DOLAN Twins’ Shocking Transformation Into Jeffree Star: Quite A Buzz!

Not just millennials who spend the majority of their time watching online videos as a source of entertainment, but today people from every age group also find YouTube creators more influential than celebrities.

70% of teenagers have confirmed in a survey that they feel more connected and influenced by YouTube stars than any other traditional celebrities. 

Gone are the days when people use to idolize celebrity due to their stardom blindly. Today, YouTube creators who have proved their skills and creativity to the world are making a statement in the society.

There are plenty of YouTube creators who have conquered many milestones and become sensational stars due to their dedication and passion towards their work. It might seem simple to create YouTube videos, showcasing your talents and doing what you like, but it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, research and perseverance to achieve such milestones. (

Trending YouTube Celebrities And Their Journey

YouTube has become the new television for people. Whether it is acquiring news, watching songs, or lending ears to the latest gossips, YouTube is the place to find it all.

From Comedians, dancers, gamers, makeup artists to vloggers, you can find every niche of YouTube creators that have reached the zenith of success with their talents.

YouTubers create a relationship with their fans with a personal approach that helps them establish long-lasting connectivity.

Makeup is one of those popular niches that receive the highest search rankings on YouTube. Take a look at the below YouTube makeup gurus that have established themselves as celebrities over the years.

  • Jeffree Star:

    A singer, songwriter and brilliant beauty influencer, Jeffree Star is the most popular makeup artist on YouTube. He is a true makeup guru with a whopping 14 million subscribers. His YouTube channels majorly focus on makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, and an interesting perspective on his personal life. Jeffree’s channel is also famed for his beauty transformations and cameos from other celebrities.

  • Nikkie Tutorials:

    Bagging over 11.5 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on YouTube, Nikkie is a famous beauty vlogger on YouTube. Her extrovert and honest approach to everything is something that makes Nikkie a famous face on YouTube. Nikkie feels like makeup is a way to transform her personality. She has also made makeup videos with Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore and collaborated with beauty brands like Maybelline and Ofra.

  • Zoella:

    Zoe Sugg, popularly known as Zoella is not an active user on YouTube but has bagged the position of popular YouTubers of all time. Throughout her YouTube career, she has accumulated over 11 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on her videos. Known for her friendly approach, sweet personality, and beauty tips, Zoella has reached the milestone of a popular YouTuber.

  • Safiya Nygaard:

    A former employee of Buzzfeed who regularly featured in their series as well, Safiya left the company in 2017. She started a YouTube channel after leaving Buzzfeed, and her loyal fans soon cracked her subscriber list. Safiya has over 7.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts beauty tips, makeup reviews.

Jeffree Star: The Ultimate MakeUp Guru of All time

Though all the makeup stars on Youtube have a prominent space in the makeup world, Jeffree Star is that one makeup guru who has broken all the barriers, records and conventional norms of makeup YouTubing.

Makeup and beauty products were always dear to Jeffrey. He was obsessed with makeup since the age of 13. He would steal makeup products from her mother and replicate the looks of celebrities from the fashion magazine. He started his YouTube back in 2006, that comprises of makeup tutorials, reviews, transformations, etc. Jeffrey launched his own makeup line in 2014 with the name Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

What Happened When Jeff Dolan happened?

Everyone knows that Jeffree Star is famous for his unbelievable transformations, where he transforms his look into celebrities with his makeup skills. Jeffree Star recent transformation created a lot of buzz on every social media platforms. The makeup guru switched lives with the Dolan twins, the famous American vloggers.

It is considered as the most incredible transformations of Jeffree Star in his entire lifetime. Jeffree released a teaser of his Dolan twin look that shook all his fans. Later he posted the entire video of his transformation on his Youtube channel. Fans went crazy on his new look and posted the video on their social media account. The video was filled with fun moments Jeffree shared with the Dolan Twins while filming the video.

Jeffree was seen in the video saying he wanted to try something new and fit himself into different head shape and he believed that it would be fun to make this shocking transformation. The extensive video of his transformation was turning Jeffree look into Dolan brother.

When the final look was ready, both Ethan and Grayson Dolan were extremely shocked and surprised to see their triplets look. Both the twins shared quality time with their new brother Jeff Dolan. Grayson Dolan even wrote in his Instagram comment that Jeff is his favourite older brother. Several other makeup YouTubers also made it to the comment section to express their awe. Beauty vlogger, Nikkie also commented on the Instagram post by saying she woke up everyone in her town with her screams.

Post The Jeff Dolan It’s Time For Star Triplets!

Proving that the power of makeup has no bounds, soon after the incredible Jeff Dolan transformation, the Dolan twins switched lives with Jeffree Star. It was almost impossible to identify the twins. Both the Dolan twins elegantly posed beside Jeffree Star and terrified all their fans.

Well, YouTube is all about providing entertaining content for the viewers, and that’s exactly what Jeffree Star is doing with his incredible transformations. No doubt, Jeff Dolan will always top the list of his surprising celebrity transformations.

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