Fantasy football

Every sport has fantasy leagues but fantasy football is most popular in the United States of America. Millions of people played fantasy football last year. It is a game in which participants serve as virtual rosters of professional American football teams. The emulators select their rosters by involving in drafts in which all real players are present. Points are given to the players on their performances in real league matches. The game mainly concerns National Football League but also concerns many other teams such as NCCA and Canadian Football League. Also check out แทงบอลออนไลน์

Methods to Organize Fantasy Football Leagues:

Different method is available to organize the fantasy football leagues.

  1. Head-to-head Leagues

It is the most popular league type. A fantasy team every week plays a match with another fantasy team. The winner of the week is the team that gets maximum points. The team’s total is made by adding all players’ points from the first-day match. Points are given by the scoring system set by the league. The team with the best record leads to the playoffs.

  1. Total Points League

The league position is decided by team total points. In this league teams acquire points on daily basis. “Best-Ball” league is the most popular total point league. Fantasy leagues are mostly total point leagues.

  1. All Play Leagues

In this, all teams play with each team every week. For example, if there total of 10 teams, the top-scoring team posts a 13-0 record that week.

Types of Fantasy Football:

Three main types of fantasy football are present here บอลพรีเมียร์ลีก

  • Traditional-Leagues
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Competition in this league present during an entire season, basically rise in playoffs. It is a long league.

  • Keeper Leagues or Drafts Leagues

These leagues continue indefinitely. In draft leagues, every year there is follow up a draft for new players who wants to join the league. The keeper league decided the number of players decided by the owner.

  • Daily Leagues

It is an improved format of the traditional league, in which matches are played over a short time, such as a single day or a week. This football league is run by companies that are dealing with the betting pool that involves many players.

  • Football Defense

The defense is a team that starts a match from an imaginary line without having the ball. The main purpose of a defensive team or defense is to win by controlling the ball for their side and avert their goal.

Types of Football Defense

4-3 Front

This type contains two defensive tackle (DT), two defensive ends (DE), two outside linebackers (LB), a middle linebacker (MLB), two cornerbacks (CB), and two safeties (S).

3-4 Front

It uses three tackle only (N) nose tackle, LB, and DE.


It is 4-3 alignment but it moves back two defensive tackles DT and DE.

3-4 Eagle

The eagle is very successful than CB who can play man-to-man defense.

Zone Blitz

It is also famous for its main purpose is to confuse the QB and offensive linemen, and they think how many people coming from QB.

Fantasy Football Defense Ranking Teams

  1. Baltimore Ravens (vs. Giants)

Baltimore is the top defensive team play in a crucial situation. In NFL, the Giants are the worst scoring team.

  1. Cleveland Browns (vs. Jets)
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Browns represent the second famous defense during the match.

  1. Chicago Bears (vs. Jaguars)

Chicago represents the third famous defense

  1. Miami Dolphins (vs. Raiders)

Dolphins improved their run over and show the best defense.

  1. Buffalo Bills (vs. Patriots)

Bills eliminate the horrible offenses of Patriot by showing good defense.


Fantasy football leagues are organized on a daily, weekly, and annual basis. It indulges the player in playing activity to improve their position, skills, and player learn a lot from fantasy football leagues. In these matches, they worked with the different coaches and players of different teams so they experience a lot. Fantasy leagues improve mental and physical health.

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