Disadvantages of Technology Dissuading You From Real Life

Disadvantages of technology

Today each of you embraces technology as the master of all creations. The utterly capacitated technology dominates all the domains plausibly. Even it sets his paws to control human minds as well. But do you know that despite its awesome blessings on mankind? It strongly takes the back seat for oodles of cons as well. Therefore, today in this article let’s unfold the hidden darker side of technology. Else, you can say the disadvantages of technology.

Briefing on technology

If anyone asks you, what you know exactly about technology? Then obviously, you will answer that it is a scientific reward. Technology enables people to fix any issue at once.

The technology incorporates high-end methods to craft any good with limited resources. But, the benefit is that it will design every good following an efficacious manner.

Technology is the medium of recreating new goods. It uses arrays of techniques, experience, skill sets and information. Now human being resorts to technology because it has the efficacy to change the entire world. It does entail services and products to meet all requirements.

Technology during stone age

Do you think that technology is the latest addition to the dictionary? Then you are completely wrong. You can find the existential trace of technology back in the life of the stone- age people.

Let’s comprehend the term technology profoundly. Therefore breaking the word techno means skill or art. On the other hand, logy means logia. Therefore, altogether it means the science of the craft.

Now its time to shed light on the stone age. The ancestors discovered the instance of technology in the stones like quartz, silex. And all were the creations of technology.

They did sharpen and twisted the structure to rebuild something new. Later, cutting equipment, axes and knives came into discovery.

Types of technology

Technology is about not only tangible items like a computer or any handheld tools. Apart from that, it means the intangible stuff such as high-end methods as well.

Hence experts segregated the technology into two divisions like:

  1. Soft- technology: It means that when technology contributes to its share in creating intangibles. Note that, sociology, administration, and management are a part of soft technology.
  2. Hard – technology: It states the creation of technology in crafting touchable goods. Remember that domains of chemistry and physics relate to hard technology.

Classifications of the technology

  1. Fixed type technology: This technology concentrates on creating a specific type of product. It also covers a particular area of creation.  For example, the production of a fungicide is only for discarding the fungi or bacteria.
  2. Flexible type technology: It aims to cover all possible areas of applications. Like microchip for producing television, machines, and computer.

Disadvantages of technology in terms of digital

The below points will throw light on the disadvantages of technology. But remember the disadvantage talk is all about in regards to the digital world.

1. No data security

The upgraded technology ensures to store all your data and other information. But have you ever thought it is encroaching into your privacy? No doubt, it will never guarantee any kind of security that your data is secure and safe. Therefore, the breaching of the confidential data means that all your secrets are into the wrong hands.

2. Terrorism with a crime

The Internet has oodles of plus side. However, the disadvantages of technology highlight the darker perspectives of the internet. Note that the database of the internet is extensive and fertile. Therefore, many users access the internet on a wider scale. However, terrorist gets accessibility through that open door as well.

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Similarly, other ill-minded people like drug peddlers negatively influencing youngsters. Besides other porn sites, chatting destinations dissuade your mind in the wrong direction.

3. Creates intricacies

Did you ever think that technology is out of your reach? Certainly, there are various machines and devices, which just look so bland to you. In fact, using that on a regular basis becomes like a nightmare.

Suppose you want to rectify your bike. Moreover, for that, you have to rely on the computer. Therefore you can imagine it’s now more than a mechanical heck.

4. Privacy is a matter of concern

In the world of modern age technology, privacy is no more your privacy. Literally speaking it’s the topic of the whole world.

For example, anyone using the internet especially social media can get your photos. Then use that for any ill- purpose. Even lots of hackers do photoshop image and post that on the net to defame you.

Even you have seen that public areas have CCTV cameras. That again one can tamper to satiate the malevolence intentions.  Therefore, technology has made it next to impossible to have control over your personal data.

4. Feel lonely and disconnected

Can you remember the last you had a prolonged conversation with your family members? Obviously, you cannot. With the entry of technology somehow you are getting distanced from your near ones.

You will not see many real-life communications. It is because all are into social networking sites almost a major fraction of the day. Therefore, naturally, there is isolation. Also, you will feel complete loneliness at heart. As a result, people are suffering from depression and other mental ailments.

5. Work pressure

Technology has made the work process too complicated. Honestly, it is with the emergence of technology that people forgot to spend tension-free hours. In fact, they are always juggling with emails to stay updated with next day schedules.

Even you forget to spend cozy dining with near ones because of a text from your boss. Technology is creating a great headache especially when you have to offer minute-by-minute updates.

6. Manipulation of digital media

Technology boosted the digital world creates lots of illusion. It is because of which at times it becomes difficult to distinguish between the real and reel life.

