House Warming Gift- The Dolan Twins Edition

house warming gift

Social media platforms have emerged as a landscape to showcase your skills directly to the audience and earn their love and respect. Over the years, we have seen many people rise to fame through social media platforms like Vine, YouTube, Instagram, etc. No matter what your talent is, there is a special for you in this zone; if you know how to display them properly. 

Among those people are Dolan Twins – Ethan, and Grayson Dolan. The twins rose to fame on YouTube when they were just sixteen years old. The upload some really cool videos, and among them is the recent house warming gift. This video is really special as it shows how much these two brothers love each other. And in this article, we will be discussing the house warming gift video. 

Appreciating the Brotherhood

house warming gift

We have been seeing the Dolan twins since 2014, and they have been winning our hearts ever since. They have over 10 million subscribers, and their fan base only seems to be increasing with every passing year. They are reckoned for their comedy videos and being completely genuine and honest with their fans. Along with a lot of love from their fans, the duo also bagged a lot of money from their hilarious videos. 

And recently, the energetic twins purchased a house in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. The area seems to be quite popular among YouTune celebrities. The pair invested a whopping $2.15 million for their beautiful new house, which was originally constructed in 1958. Cut to today, the duo has moved into the house, and as per the video, Grayson has done the majority of the interior, and it looked amazing. 

In the introductory part of the house, the warming gift video is seen thanking the fans because of whom they have reached here. He goes on to explain how much Ethan has put into everything that they do. And Grayson is not only appreciative of him as a brother but also blessed to have him as a business partner. 

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House Warming Gift – The Plan 

Grayson was trying to find what to gift to Ethan as a house warming gift. He knows Ethan like a flashy gift and is thankful that he did not let him do the interior of the house. Initially, the plan was to get house warming gift together, but Grayson decided to surprise his brother. When searching for the perfect gift, he had a couple of things in mind. 

Grayson wanted to make sure that the gift holds sentimental value and something that Ethan can keep for the rest of his life. He wanted to go all out with the gift to make sure his brother feel special and happy. 

Ethan has been pinning over Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch for a while. He loves watches, and this one is something he wanted for a really long time, but it is a crazy expensive watch. But Grayson has decided to do that for his brother instead. 

House warming gift – Scheming 

house warming gift

Grayson decided to give his brother the dream watch but not without having some fun. So before he gives the real gift, Grayson wanted to scare his brother and trick him into thinking that he has made an expensive purchase. So Grayson created a board on Pinterest and created a board titled House Warming gift Idea, and added a lot of things that Ethan would not want to spend money on. And throughout the end, he would let these things appear in front of Ethan to see what his thoughts are in this matter. 

He took the things a notch higher when he called a friend who owns a lot of flashy things and asked him whether or not he could borrow one of them for an hour. 

House warning Gift – Putting the Plan into Action 

house warming gift

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a very exclusive watch, and it is really hard to get your hand on it. This was the problem Grayson was also dealing with until he mentioned another watch that he wanted. It was also Rolex and luckily was available in the store. So he left the house saying that he had to pick up something from home depot and went straight to the Rolex shop. The watch he was buying cost $ 39,146. 

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That is a pretty expensive watch, and he did not want his mother to freak out about suddenly losing that much amount of money. So he decided to give her a call and explain that something like this is going to happen. While he told her that he is buying a house warming gift for Ethan, he did not mention what it is. All he said was that he is making a purchase of around $40,000 for Ethan’s house warming gift and she should not freak out about it. 

Once he got the purchase, Grayson went straight to his friend Jake’s house to get the flashy fake present. He got one of the motor cars, and they both drove to the house to make Ethan think that this is the actual present. 

After reaching home, Grayson asked Ethan to come out and showed him his fake present. He was super excited to see the car until Jake came and revealed that Grayson has just borrowed the car and took his car out of their driveway only to reveal the real present underneath. 

You could really see the excitement in the eyes of Ethan when he saw the present lying there. Grayson handed him the present, and Ethan could sense that it was a watch. But when he realized that it was the Rolex that he has been dreaming about, Ethan could not even stand straight. 

His reaction to the gift was truly amazing’ he just could not contain his happiness. He ran to put it on his wrist and loved how perfectly the watch fit him. He even uploaded the picture of the watch on his Instagram page a few minutes later. This would certainly be a special house warming gift that Ethan would never be able to forget.

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