Can You Smoke Lavender: What Are The Pros & Cons For Your Health?

Can You Smoke Lavender

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression you need to find something for yourself that is going to be beneficial for you. Sometimes, you may find difficulty in sleeping, often termed insomnia, which may hamper your daily life and work. What you can do is that- you can smoke lavender. A study was performed and it was found that people who smoked lavender had reduced anxiety and stress. The reports also concluded that people smoking lavender would get improved and sound sleep too. We know you have questions regarding whether can you smoke lavender. The answer is YES! Lavender is a type of herb that is very beneficial. 

There are many herbs that are mixed with cannabis and used for smoking. For that, we need to dry up the drugs and then ground them to smoke. You can also roll them up and make them into joints and smoke them as cigarettes. Or you can put them in vapes or pipes. These kinds of smokable drugs has a variety of effects and side effects. They also have a ton of benefits and disadvantages as well. Let us know about smoking lavender in detail.  

What Is Lavender?

First, we should know about lavender. What is lavender? Lavender is a little shrub plant that is closely related to the mint plant. Lavender is a part of Lamiaceae family. Its scientific name is Lavandula. There are various other species of lavender such as Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula latifolia, and Lavandula officinalis.

Lavender has a pleasant aroma hence it is used in aroma therapy. This pleasant scent of lavender welcomes relaxation and happiness. Lavender oil is rich in linalool, coumarins, and borneol which have therapeutic properties as well as an aromatic scent. Lavender oil is termed an essential oil because it stimulates hair growth and other benefits. Also, lavender is used as a skin toner as it contains terpenes or essential oils. Lavender can be used as a mouth freshener too. It is a natural tranquilizer and helps prevent the growth of termites in damp and dull rooms. Lavender oil also relieves us from insect bites.

Can You Smoke Lavender

How Can You Smoke Lavender?

Lavender is smoked after it is combined with other drugs or cannabis. Usually, it is blended with damiana, cannabis, or chamomiles.

  1. To make a joint with lavender and cannabis, you need to buy dried lavender from the store. If you do not get dried lavender, you must dry and then grind the lavender herb extracts.
  2. Then you have to mix the dried lavender with dried cannabis.
  3. Now you neatly roll them up together.
  4. Plant these rolled mixes of lavender and cannabis into cigarettes.
  5. You can now light them up and smoke them.
  6. Smoking a blend of cannabis and lavender has a strong muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effect. You are going to feel relaxing and drowsy after smoking this joint.
  7. While making the roll of blended dried herbs, keep in mind to put the lavender at first and then put then cannabis. In this way, you can get the health profits of lavender sooner.
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The aftertaste of smoking lavender is strongly sweet and aromatic. Both your mouth and mind are going to feel pristine like fresh lavender flowersCan You Smoke Lavender

Some Other Ways in Which You Can Smoke Lavender

1. Relaxing Blend

This specific kind of joint is made by blending rose petals, blue lotus, Chamomile, and Damiana along with lavender. The procedure is the same as above. You need to dry and grind all the herbs that are mentioned earlier and then roll them into a joint. After that, you must plant them into cigarettes to smoke. This joint will especially help you cope with your anxiety and make you tranquil.

2. Sound Sleep Blend

This definite blend aids you in getting a good and sound sleep. For making this joint, you need some Damiana, Mug wort, rose petals, and red raspberry leaves. The technique is the same- you have to dry and blend the leaves before using them.

3. Uplifting of Soul Blend

This kind of joint assists you in getting relieved of stress. All you have to do is get some dried lavender, marshmallow extracts, red raspberry leaves, skullcap, spearmint, and yarrow flowers and arrange them. Then roll them up and insert them inside a cigarette. Smoke away your stress.You should always keep in mind that all the herbs cannot be dried and smoked. There are only some specific herbs and specific formulas to make them. Always follow the guide to stay safe and away from trouble.

Can You Smoke Lavender

 Benefits Of Smoking Lavender

You can smoke lavender to get numerous benefits. The biggest advantage is that smoking lavender helps you to overcome anxiety and stress, not only in adults but also in children. Hence it can be said that lavender is an anti-anxiety smokable drug. A study was performed on mice and there they were injected with linalool. It was found that linalool was able to induce anti-anxiety effects in mice. Linalool is present in lavender. The other benefits of smoking lavender include:

  1.   Tobacco causes nicotine but lavender does not. Hence it is preferred over smoking tobacco. Also smoking tobacco can be very addictive, but lavender does not have such addictive traits.
  2.   Lavender does not contain other toxic compounds such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that are present in other cannabis, which simply means you will not become euphoric even after smoking it.
  3.   Lavender is used in aroma therapy as mentioned above. Smoking lavender helps you with some very beneficial therapeutic reimbursements. When inhaled it relieves you from stress, anxiety, and headaches and makes you full of energy.
  4.   Smoking lavender decreases your blood pressure and heart rate which eventually helps you to relax.
  5.   Another benefit of inhaling lavender is that lavender smoke acts as a sedative. In turn, sedatives help to relax your muscles and aids to get a good sleep.
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Health Risks Associated with Smoking Lavender

  •   Smoking lavender in front of infants will cause great harm to their health. First things first, smoking will cause damage to the lungs of toddlers and growing children. It may also cause infant death syndrome in babies.
  •   On smoking lavender, you get exposed to smoke and other carcinogens. Carcinogens are very harmful to your lungs and they may damage your lungs to a great extent.
  •   Smoking lavender may cause lung problems such as bronchitis or infections like ear infections, etc.
  •   Studies have shown that people who inhale lavender smoke have a higher risk of asthma attacks.
  •   If you smoke in front of your pet animals such as cats or dogs, they can get prone to cancer which is fatal.
  •    The most important thing you should keep in mind is that, during pregnancy, you should not smoke or inhale any smoke, be it lavender or nicotine. Inhaling smoke while pregnant can harm the fetus as well.

Conclusive Insights

I would like to conclude by saying that even herbs like lavender or chamomile are not safe for smoking. Also, you should acknowledge that there is not much scientific evidence that proves that smoking lavender is good for health. We can say that smoking herbal products is always better than smoking or chewing tobacco. At the end of the day, YES, you can smoke lavender- but not at the cost of your health. Keep in mind not to overdo smoking and do not try to get addicted to smoking because that is quite alarming for your life. You can use lavender leaves in other ways as well. For example, you can diffuse dried lavender leaves into hot water and drink it as tea. This is equally beneficial as smoking lavender.

Always consult with a doctor and follow the instructions if you do not want to cause any damage with your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a) What are the side effects of smoking lavender?

Ans) Nausea, vomiting and chills.

b) Is it safe to inhale lavender?

Ans) Possibly almost safe if not inhaled in great amounts.

c) What does lavender smell like?

Ans) Lavender is a sweet-smelling flower that has a woodsy fragrance.

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