For example, you can take the video and audio editing software. That largely is manipulating human minds. The cutting- edge tools for editing are there to put you in a trance.

7. Overconfidence on gadgets

Today technology-enhanced gadgets are the real concern of any human being. Precisely if you lose the smartphone you get more depressed than losing something else.

By and large, technology is eventually gaining control of each life. For example, when you use the phone you store data and photos. Therefore technology changed the elementary principle of living. Hence, it is very depressing.

8. Addicted to technology

Technology is more than an addiction. For example, you see that using computers, social media and texting is a proper addiction. It is because anyhow you cannot stay without these at all.

In fact, it makes you so eager that you wait anxiously for the next updates. Websites, look for more responses from you. It is because this will help them to draw more money. Therefore, technology is not about only addition. But it makes you money-minded as well.

9. Depersonalization of society

Digitization is actually substituting humans. In fact, digitization is limiting your earlier way of addressing life.

For example, if you want to purchase any attire. Obviously, you will go to online shops and use your card.

But previously you had a knack for wandering through the regular stores. Even you used cash as a mode of transaction.

It is also affecting the transportation as well. It is because you rarely think of getting to bus stops on foot when you have an instant car hiring option.

Therefore the above-penned are the disadvantages of technology in regards to digitization.

General disadvantages of technology

In this section let’s throw light on the general disadvantages of technology at once.

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1. No concentration in the study:

These days technology boosted students to access everything from the online hubs. Therefore, students hardly use their laborious techniques of preparing notes. They are getting lackadaisical. Even children also think that school education is not that significant. It is because they can collect the subject matter right from the internet. But honestly, technology is destroying their interest to know more in a traditional way.

2. Suffer from pitfalls

It is true that technology leverages students with benefits. But no doubt that every student suffers from stress when due to some technical – snag the data gets lost. Other issues as interrupted net connection also become the reason for students feeling vulnerable.

In addition to that, they also discover some other unwanted sites. That to a great extent will deviate their mind. And distort their mental- disposition.

3. Negative interpretation of technology

Students often relate that the internet is all about getting mental pleasure. On the other hand textbooks, all intend to reading. But no proposition supports that equivalent to textbooks the internet can be a source of information as well.

Like if they want, they can use the same medium to enrich their knowledge. Instead, stop playing games or watching videos on the internet.

Therefore, it is worth saying that people are interpreting the use of technology negatively.

4. Challenges the said instructions

It is always necessary that teachers and professors should stay on par with the technology. It helps them to take education on a different level. Also, it is relevant especially because these days interactive classes are much in vogue.

Technology- savvy teachers always come first in the cutthroat job market. On the other hand teachers comfortable with the previous methods of teaching are on the back seat. Indeed technology is creating a restriction on achievement. In addition to that, it is also posing a major threat to their job validity. Also, technology is putting them in an insecure position.

According to erudite teachers, technology is also causing mind- fluctuation among students. That means they cannot focus on a particular thing for an extended time- period. As a result, students are deterring from accepting daunting work.

Eventually from scholars and well-learned professors all are accepting the disadvantages of technology. And nodding yes how it is negatively affecting the learning ambiance.

5. Fewer values of education

As here the focus is mainly on the academic sector. Therefore it is needless to say that contribution of technology is not leaving its pugmark in the right direction.

The advent of online learning has again changed the atmosphere of education. You will see that students pursuing online education are more likely to drop out of courses or fail. It is because largely they failed to build that personal connection with the books.

On top of that, the student loses interest in improving their performance. Remember that in-person or one to one talk influence a learner more profoundly. To a great extent lack of personal communication is hindering that zeal to learn. It is important that students should need to experience more in person.

Debate: Is technology a complete reward or an oblivion

The above points highlighted a lot of facts about the disadvantages of technology. Now, it is important to be a part of the eternal debate that is technology oblivion or blessing.

The information age bears too much burden.  That means there is a continuous surge of information, updates. As a result, more people are accessing that to learn more. Therefore society is trying every moment to cope up with that overloaded information.

Technology no doubt significantly affects civilizations, cultures, and countries. It offers abreast of information on the world changes and whereabouts. Indeed its presence can ease all types of tasks. Additionally, it also lets you get familiar with the world of entertainment as well.

Today technology opened the more windows of various opportunities. In fact, it helped humanity to step towards a celebrated life. And embrace the new form of connectivity.

However, no one will stop praising technology. But, at the same time, has to accept the cons of the technology as well

Last proposition

Don’t let technology be the master. Don’t let it challenge your potential. Human minds are stronger than mere technology. And they have to prove it anyhow. Definitely, technology is a wholesome blend of pros and cons. But need the right implementation so that you can shrink the disadvantages of technology.

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