Car vs The World’s Strongest Trampoline: Who Will Win?

car vs trampoline

At the beginning of the video, a Youtuber is seen screaming his lungs out as he declares to the entire world (no one’s listening except for its friends and the viewers), that he is conducting the “car vs. trampoline” experiment and immediately untied the vehicle. While he kept falling, the people on the ground were going “Oh My God”, as the vehicle was about to hit the trampoline. However, why was even Mark throwing a car over a trampoline, anyway? What was he trying to gain out of it? The video paused for a minute and YouTuber Mark Rober started explaining the reasons for his actions.

The detailed story

car vs trampoline

He started by introducing the car that came flying from the sky, and the trampoline that was strong enough to bounce the car or technically a boat as well. Mark further went on explaining that he and his team will conduct several experiments by dropping many kinds of stuff on a steel trampoline that weighs 2 tons. (Diazepam) The mat of the trampoline is made out of Kevlar and it is being held by 144 garage doors springs.

He also said told his viewers to have a clear understanding of how they even reach this whole point, which enabled him to conduct the car vs. trampoline experiment out of the blue. To know all about it, he took the viewers 6 months into the past, when the gentlemen or guys from the YouTube channel “How Ridiculous” issued the challenge.

In the video posted by the guys of How Ridiculous, one of them was seen telling the other individual that they need someone to help them engineer an epic trampoline. This particular trampoline should be designed to handle almost anything big and mentioned Mark Rober. They thought of conducting the car vs. trampoline challenge along with Mark Robar, and that’s where all the craziness started.

On the other, Mark said that despite the guys from How Ridiculous have a funny accent, they also perform many crazy things, which usually have to do with gravity in one form or the other. The contents they create are always mind-blowing, for which Mark told his viewers to subscribe to their channel if they didn’t. However, many of the people on YouTube thought that the car vs. trampoline was a worthy challenge, which includes Mark as well.

The making of the trampoline

car vs trampoline

Since Mark thought that the car vs. trampoline was a challenge worth taking, he immediately got in touch with his friend Josh. He and Josh sat down together and brainstormed some of the ideas, then did some math, designed a CAD, and ran it through dynamic analysis. After that, both of them settled down on design and sent off the building plans to one friend of the guys from How Ridiculous, who lives near the tower. So, the final piece of the puzzle was to walk to Australia, meet with the boys from How Ridiculous and check in on the design of the trampoline.

Mark checked out the trampoline which will be used for the car vs trampoline challenge. The trampoline was getting built and the mat which is made of Kevlar was also checked. Kevlar is also used for making bulletproof vests, and it’s so tough that the only thing that can cut it through the right shape is an angle grinder. The garage door springs, which were 450 pounds per piece, and they had 144 of them in total. So, the process of creating the trampoline took place as both the guys from How Ridiculous and Mark Rober joined forces together to put in its right shape.

Car vs Trampoline: The start of the experiment

car vs trampoline


Once all the prepping at the shop was done, the men made their way towards the tower where the car vs trampoline challenge will take place. For that, they need to set everything up and without wasting time all of them immediately started the work. After 7-hours of fixing and joining, everything was put together by 1 am. After a short night nap and 6-months of planning, the final moment had finally arrived.

The plan was to do 10 drops which mean 5 for How Ridiculous and 5 for Mark Rober. The guys from the How Ridiculous started from single bowling but not will be outdone and will stay true to the traditions of Mark’s channel, and Mark chose a single watermelon that started the whole car vs. trampoline experiment. Mark was also seen telling one guy of How Ridiculous to coach him on this particular challenge as it was his first and it turns out, Mark is not a big fan of heights.

Mark finally drops the watermelon, and once it hits the base of the trampoline it went flying towards a vehicle and crashed onto it. The car was okay, but the watermelon was smashed in the process. Therefore, the second attempt of throwing the watermelon was made and this time the watermelon was crushed on the trampoline itself and it was a good one which made everyone cheer.

Before the final showdown, 20 bowling balls were thrown, and Mark answered it kindly by throwing in 20 watermelons instead (Wow! That’s insane!). The slow motions of the crushing watermelons are stunning to watch. The 3rd drop out of the 5 was a 66 pounds Atlas stone versus a tramp full of water balloons, the 3rd drop from Mark’s side was a yoga ball, which was filled with water.

However, after the long wait, it was time to get the car through the trampoline. Finally, the car was dropped from 150ft high, and the results were amazing. The car bounced on the trampoline two times and then fell right on the ground through the second bounce. Everyone was seen screaming their lungs out (they were happy), and shouting, as the challenge was successful.

Parting Thoughts!

It was amazing to see such an unexpected and surprising video that was created by the creative minds of Mark Rober and the guys from How Ridiculous.

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