Check Out How The Prince Family Take On Christmas For 2019

How The Prince Family Take On Christmas

With Christmas knocking at the door, Damien and Biannca Prince are gearing up to make the holiday worth it. The couple shares their joy and excitement of Christmas and it is their first vlog that they have created to share the fun and joy of Christmas with their viewers. Even though both of them explained that last year’s vlog attempt was an epic fail, and they wish to do their very best to provide updates about The Prince Family in this year’s vlogs.

In the world, viewers can see the excitement in Damien’s voice and how happy he is and Biannca will go out to purchase a big Christmas Tree and give a good update to all their viewers. Starting, the couple shared a little insight as they show off the small Christmas decorations they have put up, even though the whole decoration was not yet completed. With Damien behind the camera and Biannca taking the lead to provide information on the decorations, The Prince Family is all set to make the Christmas experience an unforgettable one.

Introducing: Christmas decorations
How The Prince Family Take On Christmas

Like it is mentioned that the couple took the time to provide all the details on the Christmas Decoration they have put up. Both of them started from the table beside the fireplace where a silver-colored snowman, a duck and a gold tree were introduced. Further moving in a different direction with Biannca leading and Damien behind the camera, the table falling left to the fireplace. There, Biannca points out toward the statue of an Angel, a photograph of Kyrie (Damien and Biannca’s Son), also there a word stand that says “Merry Christmas”, and another huge snowman.

Once the introduction of the decorations placed on both sides of the fireplace is, The Prince Family moves on towards the fireplace where they hung the beautiful and white color custom-made stocks, which carries the names of Damien, Biannca, DJ, Kyrie, and Nova, respectively. One of the best things about the stocking was that they had those jingle bells on them, which made them stand out much more in the process.

Damien was pretty curious to know why Biannca chose this year’s stockings to be completely white instead of red and white. Biannca was quick to respond as she wanted it this year’s Christmas theme to be much more modern, were white, gold, and silver will be the talk of the show, and she believes the red and white is so “old-school” these days. Therefore, it is quite understandable to what she means, well c’mon, everyone wants to celebrate in their style and this modern era, modern designs, and colors are the best.

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Once the other side of the decoration was done, The Prince Family shifted their focus on the beautiful white and pillows that were on the sofa. Biannca explains that the white pillow had a Christmas tree pattern designed on them, and both the couple agreed on the pillows to be extremely soft. On the other side of the sofa, there were more two pillows, which had the same color as the later ones and one pillow had a reindeer with the red nose designed on them. Later on, the couple agrees to get more pillows later on in the process.

Moving further into the house, The Prince Family introduced another range of decorations in the process. With fake snow made from cotton, a small Christmas tree, the mini nutcrackers and a photographer of their eldest son DJ (Such a cutie he is). However, just beside the end table, there is a second Christmas tree, which is much big bigger than the first one. Biannca explains in the video that the second Christmas tree has numerous decorations and Damien took the chance to point all the glittery and unique pieces of decorations on the tree.

Further into the video Biannca and Damien took their time and provided all the information and details on the decorations they have put up in their home, and some of them are still incomplete, for which Biannca explains she will take up on that as there are many things left that are waiting to be put up around the house.

Buying the Christmas tree

How The Prince Family Take On Christmas

Once the two main members of The Prince Family were all done with the Christmas decorations and everything, both Biannca and Damien head to purchase the “real” Christmas tree. This tree will be the ultimate show-stopper in the process and they both are equally excited for it. Biannca already knew what type of tree she wanted for Christmas and she explains it well-enough for Damien to understand it.

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After further discussion on what type of tree they wanted, they initially get the tree. On their way, Biannca said that the many kinds of stuff that they don’t need it, and thought of donating them, which they did and well it’s Christmas, and it is a type of giving, sharing and loving one another and Biannca and Damien proved it from their sincerity. Once they were done with the donation work, The Prince Family drove towards their main destination, which is getting the best Christmas tree for their Christmas celebration.

They came up to Target, which is The Prince Family favorite store and Biannca has already spotted what kind of tree she would like, and finally, they introduced a 9-foot tall tree. Once the tree was loaded in the cart, both of them took the chance to shop for beautiful ornaments that will complete the whole tree. They started looking up to different decorations, which includes a snowblower and hoped around different sections in Target, to get the best decorations and ornaments for the tree.

Once they were done with the decorations, they took the chance to purchase some of the toys for their three little kids, and decided and purchased two teddy bears for the boys and a pink bunny for little Nova. Once they were back home, both Biannca and Damien got busy setting up the Christmas tree, and once they were done the kids and some of the friends were seen in the video being introduced. The family took turns filming each of the family members and spreading the love and joy of Christmas together.

The bottom lines!

In the entire vlog, Biannca and Damien shared their love and joy for the coming of Christmas and gave their viewers a little insight on how will they experience the holidays in the process and promised to keep them updated in the next vlog.

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