Did Windows 10 outrun Windows 7 for Official Use?

There was a time when Windows 7 was the best Microsoft operating system but now it seems like the golden days are at the verge of extinct. With the recent launch of Windows 10, there is a transition going on all across the world. As most of us preferred Windows 7 as the best operating system for all purposes, it seems like Windows 10 is ready to take over. Having the latest and best software as well as hardware support is necessary for PCs to run smoothly. This helps the users to get access to various other software supports which we need in our daily life for conducting day to day work.

Windows 7 still holds that position of being the best operating system even after 10 years. The recently launched Windows 10 promises to be way better than Windows 7. Through this article, we will unfurl the upgrades of Windows 10 and compare how it beats Windows 7. Read on to learn more about this newly launched beast by Microsoft which is set to conquer the PCs of the world.

Why should you upgrade to Windows 10?

The very first reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is the latest features, accessibility options, and support. This is a potent reason to move on from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Even though Windows 7 is close to our heart for its age-old service and support, but the new upgrades of Windows 10 are just irresistible. A very basic reason to switch to Windows 10 is that the operating system is more secure, fast and receives regular updates from Microsoft. On the contrary, Windows 7 is outdated due to the malware and various virus attacks it gets due to lack of security update. Further, we have briefed about some other features of Windows 10 which are effective enough to beat Windows 7 as the best operating system by Microsoft.

The Startup menu and Applications

When comparing the Windows 7 OS to the Windows 10 OS, the startup menu plays a pivotal role over here. The Windows 10 OS has a much more advanced startup menu and application window than the Windows 7 OS. The Windows 7 OS has a traditional outlook which was followed in both Windows 98 and Windows XP. This traditional outlook allows the user to search for anything by just clicking on the start button. You can access the control panel, device, and printers, computer, libraries, games, default programs, and support. On comparing the same to Windows 10 startup menu, it is a completely different experience as and when you click the start button, it opens a new window. Here you get the access to various applications, desktop, games, etc. you get the live tiles outlook in here which is being inherited from Windows 8 OS.

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Windows 10 also comes with the Microsoft store option which allows you to download apps directly. Just like Google has the Playstore for downloading applications, Microsoft has this. You can easily download any application from the store, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This, in turn, helps you access all the applications from your PC. Windows 7 being an older OS fails to deliver such features.

Notification Centre and Cortana

Just as Apple developed Siri, Google developed Google Assistance Microsoft also developed Cortana. This is a voice command action and response feature developed by Microsoft to provide assistance and support to users. The Cortana feature was introduced with the Windows 8 version but couldn’t be accessed to its full potential. With the latest Windows 10 OS, Cortana got a new approach. It has a dedicated button and onscreen tile to access it. Further, you can search over the PC as well as the internet with the help of Cortana.

Along with Cortana, there is a notification center like the iPads have it. Here this is known as the action center. When compared to Windows 7, the notifications appear in the taskbar but in Windows 10, there is a separate notification accessing option. Windows 7 lacks both the Cortana feature and the action center feature. These features make the Windows 10 OS a much better and user-friendly OS than Windows 7.

Online Support and Security

Being an upgraded and latest version of Windows, it is far better than the Windows 7 OS in terms of support and security. The Windows 7 OS has already lost the support update from Microsoft and will no longer receive updates on security, help, and support from 2020 onwards. It is best for all Microsoft users to update their PCs with Windows 10 OS. On one hand, Windows 7 is allotted with only one Service Pack Update, the Windows 10 OS is assigned with multiple major Service Pack Updates.

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With every new update for the Windows 10 OS, new features are adding on to it. Microsoft aims to deliver two updates for Windows 10 every year. The most recent was on April 20119 and the next is assigned for October or November 2019. These updates are meant for strengthening the security features of your PC running on Windows 10. Further, you get syncing and device controlling features as well. In a nutshell, Windows 10 is going to be the Microsoft’s best OS till date.

Gaming and Compatibility

This is one spot where Windows 7 is giving a good competition to Windows 10. The compatibility feature in Windows 7 is pretty strong which when compared to Windows 10, it’s decent. Both the OS has a quite similar compatibility feature which makes Windows 7 a good competitor for Windows 10. For instance, Google Chrome, Photoshop, etc run seamlessly on both the OS. It is Windows 10 which was supposed to have a better compatibility feature but the OS doesn’t have it. Developers at Microsoft are rolling out updates to make it the best compatible OS for all applications, software, and games.

There is no doubt that Windows 10 is the best option when it comes to games as it is preloaded with an Xbox app. This, in turn, helps the user to stream content to their PC from Xbox One. Some of the popular Microsoft games also run smoothly on this OS which might not work properly in Windows 7. Besides Windows 10 provides support for DirectX 12 which allows rendering audio and video in the Windows 10 OS.

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