Coronavirus Is Weakening and Can Disappear on Its Own says Italy Doctor

coronavirus is weakening

A doctor from Italy, specialized in Contagious Diseases claims that the pandemic is on its way to an end. The COVID-19 virus is losing its infectious power and may fade even before the world gets a vaccine he says.

San Martino hospital’s chief expert, Dr. Matteo Bassetti claimed that the vigorous effect of coronavirus has reduced. Genetic alterations could be the reason for this as he suspects. He also informed that on the basis of his research he came to the conclusion that the coronavirus is weakening.

The samples of coronavirus collected over March and April were very much unlike. The patients who contacted with the virus earlier required oxygen and had severe health conditions. Some patients also got pneumonia for this virus. The emergency unit of the hospital found it strenuous to cope with their ill-health.

Dr. Bassetti added that the recent scenario has been different though. The virus’s genetic structure has seen alterations. He compared the dangerous nature of the coronavirus with the tiger and a fierce cat. March had seen the tiger but April faced a fierce. Older patients are also out of danger after April, unlike the early cases. Their breathing problems have reduced and don’t need oxygen right now. He said that many older victims would not survive 2 or 3 days ago if the situation had not changed by then.

Social distancing could be a reason among many that this coronavirus has seen alterations in its genome as he claimed. He said that social isolation, lockdown, protection with masks have alternated the genetic structure of coronavirus. The immunity power has fought with the virus. The viral burden in human bodies also has reduced because of strict isolation. The doctor also addressed the fact that they still had to research more about its genetic difference.

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According to the doctor, there is a possibility that the coronavirus will vanish before even the world discovers a definite vaccine. Dr. Matteo Bassetti said that the reports were showing a lesser number of coronavirus infections. The virus is on his way to its death’s door.

Contradicting theories

There is a speculator who is negative about the theory of Dr. Bassetti. He is also an expert on this subject. He says the coronavirus is going to spread over the years, not showing any signs of its end.

A report informed that Dr. Bharat Pankhania who teaches at the University of Exeter Medical School, UK is pessimistic about the theory of the Italian expert. He said that he had his doubts about the virus dying soon enough.

He added that if the researchers could discover a vaccine then it’s possible that the coronavirus virus could see it ends as it happened at the time of smallpox devastation. The theory of Dr. Matteo Bassetti will also be right if there will be no further contamination. The situation is getting worse with every day spreading. The coronavirus is weakening theory is wrong according to him and he said that it is not dying anytime soon.

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