Here’s What to Know about Kim and Kanye Mansion 

Kim and Kanye

Their mansion is their dream home, and soon after shifting to their new house, they have found themselves completely transformed. By now, you already know who is being talked about here in this post. They are none other than Kim and Kanye. Lately, they have shared a video on their social media account, indicating the things that they have changed about themselves after moving to the new mansion. If you want to know every bit and piece of information they shared, keep reading on.

An insight into the couple’s shifting to their dream house

Kim and Kanye

Soon after Kim got pregnant, she decided to let Kanye know about it. Through the video, she has stated that when they were, one fine day, walking together, Kim asked Kanye about this new house and how is it. He commented that he has liked it! As per what Kim has reported, to him ‘I like it’ means ‘OMG I love it’. They weren’t at all ‘family-ish’ Kim realized, and soon after they planned to move into this house! They invited sources to their dream house, whereby they were seen quizzing each other.

‘What habit did Kanye change after moving together?’ Kim asked Kanye. With a mesmerizing answer, he came up saying ‘I stopped being lonely.’ How Kim blushed in the way Kanye stated it was more prominent than what Kanye answered. So, a couple of more questions and answers were being held between them. By opening their California mansion’s door to the sourced magazine, they have helped their fans, because their fans were so eager to know about their personal life all this while. (modafinil online reddit)

The happy couple also shared the narrative appearance of their beautiful bathroom. why Kanye loves his brand-new bathroom? The answer is because of the light fixture that has the capability of erasing the traces of cellulite while looking in the mirror. This is actually a thing, and if you want to know about this, you can perform your own survey online.

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The source has joined this happy couple inside their mansion in order to take the illuminating design with a personal quiz event. Did you know that the mansion features an excellent light that enhances and beautifies your selfies? Ask where the light is, and Kanye has the answer for you! Kim and Kanye, in this thoughtful quiz, also described their house’s interior design! Their playful questioning and answering event can be seen in the video shared by sources. In it, they have also revealed their taste in designing.

Not just that, Kim and Kanye also shared the functionality of their mansion’s design and that it has been influenced by the exuberant kids. Kanye was even surprised after hearing that Kim never really used any state-of-the-art design for the pool. Talking about the pool, they keep it warm in order to make it appear like a Jacuzzi.

At one point in time during the video, North, their oldest daughter came crashing the video. Only then, West opened up about their kids being their inspiration behind designing their mansion so amazingly. From Kim and Kanye’s description, you can come to know they needed space for their kids to play, ride scooters as well as skateboards around their house. He also stated that their kids are the inspiration for the designing of this lovely mansion.

Details about how they transformed this house

Kim and Kanye

Who would ever wonder that the friendship between Kim and Kanye would soon turn into an A-class romance? After all, this duo has kept on proving their loyalty time and again. It seems that after moving to this new mansion, things have become all the more evident for their fans to get mesmerized about their relationship.

The pair which started off as good friends have, indeed, made up an eventful time. After ending up getting together, they found this lovely mansion to be their dream house. Previously, their fans already got glimpses of this mansion through their social media accounts.

However, with sources, they have now been able to have an in-depth knowledge of the house’s interior design! Kim and Kanye, with this video, have revealed how they have transformed this mansion, bought in the year 2014. In accordance with Kanye’s statement, they have made this house a futuristic monastery.

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With regard to the house’s designs, this project got its life with the hands of the Belgian designer known as Axel Vervoordt. Kanye even commented on the excellent work that Vervoordt has done that made him think of the designer is capable of making Batman’s house even! it has been reported that Kim and Kanye purchased their house at $20 million, unlike what Kim’s mom tweeted on Instagram about its pricing is around $60. Anyway, there’s not much to talk about the pricing now, because the design is enough to give fans a jaw-dropping experience via the video.

The couple had changed all the designs of the rooms and also furnished it accordingly. While the palette has been neutral, it gives a sense of tranquility and calmness. What’s more amazing to know are the chairs and tables that are by the popular Jean Royère. There’s the Anish Kapoor -designed fiberglass sculpture which has also been spotted.

It’s true that Vervoordt designed most of the things. But Claudio Silvestrin is nowhere less prominent when it comes to designing the master bath! Vincent Duysen also has been a great helping hand for furnishing the living areas as well as kids’ bedrooms. Peter Wirtz also contributed to the excellent design for designing the garden areas.

The couple has always focused on giving their house a pristine look. The reason is fair and simple though! Additionally, Kim and Kanye also wanted to keep the design more kid-friendly, so that their four children don’t find any troubling them. It seems that their four kids Psalm, Chicago, Saint, and North really love their house! They say that this house can be taken into consideration as a case study. But the duo’s vision was to bring the house as a family, a home where they can find peace.

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