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Nowadays, no matter the news is right or wrong, it spreads around very quickly and calls as rumors. Specific changes also occur while the information is spreading from one person to another, and so on. The news is in trend, and people talk about it for even after so many months.

I will tell you about some of the trending news about European footballers’ transfer in the article below. This news will be trending no matter how many time has passed ข่าวนักเตะย้ายทีม.

The entry of Stephan El Shaarawy in the Arsenal football club:

Several changes occur in the European football team, which started from the departure of two leading players like Marouane Chamakh to Crystal Palace and Gervinho to Roma.

Whether talking about Arsenal football club ตํานานนักบอลยุโรป, which was lacking in the stakes, not only this Arsene Wenger’s who the French football manager is, and the former player was having a short on strikers.

Stephan El Shaarawy is one of the famous players and known for his strange talent and questionable haircuts. He rumored all on his way to emirates.

He appeared in the Serie A for only two times season because his toe was fractured. In 2012/13, his striker record was 16 league goals.

 Trip of Juan Mata to Paris Saint-Germaine:

The French side must be getting restless as it’s about two months; they didn’t buy any of the new players to the team. It was a thought or can be said as the rumor that Javier Pastore can replace Chelsea playmaker Juan Mata. A rumored for this replacement was the less impact of the player at the football stadium present in Paris named Parc des princes.

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There is also rumored that Juan Mata would never leave the London club in the winter as he was happy to fight for his place.

Transfer of Benteke to tottenham hotspur:

In September, Manchester’s interest united towards the Belgian striker was reported by the mirror Football’s Alan Nixon. Simon Jones claimed that the spurs are readying a 28 million euros bid one more recent rumor of the Daily mail online.

Before the penning of Villa Park five year deal, the Benteke lodged a transfer request in the summer. This story was a great rumor until proven.

The move of Mario Balotelli towards Chelsea:

In Jamie Sanderson’s Article in the metro, it was rumored that Mario Balotelli is moving towards the Chelsea; this news was rumored because of the idea that the Luis Suarez is not enough in the Italian striker’s team.

In the article, Chelsea is managed by Jose Mourinho, and he was warned in 2010 in Manchester city against buying the Balotelli. In one of his interview hosted by Guardian’s Jamie Jackson in the BBC’s Football focus program, he was asked about Mourinho in which he answered like this:

“Me with Mourinho? No doubt he’s a great manager but failed to understand me so he passed a statement saying no one can understand me. But what I think is, he is the only one who can’t understand me, but it’s his own problem”.

Vincent Kompany transferred to Monaco:

It is fascinating that Vincent Kompany is moving towards Monaco, whether it’s wrong or right, but how can Manchester city let their captain leave the city? In the absence of Vincent Kompany, the city started turning weak. Because of their poor judgments and costly defensive errors, they also lost Cardiff and Chelsea.

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Wayne Rooney is about to leave the old Trafford:

The Wayne Rooney was provided a new lease of life by David Moyes, the new manager at BBC sport website. It was widely spread that Wayne Rooney is speculation linking while moving away from the old Trafford. Not only had this it was also published that for the Manchester United striker, but Chelsea are also lining 35 million euros. The Blues’ repeated efforts to bring the Rooney to Stamford Bridge were clearly shown on the BBC sport website.


Rumors are what can be spread all over the world in just a few hours. This article has shown you the stories about the transfer of different European football players. As not all of them are wrong, but similarly, some of them are right too. You can read about the Stephan El Shaarraway, who transferred to the Arsenal football club, the Juan Mata, who planned his trip towards the Paris saint. Mario Balotelli claimed to be offering money by Jose Mourinho to play the game as he said, but Balotelli proved this rumor wrong in one of his interviews. Not only this, they’re a lot more stories and news about the football players in Europe.

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