How to Factory Reset Canon Printer Manually

reset canon printer

Canon is one of the biggest company whenever we are talking about the printers and the canon printers have the internal indicators that regularly check for the ink cartridge level for the printer and if that thing automatically stopped the printer from printing then it has reached the lower level then there will be indications that the user will get and so in this article we are going to discuss that what are the reasons are reasons for not printing properly and we will also discuss how can  the user easily reset canon printer and what are the different ways by which the user can reset the printers and what makes the printers to able to reset the printers. The issue that is generally arise when the user has to replace the new ink cartridge with the help of new cartridge and after that the user has to remove the old and the empty cartridge that is with the new cartridge and after that when the user replaces the ink successfully and if still the user unable to reset Canon printer and then after that user  can reset the printer that will be very easy for that you have to read the article and then you will get to know what are the reasons that the user have to face while resetting the printer with the help of windows PC. 

How to Factory Reset Printer:-

There are many factory reset option that defaults to the printer settings and that the user can access these options very  easily from the canon printer menu and that will help the user for the reset canon printer and that is in the original state and if the user needs to set up the canon printer and reset canon printer again on the given computer and so after that the user needs to connect to the network again.

How to Reset the ink Cartridge:-

When the user will replace the ink cartridge then the user will see that guidance is to be provided by the canon printers that is the indication of the smart printer and the user have to follow the menu that prompts for the   of the printers and then the user should try to print the simple for the testing and then the user should refill the ink cartridge that will make the problem of reset then the user will need to fix the printer problems and after that reset the ink cartridge that will ask the user to reset the printers that are according to BCH technology and then the user will be able to reset the ink cartridge.

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There are the Three Simple Ways to Reset the Printers:-

  1. Reset the Printer to the Factory settings:-
  2. Reset canon printer with the ink cartridge:-
  3. Asking the Canon Support System

Method No.1:- Now the user has to reset the printer to Factory Settings:-

 Now the user has to reset  Canon printer that will reinstall the canon printer make it to the back to its original state as that was installed in the starting and then the user need the reset option that will remove all the settings and then the adjustment for that the user has saved that previously and after that user need to reconnect that the printer with the help of wireless and with the wired network and then after connection the user need to set up the Canon  printer on the Windows PC.

That is the very easiest and one of the best ways to get rid of the canon printer problems and we will fix all the problems that the user has been facing previously.

There are the steps to the Factory Reset Option:-

1.Switch on the Printer and the Open Menu

2. Now the user should use the arrow and then the user should select the Setup menu.

3.User has to visit the device settings and then after that click on the OK button.

4. Now the user should select the reset setting Option.

5.After that, the user should select the press ok and after that click on and then start the process

Method 2:- Now the user should Realignment the canon printer ink cartridge;-

Now after the user has tried to install the new or refilled the ink cartridge on the printer and then the user has to face the problems while resetting it. There are many other ways by which the user can fix the other issues and the easiest way by which the user can fix the ink cartridge issue and then after just reset  the printer and then the user should perform these steps to reset the printers that are in the right of the way

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1.The first thing that is the switch off the printer.

2. Now the user has to press the power button that is along with the Stop button,

3. Now the user to release the stop button for some time and again then keep pressing the power button and then hit the stop button that is two more times.

4. Now the user should wait for 30 seconds and then printers will show the O on the given screen.

5. User has to stop button that is four more times before pressing with the help of the power button twice.

6. Then after that user should tap on the power button again that will execute the reset process and then  the user has to open the link cartridges and used the USB cables and after that open the ink cartridges that are with the door while hitting the power button and connect the power button cables again along with the power button is pressed.

  1. Now the user should shut the Cartridge door and then after that user should leave that power button.

The canon printer users face a number of issues and that may frustrate the persons. If the user is facing the same issue then the user can contact the canon printer support to reset canon printer and there is an expert technician that will help the user to resolve the canon printer issue that with the best available option and then the expert technician that is available always to sort out the problems of the user.

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