Fail or Pass: 4 Easy Ways To Make Sweetrolls From Skyrim

Sweetrolls from Skyrim

Released in 2011, Skyrim is a role-playing action game that offers you to play as a hero named “Dragonborn.” With your powers and weapons, you try to save the land of Skyrim from dragons. But that is just the overarching story of the video game. If you look deep into the game, it also explores the backstory of finding different recipes. One of the most popular recipes out of all is the “Sweetrolls.” They are nothing but bread rolls covered in the icing of sweet cream cheese. However, the simpler they sound, the more tempting they are. If you have also seen those sweetrolls from Skyrim and wondered if you ever get to taste them, you have landed in the right place. Here we have brought not just one, but four ways of making the sweetrolls from Skyrim. And we have to check which one of these recipes work perfectly. So without any delay, let’s jump on to the recipes. 

Sweetrolls from Skyrim: Recipe 1

Sweetrolls from Skyrim

For this recipe, you will require two eggs, all-purpose flour, milk, vegetable oil, and a little bit of salt and pepper. Once you have grabbed all these items, you can move on to the recipe.

  • Siff the all-purpose flour using a sifter. 
  • Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper, and two eggs into the flour. Make sure the eggs are cold.
  • Secure the mixing bowl using some cloth because you will need both the hands-free for the further procedure. 
  • Mix all the ingredients while gradually adding some milk into it. The mixture should become smooth, and there should be no lumps. (Zolpidem)  
  • Once done with mixing, you will have to cover up the bowl and keep it aside for any time in between half an hour to overnight. 
  • After the mixture is ready to be cooked, add half a tablespoon of vegetable oil into a muffin tin. 
  • Preheat the muffin tin in the oven at 425°F for ten minutes, or until it starts smoking. 
  • By the time the tin is getting heated, you need to give a whisk to your batter. 
  • Then pour the mixture into the ready tin and bake it at the same temperature for 15 minutes. 

And your bread rolls are ready to be eaten. The rolls might become a little stiff after cooling down. That means this recipe is a FAIL.  So, let’s move to the next one. 

Sweetrolls from Skyrim: Recipe 2

The ingredients and procedure of this recipe are almost similar to the previous one. The only differences in it are:

  • You will not be using the pepper in your flour batter. 
  • You will be creating a mixture of milk and melted butter rather than using plain cold milk. 
  • You will be using tube pans, instead of the muffin tin, as these will provide the perfect shape to the bread rolls. 

If you get the perfect bread rolls from this recipe, then you must have done something wrong. The bread rolls of this recipe are generally a little dense and gummy. So this recipe, too, is a FAIL.

Sweetrolls from Skyrim: Recipe 3

There will be a number of new ingredients and techniques that will be added to this recipe. To start, you will have to

  • Mix one cup of warm water, three tbsp of melted butter, two tbsp of honey, a large egg, and two tsp of active dry yeast. Whisk well so that everything combines.
  • Then add all-purpose flour to the wet ingredients and create a smooth batter. 
  • Add this mixture to the tube pans, cover with plastic wrap, and let them rest for 30 minutes. This will allow the dry yeast to work and swell. 
  • After 30 minutes of rest, the batter will become twice its original size, and that will be the perfect time to transfer it to the oven, which should be preheated at 350°F.
  • Bake the batter for about 15 minutes and do a toothpick check to ensure that the rolls are cooked well. 

The recipe makes some nice bread rolls, which means this one is a PASS. Now that we have our nice bread rolls, we will move on to the frosting. 

Sweetrolls form Skyrim: The Frosting

 For this, you need just two items,

  • Confectionary Sugar – 200 gms
  • Low Fat Milk – 45 gms

Mix these two, and your frosting for the sweet rolls from Skyrim will be ready. Remember, not to make changes in the ratio of the two ingredients. Otherwise, the frosting’s viscosity will change, and it will not be as good as in the game. 

Sweetrolls from Skyrim: Recipe 4 (The Perfect Version)

Sweetrolls from Skyrim

The last bread roll recipe would give you a nice product, but there is a whole lot of opportunities to improve in that recipe. So this is the previous version of bread roll that would be made with dough instead of the batter. For this, you will require 

  • All-Purpose Flour – 510 gms
  • Granulated Sugar – 60 gms
  • Active Dry Yeast – 14 gms 
  • Kosher Salt – 10 gms
  • Eggs – 4 large (room temperature)
  • Butter 

After grabbing all the ingredients, you will have to follow the steps:

  • Put all the ingredients in a stand mixer and whisk them. 
  • Add the eggs and let the dough form for about 4-6 minutes. 
  • Start adding butter little by little. 
  • After the dough is ready, grease a bowl with butter and place the dough into it. Cover it and leave for 60-90 minutes, depending on how long the dough takes to rise to the double. 
  • Smooth out the dough after the rise and place it again in a buttered bowl. Cover up to bowl and let it rest for another one hour. (For a better dough, you can refrigerate it for 12-48 hours)
  • Once all the rising process, smooth out the dough and place it into the greased and flour sprinkled tube pans.
  • Cover the pans and let the dough rest again for 60-90 minutes. It will rise to double its size. 
  • Add butter on the top of the dough.
  • Place the pans into a 375°F preheated oven and bake them for 25-35 minutes. 

After cooking them properly, add frosting and serve them. This one is a big PASS.

And hence, four recipes later, you will be able to cook the fantastic sweet rolls from Skyrim. 

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