Hair Growth Tips for Men and Women

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Hair is one of the most important features for both men and women. A cascading, long, black locks of hair looks gorgeous and unique on a woman and adds to her beauty. Men who have thick and full hair look much younger and smarter than their counterparts.

It is clear, from the amount of hair one has, their age and physical condition that they are in. Hair loss is getting increasingly common these days, and hair thinning is a major concern and a sign of premature aging. Best hair loss treatment for female and male hair loss is now made available at hair clinics by hair experts and dermatologists.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by various factors, both internal and external. Hair loss may be temporary or permanent and can cause irreversible effects on one’s scalp and hair health. Everything from internal nutrition to environmental factors can cause hair loss in men and women.

Below are some of the main reasons:

  • Poor nutrition

A poor diet or a diet that lacks essential nutrients such as iron, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals cause hair to fall more rapidly due to lack of proper nourishment. Consuming fad diets, crash diets, junk food, are all causes of hair fall in men and women. Salty, fried, sugary, spicy, and greasy food is usually not very good for hair health.

  • Poor lifestyle

Lifestyle choices that are too extreme and stressful can cause extreme stress for the body as well as hair health. Paying attention to things like stress factors, sleep quality, cutting down on smoking and drinking habits, discontinuing the use of other recreational drugs can also cause hair fall and hair thinning in men and women. Stress takes a major toll on hair follicles, causing them to die or become inactive. Stress can cause the hair to fall more than other factors.

  • Environmental factors
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Environmental factors such as bad water quality, hard water, pollution, sun damage, air quality, and so many such factors affect the quality of hair and may contribute to hair fall. Hair follicles suffocate in extremely cold and hot environments, restricting them from growing and easily give up on the hair roots. Poor water can damage the scalp pH, causing hair fall, baldness, and hair thinning. Pollution has an adverse effect on hair quality as the smoke and pollutants can cause harm to the hair strands.

  • Genetic and Age-related

Some people take over their genetic factors and have hair loss, and baldness passed on to them via genes. These can rarely be avoided, but there are many kinds of best hair loss treatments for females and males who have genetic hair loss and baldness.

Growing Hair faster

Hair needs proper care and nourishment. The food quality must be nutritious and of good protein content. Stress must be avoided. Yoga and meditation can help in combating stress. The water quality that one uses must be clean and fit for usage.

Pollution should be tackled by washing hair regularly and applying the serum for weather protection. The hormonal imbalance that leads to hair loss can be corrected with a good diet, supplements for vitamins and iron, and exercise.

For hair growth after control of hair fall, you can visit a dermatologist or a hair clinic to get help with hair growth naturally. There are many techniques used by hair experts to grow hair, such as:

  • Over the counter drugs
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There are many over-the-counter drugs such as Minoxidil and Finasteride that can help in dealing with premature hair loss and baldness in men and women. These medications are very strong and can help in reactivating hair follicles for hair growth in a slow but steady manner.

  • Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses cold red laser light that is targeted on the scalp where hair loss is prominent or where a balding pattern is seen. This light stimulates the hair follicle, which makes the hair grow faster. This is a very safe and proven technique where the hair grows faster for both men and women.

  • Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is done with a derma roller pin with thousands of microneedles on its surface. This roller creates small punctures on the scalp making the hair follicles come alive and produce new cells, making hair grow faster. This is a very effective technique to grow hair faster for both men and women.

Apart from this, hair should be cared for regularly by oiling, shampooing, and applying the protective serum. Keep the scalp free of dandruff, dirt, and other scalp infections and maintain an optimum scalp pH balance.

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