Crazy Oreo Flavours You Might Not Know About

crazy oreo flavors

Everyone simply loves Oreo cookies, which is the reason behind it being the United State’s best selling cookie brand. Sold in over 100 countries, it has made its way to everyone’s kitchen. And not only as a cookie, but Oreo is also used for making ice cream, shakes, and cakes. Even the famous brands like McDonald’s use Oreo in their products. You must have heard or tasted the popular Oreo McFlurry.

Though all this could be done with any cookie brand, there is definitely something about Oreo that no other brand has managed match till today. Another fantastic part about Oreo is the number of flavours it is available in. If we try to write all the variant names, then it might take us days to complete the list of crazy Oreo flavours that are available all around the world. Still, we have managed to bring some of the craziest ones from that list. So here are some weird Oreo flavours that you might not have heard of.  

Blueberry Pie

crazy oreo flavors

Who doesn’t love blueberry pie as a dessert? But it is a hassle to prepare it every now and then. So to make your work easy, the brand previously bought blueberry pie as one of the crazy Oreo flavours. However, this flavour did not stay on the shelves for too long. Maybe people did not like the conversion of their favourite dessert into a cookie. 

Candy Corn

Candy corn remains most popular during the season of Halloween, but that does not mean it is not loved throughout the year. The brand took advantage of kids’ love for it and turned candy corn as one of the crazy Oreo flavours. But probably the creme and cookie failed to match the taste of sugar in the candy. So this flavour also did not get the expected popularity. 

Caramel Apple

crazy oreo flavors

Do you remember if you have ever said no to the caramel-dipped apple? Being a popular recipe, the brand tried to incorporate it as one of the crazy Oreo flavours. It was a brown caramel and green apple creme that was accompanied by two vanilla cookies. It was a limited edition from Oreo’s side. So if you have missed it, you might not get it again. 

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Swedish Fish

Another one of the crazy Oreo flavours that were inspired by the famous candies. It looked appealing with two chocolate cookies and Swedish fish red creme. But everyone, who tried it, came up with the conclusion that it was horrible. So it is not a bad thing if you missed this one out. 

Filled Cupcake

crazy oreo flavors

If the brand had launched some actual cupcakes, they might have gathered the planned attention. But they only wanted to make you miss those creme-filled cupcakes. So they added it into the list of crazy Oreo flavours. There was nothing special about this one, except for the little white creme in between the chocolate oreo cookies. If you already love chocolate Oreos, then you would not want to ruin them with this flavour. 

Fruity Crisps

Out of all the other crazy Oreo flavours, this might be the most interesting one for you if you like fruity pebbles as your cereal. Another limited edition from the brand, the vanilla cookies with its fruity crisps filled creme did manage to gain some attention. Unlike others in this list, this did not exactly ruin the taste of the original food that inspired the brand.   

Berry Burst Ice Cream

crazy oreo flavors

If you have tasted the strawberry creme Oreos, then you will not be surprised by this flavour. But if you are expecting it to feel like the actual berry burst ice cream, then this will hold a bid disappointment for you. The strawberry one was a good flavour, and so is this one. However, it fails to match the name it claims for. 

Waffles & Syrup

If you are tired of making waffles every day for breakfast, then this limited edition flavour might get your work done. The reason for it being in the list of crazy Oreo flavours is that it is not an actual waffle. You can imagine having crushed Oreo in your waffle, but these cookies cannot replace the original waffle with syrup. 

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Root Beer Float

crazy oreo flavors

The root beer flavoured creme in between two vanilla cookies might sound like a great combination. But they are still cookies, and they cannot compensate for the actual root beer float. If you are a real fan of root beer, then you will like to have it in glass, instead of in the form of a cookie. 

Triple Double Neapolitan

If you are confused between chocolate and strawberry Oreos, then is the way out for you. Just like Neapolitan ice cream was, when you got confused between three flavours. With three vanilla cookies and two different cremes, this is an excellent choice if you do not like the usual Oreos with lesser creme. 


crazy oreo flavors

To give that fiery twist to the regular Oreos, the brand added Wasabi as one of the crazy Oreo flavours. Wasabi creme stuffed in between two chocolate cookies was introduced into the Chinese markets of Oreo. So if you are bored with the regular candy or ice cream flavoured Oreos, you can fly all the way to China and pick this one up. 

Cherry Cola

Unlike other crazy Oreo flavours, this one was actually suggested by the fans. Out of three fan-suggested finalists, cherry cola won the most votes and hence, this flavour. You can give this one a try to see what other Oreo fans like you have chosen for themselves. 

Hot Chicken Wing

crazy oreo flavors

When the brand felt Wasabi was not enough, they added another one in the list of crazy Oreo flavours. The weird combination of hot chicken wing flavoured creme with chocolate cookies might not fall into your favourites list anytime soon. 

These were some of the crazy Oreo flavours that you might have missed on the supermarket shelves. But the list does not end here. The brand has also introduced several other crazy flavours to their fans. Some of them did well, and some were removed in very little time. However, to come up with something great, the brand always feels the need to experiment with their Oreos. 

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