Wes Anderson Says Bonjour in style as the French Dispatch Official Trailer is Out

french dispatch official trailer

To be precise, Wes Anderson is back with the French Dispatch which boasts off one of the biggest casts yet. As per the French dispatch official trailer, it is quite clear that the movie is about a fictional American magazine in a French town. However, interestingly, it is inspired and loaded with references to the heritage of the New Yorker Magazine.

It is worthwhile here to note that this film features Benicio Del Toro, Bill Murray, Lyna Khoudri and Jeffrey Wright in lead roles. For those who don’t know the movie is actually a retelling of three stories. These three stories came out in the final installment of the French Dispatch. Well, you must be wondering by now what exactly the French Dispatch is! The French Dispatch is a Fictional American Newspaper about lifestyle in France.

french dispatch official trailer

The French dispatch official trailers are one of the entertaining trailers to watch to date. It is because this trailer features 12 varieties of headwear. You can also find Timothee Chalamet’s bath-time hair warp in this trailer. The French dispatch official trailer is one of those trailers which comprises of full details. And when it is a Wes Anderson movie, he can make anything pleasing on the basis of aesthetics.

In the French dispatch official trailer, Bill Murray’s role is the editor of the Magazine. Bill Murray’s name in the movie is Arthur Howitzer. It is a character which is inspired by the founding editor of the New Yorker Magazine. The name of the founding editor was Harold Ross. Wes Anderson in the French Dispatch has a huge cast. For instance, Jeffrey Wright is playing the role of James Baldwin.

Most importantly the movie also features specific guest appearances. For instance, you can find the guest appearances of Elisabeth Moss, Willem Dafoe and Edward Norton quite entertaining. Thus it is evident that this movie packs a punch and promises to deliver a solid dose of entertainment.

Wes Anderson last directed the Grand Budapest Hotel which won many accolades from across the world. Phenomenally, the Grand Budapest Hotel was nominated for Oscars for a whopping nine times. On the other hand, the movie was able to earn 172 million dollars worldwide on a budget of 25 million dollars. Thus it is quite clear that Wes Anderson is a high-class director who knows his trade well. The French dispatch official trailer was released from the Searchlight studio. This is the same studio that has also released the Grand Budapest Hotel. It is quite evident from the official trailer of the French Dispatch that this movie also features a star-studded cast.

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Now let’s focus on the synopsis of the French dispatch official trailer. The movie is based on the love letter sent to journalists who are based in an American newspaper in a fictional 20th century French City. It brings life to a collection of stories that came out in the fictional magazine of The French Dispatch. Longtime companion cum cinematographer of Anderson Robert Yeoman has exclusively shot the film. Composers Alexandre Desplat has also collaborated with Wes Anderson.

As per a recent interaction with media persons, Moss said that shooting the film was an ecstatic experience. On a further note, she added that she went to France and participated in the two days of shooting. She also said that it is always pleasing to act in a Wes Anderson movie. Moss heaped praises on her other crew members by saying that she has learned a lot by featuring in the movie. She has learned a lot of things from her co-stars and thus acting in the Anderson movie has cast an indelible imprint on her mind.

The Searchlight Pictures would release the movie in theatres on July 24. It is worthwhile here to mention that the date of release clearly depicts that the movie can opt for the world premiere at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. Anderson’s movie hasn’t featured in Cannes since the Moonrise Kingdom. Thus in all probabilities, this movie is sure to premiere at Cannes. However, the last two movies directed by Wes Anderson did feature at the Berlin Film Festival. But French Dispatch won’t screen there. So it is best to cross your fingers on the premiere of the French Dispatch at the Cannes.

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french dispatch official trailer

Many fans are already asking how Timothee Chalamet blends in the French Dispatch movie. To be precise the role of the Oscar-nominated actor is not clear from the French dispatch official trailer. But from the trailer, it is clear that his role resembles that of a young scientist with a hipster mad scientist’s hair. In the movie, he can also be seen sporting a mustache. He has been given only one line in the trailer. One hopes that his character will be a differentiating factor in making the movie successful.

Since the release of the first film Bottle Rocket in 1996, Anderson is well-known across the world for creating movies that are full of visual narratives. It is interesting here to mention that various critics have regarded Anderson as the modern-day equivalent of the auteur. The central theme of the movie is based on a fictional magazine named the French Dispatch. The movie depicts how wonderfully a series of stories can be brought to life.

Steven Rales, Jeremy Dawson and Wes Anderson are the producers of the French Dispatch. It is co-financed by Indian paintbrush and Searchlight Pictures. It remains to be seen how well the movie would be received across the world. Anderson wrote and directed the movie from a story that he developed with Hugo Guinness and Roman Coppola.

The French Dispatch is more than the title of the film. It is a magazine set up by the American journalists with the advent of the 20th century. Three stories have been weaved together to achieve the desired effect. Moreover, the breathtaking rendition of the French city is somewhat all people would be on the lookout for. Excited for the movie? Even, I am eagerly waiting for it.

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