Guide To “Beauty Room Declutter” To Get Rid of So Much Makeup

beauty room declutter

The beauty industry is on a hype nowadays. Because, in this era of Instagram and picture-perfect bodies, everyone wants to look perfect. Let it be skincare or makeup or body grooming products, everything is making tons and tons of sales each day. Also, as there are customers of every economic range, so there are products of every range available in the market. With so much demand, obviously, there is competition in the brands too. Not only that, but even brands also have to manufacture multiple products to meet different customer demands. With so many products from so many brands available, we don’t even realize when our beauty rooms are filled with tons of products that we purchased ‘just to try’. This is why a beauty room declutter process is important every now and then.

Especially, if you are a beauty blogger or you work for the industry, you got to have all the new products. How else will you review the product for your subscribers? So your beauty room must be stuffed with hundreds of products of each category. And no matter how much well-arranged the room is, when you need something, you do not find it. This is because there are so many products piling up in the drawers that you don’t even use anymore. And there might be products that you used just once or have expired over time and they have been there in your room forever. To manage the products in a better way and find the right products, when you need them, the beauty room declutter process is what you need.

This article will tell you the importance of decluttering your makeup and the what are the factors you should keep in mind while doing it. So, let’s get started.

Importance of beauty room declutter

beauty room declutter

Decluttering your beauty room can be a hectic process, but it is important too. Some of the major reasons why you should be doing it often are:

  • Helps in keeping things organized

You might say that you have a properly organized beauty room, but when you have hundreds or probably thousands of products, it takes you just one makeup look to disorganize the whole room. So, when you declutter all your makeup, you have lesser and more useful products that can be organized better.

  • Saves money

It is normal to forget things, especially when you have drawers full of them. You might end up buying the same product twice because you didn’t remember that you already own it. And you know, no product is cheap these days. So, it is better to do a beauty room declutter rather than just piling up similar products and wasting money.

  • You will know your products better

There will be so many products in your beauty room that might have expired already. But because you did not declutter the room, you do not know that and one day you might end up using it. Using expired beauty products can do several harm to your skin. So, by decluttering the room every now and then, you will be throwing out expired products and keeping your skin safe.

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Beauty room declutter

beauty room declutter

If you have not even once decluttered your beauty room or if you have decluttered it, but you find your process too complicated then go with these steps. At the end of the process, you will find your beauty room well arranged and clean. So, here is the process:

  • Step one: Maintain a record

A human mind cannot remember everything, so it is better to maintain a record. You can do this on your laptop/mobile or make a notebook/diary. In this record, you will note each and every product you own, along with their purchase date and expiry date. This way, you can keep an eye on all your products and throw them out when they expire.

  • Step two: Pile them up

This may seem like you are creating a bigger clutter, but trust us, you are not. Do not pile up all the products together. Pile them up separately according to their types. Like you can pile up your lipsticks first, declutter them, then pile up another product and so on. This way, you won’t miss out on any section or drawer of the product. And a complete declutter can be performed.

  • Step three: Select and separate

Beauty room declutter can be a tiring process, but in the end, it will all be worth it. So, after you have piled up the products, remove all those products which are either broken, ruined or expired. Then, take out all those products that you use very frequently and keep them separately. Then remove all the products that you have not used for the last one or two years. For all the remaining products in the pile, you can decide whether you want to keep them or not.

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Two things you should remember while deciding to keep the products or not:

  • Keep some of the fun things: If you have a product that you have not used for a bit of time, but you do not have another similar product, do not throw it away. Like there can be a colorful eyeshadow palette that you have not used in the last six months, but you do not have another palette with the same color collection, then keep it.
  • ‘For now’ is not the policy: There can be products that you have not used ever but you want to keep it ‘for now,’ and even might throw it later. Throw these products right away, because they will always get away from the trash can with this ‘for now’ policy.
  • Step four: Arrange them back

Now that you have decided what you want to keep and what you want to throw, arrange the ‘keep’ products back into the drawers.

Repeat the second, third and fourth steps with all different types of products you own.

  • Step five: Throw or donate

Now for all the products that you have removed from your collection, divide them into two sections. One section will contain all the expired and ruined products that you will be throwing directly into the trash can. And the second section will contain the products that might be useful for someone else. The products in the second section can be donated for a good cause instead of throwing away.


Now that you know why and how you can do the beauty room declutter process, start off soon and maintain your beauty products well.

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