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Have you heard of HMU? Ever came across this term while chatting with your friends online? If you are an Internet-savvy who spends most of the time on Twitter and Facebook, you probably know about it. We all know how social media has given birth to hundreds of acronyms and abbreviations that help users interact easily. But, it is also important to stay updated with the ever-evolving changes in the list of these acronyms.

What does HMU stand for in texting

HMU – The Actual Use of the Trending Online Acronym

So let’s dig a little dipper into the widely used yet less-understood HMU.

What is HMU?

HMU is the short form of ‘Hit Me Up’. This internet shorthand is a quick way of asking someone to call you later or check for a later date. It is usually an informal way of requesting or asking someone to keep in touch.

What is the origin of HMU?

“Hit me up” is evolved from the phrase “hit up” which is an informal way of asking someone for something, more often money. It is believed that 2009 was the year when the term was first used as reported by Facebook. In the year 2010, Facebook came up with a revelation that this Internet slang ‘HMU’ has been trending at the top in posts and status updates.

Earlier in 2009, it was only a few posts that contained the term, of which half were considered typos. Gradually over months, the term got into wider usage and increased to around 20 posts a day to almost 80,000 mentions each day. (getzonedup.com)

HMU can be spelled both in uppercase and lowercase ‘HMU’ as both the versions indicate the same thing – ‘hit me up’. It has become a popular lingo in the Internet world. Keep in mind not to write the whole sentence in uppercase or it will be like you are screaming at the person online.

How to use the term HMU in a sentence?

The use and meaning of HMU depend on the context of the sentence. Here are a few examples that suggest the right use of the term:

Example #1:

Loki: I have got two discount coupons of 50% off at Amazon.com. Do you want one?

Chris: Yes, I want one.

Loki: Cool, HMU with your email id and I will send you the coupon.

Example #2:

Robert: Hey, HMU tomorrow for the tickets. I have it at my home.

Example #3:

A Twitter post –

If you really love me, HMU with a pizza

Example #4:

Sheldon: Hey Jack, I want to listen to some good music.

Jack: There are many albums you could listen to.

Sheldon: Great! Please HMU with some suggestions.

Example #5:

In the below example, HMU is used as ‘Hold my Unicorn’. Yes, this was also a form of the term though it didn’t get much air on the Internet and soon died.

Andrew: Mark, Why did you call me so late last night?

Mark: I wanted someone to HMU while I finished the movie.

So, now that you know the correct meaning and usage of HMU, you can now get along with your friends with this new Internet slang you just learned. Spread the word.

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