected demand for extremely mobile water treatment facilities.Investment has been channeled into reverse osmosis units that allow companies to treat high volumes of water to extract gas and inject it into the subsurface.
  7. Hydroxon: Hydroxon is a technology based on the oxidation of biological processes within the human body. It decontaminates and disinfects water while using less energy and fewer chemicals than conventional water treatment systems, which often depend on energy-intensive UV light, ozone injection and membrane filtration, or the use of chlorine.

It is a decentralized solution that is molecular and scalable. The plant can be containerized making it relevant for the provision of potable water in remote and regional communities and

also repurposing wastewater.

Water is the basic resort for guaranteeing the life of all living beings on the planet. Access to water, hygiene and sanitation is a fundamental right. And therefore water technology or water treatment technology is increasingly necessary to tackle drinking water shortages and the growing needs of the global population. We need to stand together and act now to protect this precious resource,

#Together we can change the world!

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