DaBaby’s Shocking Proposal to B. Simone Has Everybody Fueling Romance Rumors

shocking proposal

Not everybody was thinking that American award-winning rapper DaBaby and actress B. Simone was dating, but a flurry of rumors and gossip has been flying about. This is mainly due to the fact that a preview of an upcoming episode of Wild ‘n Out has been released online. In the clip, DaBaby gets on his knees and delivers a shocking proposal to B. Simone. The Charlotte hip-hop legend is the special guest in the next few episodes and this clip has had fans hoping that he and Simone turn out to be an actual couple.

A Little Bit of Background on DaBaby

shocking proposal

DaBaby’s legal name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, although he prefers to have himself addressed onstage and offstage by his more popular persona. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, DaBaby has made waves in the hip-hop and rap industry at a very young age. Ever since his debut album Baby On Baby hit the shelves in 2019, he has garnered a massive fan following. Additionally, he has also featured in hit songs and music videos of other famous artists as well. These include Camilla Cabello, Post Malone and Megan Thee Stallion among others. He appears in a new episode of Wild ‘n Out, where he is a guest and also delivers a shocking proposal to B. SImone.

A Little Bit of Background on B. Simone

  1. Simone is an American actress, comedian and musician who is best known for being a regular cast member of MTV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out. Additionally, she has also appeared as a regular cast member on the VH1 show Hip Hop Squares. She is also a very popular social media personality and she frequently creates and shares hilarious videos on her Instagram account. Her comedic “infatuation” with DaBaby and his music is one of the main reasons why his shocking proposal started such a flurry of rumors and gossip.

The Rumours Started with DaBaby’s New Music Video

The rumors that DaBaby and B. Simone were going out together had started in March of 2020 when people mistook a marketing and PR exercise as a public declaration of love. The rapper’s fans thought that B. Simone was coming out publicly as DaBaby’s girlfriend. In March, she posted a romantic photograph with an unidentified man on her Instagram account. People soon realized that the man was none other than DaBaby and that they were probably in a relationship. However, it was soon made public that the picture was just PR for DaBaby’s upcoming music video “Find My Way”, in which B. Simone plays his love interest.

Though the rumors died down when this was revealed, they have since started to flare again. This is mainly due to the shocking proposal that DaBaby delivered to B. Simone on the set of Wild ‘n Out. As B. Simone has forever been infatuated with DaBaby on her social media, the impromptu proposal got a lot of fans really excited on social media handles like Twitter and Tumblr.

What Happened On Wild ‘n Out

Wild ‘n Out is a very popular MTV game show presented and produced by Nick Cannon. It is a sketch comedy and improvised comedy show that was incidentally also created by Nick Cannon. (https://jldancecenter.com/) You might remember Nick Cannon from his short stint as Marcus on the NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. B. Simone is a very frequent guest on this show. In a televised sequence that was taped prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, DaBaby gets on his knees and delivers a shocking proposal to B. Simone.

Ever since the shocking proposal, DaBaby and B. Simone’s fans are noticing a lot of chemistry and sparks flying between the pair. Many of them have even gone online and tweeted their opinions. A majority of them would really like it if DaBaby and B. Simone started dating for real. The pre-taped sequence also features another hip-hop legend as a guest, the rapper Too $hort.

The Shocking Proposal

shocking proposal

The funny thing is that DaBaby actually starts proposing to another woman when B. Simone bursts on to the stage wearing a gorgeous wedding gown. She completely exploded at him proposing to someone else and hurled a range of the choicest expletives.

He then looks her in the eye and asks her to tie his shoe for him. Surprisingly, she agreed immediately, and then he said “Aight, appreciate you” and walked away from her. This led to the studio audience, the guests, and B. Simone herself screaming and laughing their lungs out. Everyone is very enamored with his hilarious moment from Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out and everyone has the same question that after the shocking proposal, will DaBaby give B. Simone another chance at love?

DaBaby has been courting B. Simone’s Instagram advances for months now, and on Wild ‘n Out, he took it to the next level. While they were on the show, they constantly flirted with each other, and viewers also commented on the easy chemistry and comfort that they seemed to share.

DaBaby decided to spring a shocking proposal on B. Simone where he got down on one knee, took out a ring box, and popped the question in front of the entire MTV studio audience. What was really commendable was the level-headed way B. Simon dealt with the entire situation. She calmly assumed control and appeared on stage, fully decked out in a gorgeous wedding dress. She was apparently completely ready to begin a new life with her longtime heartthrob, DaBaby.

The Aftermath of the Shocking Proposal

After Wild ‘n Out and MTV released the clip of the proposal as PR before the actual episode drops, fans everywhere are going absolutely crazy predicting what actually happened. DaBaby has had a pretty tumultuous romantic life until now, with two of his past girlfriends engaged in a vicious Twitter and Instagram feud. On top of all that, the shocking proposal that he engaged in on Wild ‘n Out has only made the situation even more explosive and confusing.

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