Healthy Fruit in Thailand

Healthy Fruit in Thailand

Thailand is known all over the world for its exotic fruits. Some Healthy Fruit in Thailand, while others come from other South Asian and Asian countries. Yet, the below-mentioned fruits have different strains, although they belong to the same species. It is here that Thai fruits differ from others, and currently, many of these fruits and products made from them have found space in many online stores. 

Due to the spread of the internet and e-commerce sites, Thai fruits have become well known, and the same is now in demand in several foreign countries. You will find below the most loved fruits of Thailand and their health benefits. 

  1. Mangosteen

The mangosteen is Thailand’s national fruit and known as the ‘Queen of Fruits.’ The inside of the fruit is white and pulpy and consumed for its soft juicy taste. These fruits are consumed on any occasion yet are mostly eaten after meals. It is a rich source of antioxidants and several vitamins. It is suitable for skin, regulates human blood pressure, and gets rid of your bad breath. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and gives your immunity a big boost. 

  1. Durian

It is known as ‘King of Fruits.’ Its most significant disadvantage is that it smells horrible but has loads of nutrients. It has a unique taste, and you may either love the fruit or hate it altogether. It acts as an anti-depressant, delays aging, and improves the digestive system.

  1. Rambutan

Rambutan is another Healthy Fruit in Thailand and loved by both native people and foreigners. It is red hairy fruit and incredibly delicious to eat. It is rich in iron and vitamin C and enhances bone health. It is also suitable for the heart and gets rid of excess fat from your body. It is ideal for the skin as eating it would give excellent hydration to it. 

  1. Dragon Fruit
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Although not original to Thailand, but Central parts of America, it is grown on a cactus tree. It is a bright pin with green scales, and both Thai and foreigners consume its white fleshy part. There is also yellow and purple dragon fruit. It has excellent fiber content and also other nutrients. People eat it because it clears the gut, improves iron in the body, and enhances the immune system. 

  1. Mango

Thailand mangoes are lovely and most sought after of all fruits. It comes in several forms, and both green and ripe mangoes are common in different types of dishes. It is also taken raw and has good health benefits. It boosts immunity, good for the eyes, lowers your cholesterol, and helps food digestion. 

  1. Rose Apples

Rose apples of Thailand not only look beautiful but also smells like roses. They are bright red, although you may find pink, green and orange colors too. They have a concise shelf life, which is not more than a day, and hence you have to consume them fresh when plucked. They are suitable for the liver as it detoxifies it and helps to remove bacterial and fungus infections. It also improves immunity and lowers cholesterol. 

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