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With many countries reeling from social isolation and lockdowns – the inability to step out of the house has meant that many now need to stock up on food. From essentials such as vegetables and lentils to condiments and snacks, preparing for upcoming weeks requires a lot of planning. With single households or small families, this doesn’t seem as daunting. But with larger families or those with young children, not being able to run to the store whenever needed is a tremendous disadvantage. Fortunately, there are many ways acquiring food during the pandemic can be made easier – from maintaining small gardens in homes to the wonders of food and fruits delivery, read on to explore how running out of food won’t be a worry anymore!

Small-scale farming

Many misconceptions revolving around this activity stem from the notion that a lot of space is required. This, however, isn’t necessary. All that is needed is just a couple of seeds of the herbs/ vegetables of choice, and a sunny corner to grow them. If pots take up too much space in your living space, these tiny plants can also be grown in reused/ recycled containers – get creative! It can be anything from glass bottles to empty coconut husks even!

For those who do have a garden area or lawn in their homes, take the time out to cultivate the land and show it some little love and care. Not just to grow some organic produce, gardening can become a much-needed breath of fresh air after long workdays in the confines of a room. Gardening is known to be a very relaxing and therapeutic hobby, and the feeling of self-satisfaction when one harvests something they have taken care of is incredibly enriching.

Getting children involved with a home garden can also help them learn important skills in the absence of physical classrooms and can just inspire the next environmentalist!


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While this might not seem like a very safe option during a pandemic, it can prove to be very convenient if you find the right delivery places. Often, the product is handled very carefully and is kept fresh until it arrives at your doorstep. It is the best way to get the supermarket at your fingertips! Here, consumers are not just restricted to fresh vegetables and fruits delivery, but can choose from as diverse as a spread found in their local supermarkets – cheeses, bread, tinned fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, gourmet sauces and even fresh flowers!

Ordering what you need is straightforward; log into the online store and add items to the basket. Confirm the order, and complete the payment. Then, for delivery, time slots can be specified and voilà! Quick, efficient and most importantly, safe. Ordering groceries from the comfort and security of your home is the biggest blessing one could have during this difficult pandemic situation.

Baking/ cooking

It might sound like a lot of work to do but take a minute to think about it. Buying raw ingredients in bulk would mean that you could make numerous recipes without always running to the store to get something you need. And with just the basic few baking ingredients – flour, sugar, eggs and milk – the opportunities are endless. There are hordes of recipes online, and baking can be a very engaging and fun activity, the perfect time killer for long days in lockdown.

Simple cookies, cakes, or cupcakes – you don’t even need to make these from scratch. With a whole array of boxed mixes available, only the customisation is in your hands, perfect if baking from scratch seems too daunting. Having these snacks around will end up saving you some money used to buy unnecessary snacks. Cooking food for oneself is also believed to cultivate a healthier and more appreciative relationship with food and eating habits.

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