Learn More About Cannabinoids In Cannabis

Cannabinoids In Cannabis

The cannabis plant is where marijuana comes from, but it also produces hundreds of other compounds that are non-psychoactive, unlike the weed. These other compounds are called cannabinoids, and they are present in different plant varieties such as hemp as well.

As of the moment, it can be challenging to figure out the exact numbers of compounds. Dozens of them were tagged and identified and you can read more about them on this post here to get more info.But most researchers think that there are over a hundred of other cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant.

Many of the compounds present in the plant are very low in quantities, and they don’t have too much effect on the human body. However, two compounds such as CBD and THC are known to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, thus their effects can be felt within minutes of using products incorporated with this two.

Major Cannabinoid Acids

The plant does not directly make specific compounds. Instead, it first undergoes a synthesis on the cannabinoid acids. These acids should be decarboxylated by heat before they become compounds. Other acids that are produced in the process of activation are the following:

  • CBCA
  • CBGA
  • THCA

Two of the most abundant compounds in the strains are the infamous CBDA and THCA. You can know more about THCA here: https://www.science.gov/topicpages/t/tetrahydrocannabinolic+acid+thca. Others are there, but they are present at much lower levels. The “A” at the end of each letter means acids, and there are others with shorter chemical structures with modified names such as CBGVA.

When taken orally, the cannabinoids don’t produce intoxicating effects. The only known compound that is abundant in cannabis is THC, and this can produce an addictive high that many of its users are craving for.

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The rate in which THC can affect its use is dependent on its dose. For example, if a product has a THC, but it only contains less than 0.3% of the compound, the other ingredients can easily overpower the effects which make the users get the benefits of marijuana without getting stoned.

This is the case with full-spectrum products where THC content is below 0.3%, but there are other phytochemicals found in the plants such as terpenes, essential oils, CBD, and trace cannabinoids. All of these create a certain entourage effect where the ingredients amplify each other’s features.

Why are Cannabinoids Important?

Today, over 113 cannabinoids are present in the plant, and they are all critical to the human body. This is because these substances can interact with the body’s ECS, which consists of neurotransmitters that are connected to the brain, immune system, and the peripheral nervous system.

The ECS can control a wide range of human responses such as pain perception, memory, mood regulation, pain perception, immune responses, and a lot more. Researchers have found evidence that you can decrease your anxiety, stress, and even back pain when you take a tincture of CBD for a period of time.

Each compound will have a unique relationship with the ECS so they will trigger different responses. In THC, they attach themselves directly to the receptors, and they can directly affect the cognitive thinking of the user. On the other hand, CBD cannabinoids are not intoxicating at all, and they don’t have any psychoactive effects. Instead, they deliver a range of therapeutic benefits to the users by targeting a different route in the endocannabinoid system.

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Lower doses are considered to stimulate the users mildly. The good news is that even one is used to a higher dosage; they don’t have any adverse side effects to the people or animals that are getting the tinctures every day. The maximum dose of CBD will only have a mild soothing effect on the users, and there is no known reported incidence of overdose.

How the Cannabinoids are Extracted

Cannabinoids In Cannabis

Most of the ingredients and extracts found in a CBD bottle are known to come from the CO2 extraction method. During this time, the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are dissolved in oil and stripped from the plant.

Depending on the strain and the process, some products may have a ratio of 1:1. This can happen on a selectively bred strain that is used to cure various diseases. There are different cannabis spectrums that you need to know to determine which product will be good for you. You can know more about them on other websites and forums on the internet.

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