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cat eye makeup

Makeup is nothing short of art that requires great skills and precision. Whether you are going for a cat eye makeup or a 3D lip look, you need to have the right approach to get things the way you want. And thanks to a bunch of beauty vloggers, learning how to get your makeup right has become easier than ever. 

These vloggers work hard to bring us different looks every day or week and help us brush our makeup skills. They also provide useful information with regards to what should be done, what should be avoided, tips, etc. A couple of days back, the popular beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill came up with a useful video where she helped us all get the perfect cat-eye look. 

Start off by prepping your eye

cat eye makeup

Before we start, make sure to prep the eye with concealer so that your eye shadow stays put. Ensure to get into the inner corners of your eye because once you have applied the eye shadow, you won’t be able to prime this area. Next in the video, Jaclyn set her eyes using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder. It is a good idea to set the eyes with setting powder as putting eye shadow over any cream will give you a choppy look. 

Bronze the Crease

After the first step, grab your favorite bronzer; any bronzer would be ideal in this case. This trick works not only for this look but also for many look. Jaclyn used Hoola bronzer by Benefits. Using a small fluffy brush, take a little bronzer and lightly work it on your crease of the eye. 

Once you have the minimal product on the brush, take the strokes to the outside of your eyes.  Whether you are going for a simple look or deeper eye look, starting off with bronzer can help you achieve that. 

Going Higher

Once that is done, take a peachy eye shadow color. Make sure it is not pinkish or brownish, just a perfect balance between them. Jaclyn used her own Volume 2 palette and chose the shade perfectionist. Using the same brush from earlier and apply the eye shadow higher on the eye creases. Make sure you do not bring it to the inner corner of the eye. 

Again you do not need to have much product on the brush. Keep it little and use light motion to blend the color on your eyes to perfection. Once there is minimal color left, go all the way to the upper portion of the eyes and blend in the shade; make sure there is no choppiness or gaps in between. 

Going a bit Darker 

Now it is time to go a bit darker on your eyes. Take a shade that is slightly darker than the previous one. Jaclyn took the shade titled G-money from the same palette. The shade was named after her dog, which apparently is the boss in the house. It is a warm, rich, and pigmented brown shade. Taking a smaller brush, gently pat the eye shadow on the outer corner of the eyes. And when you reach the crease, go in small back and forth motion. 

Make sure that you do not go all the way in with any color. For this look, the inner part of the eyes needs to be clean in order to get the cat eye makeup look. When you are working on your lid, make sure to assert more pressure so that you get more pigment in that region, whereas when working on the crease, you can loosen up. Similar to the above step, when there is barely any product left on the brush, take light stroke outwards the brows. 

Towards the Light

cat eye makeup

The next step is to take a light white powder and gently pat in on the inner corner of the eye. Make sure you take little product because the inner portion should look more like your skin. So be gent with how much product you take. Also, take the powder up towards the brows so that you have a nice and even cat eye makeup look.

Chocolaty Beauty

Next, Jaclyn switched to her ten pan palette to take a darker chocolaty shade called secret. Take a more precise brush for this application and gently tap it on the lower outer corners of your eyes. Now when you have only little product on your brush, stroke the brush towards the outer portion of your eyes. This is the stage where you can go upwards and outwards on the corners as well to get the right blend. 

You are using the shade darker than the peach one, just a little work on areas just above your crease for the perfect blending of all the colors together. 

Eyeliner, Mascara, and Lashes 

cat eye makeup

Now is the time for eyeliner. Choose black eyeliner of your preference. What we are going to do here is make winged eyeliner. So you need a brush that caters to this design. You have to keep the edge thick while ensuring that towards the inner corner, the line is as thin as possible. Here you can go as you are comfortable. (  

Some people like to go from the outer edge to inner, whereas some go vice versa. Keep winged of your liner a bit lifted for that perfect cat look. If you want, you can take a slightly shimmery black eye shadow and gently tap it over your eyeliner. This will make your overall cat eye makeup look a bit sharper. Lastly, put on your favorite mascara and then false lashes. When putting the eyelash, when you reach the outer edge, put the lashed above the actual eyelashes; this will give an elevated curve to your lashes. 

The Final Touch

The eye makeup is complete, and now you need to go for your eye makeup. Considering that we have kept eyes smoky and foxy, you should keep the face makeup subtle. The idea is to draw more attention to the eyes. Make sure everything is blended to perfection, so you get a clean and flawless cat eye makeup look. 

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